11+ *Best* Non-Stimulating Shows for Toddlers

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Searching for the best non-stimulating shows for toddlers? I’m the mom of a two-year-old – and here are my top picks.

You know, it’s amazing how much screen time toddlers are exposed to these days.

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s a flashy and fast-paced show or cartoon vying for their attention. But have you ever wondered about the impact of all that stimulation on our little ones?

I sure have!

That’s why today, we’ll explore the impact of stimulating shows on our little ones and delve into the benefits of opting for non-stimulating shows for toddlers.

So, if you’re curious about finding shows that are engaging, yet calming for your toddler, stick around.

Together, we can navigate the world of non-stimulating shows and create a screen time experience that promotes their development and keeps them entertained – all without overwhelming their little minds.

Understanding the Impact of Stimulating Shows

When toddlers watch shows with lots of fast-moving pictures and loud sounds, it can sometimes be too much for their growing brains to handle.

Imagine if you were in a room with lots of noise and things happening all at once. It might make it hard for you to think or pay attention to anything. I mean, i turn down my music when parking so I can “see” better, because my senses are in overwhelm and I need to calm and clear my head in that situation.

For toddlers, this kind of overstimulation can make it difficult for them to process information and focus on things. It can make them feel overwhelmed and less interested in exploring and learning new things about the world.

Watching shows that are very stimulating can also have some not-so-great effects on a toddler’s behavior. You know those times when you feel really hyper and can’t sit still? Well, watching those kinds of shows a lot can make toddlers feel the same way. They might become more impulsive and have a harder time controlling their emotions.

These shows often have lots of quick changes between scenes and really exciting things happening. That can make it harder for toddlers to fall asleep and have a good night’s rest. And you know how important sleep is, right? It helps us grow and be healthy!

So, it’s important for parents and caregivers to understand these effects so they can make smart choices about the shows that little ones like you watch. We want to find shows that are more balanced and don’t have too much stimulation. That way, you can have a healthier and happier screen time experience.

The Best Non-Stimulating Shows for Toddlers

Now that we understand the importance of opting for non-stimulating shows for our toddlers, let’s dive into some recommendations that can provide them with an enjoyable and enriching screen time experience.

These shows prioritize simplicity, calm storytelling, and educational content, making them ideal for promoting healthy development.

01. Puffin Rock

puffin rock

Puffin Rock is my favorite one of these non-stimulating shows for toddlers.

Set off the coast of Ireland, Puffin Rock follows an adorable little puffin and his crew through the hills and waters of their little island. 

The animation is super gentle and peaceful, with these nice soft colors and slow movements.

It’s all about nature and friendship, and it teaches really cool lessons in a calm and soothing way. 

02. Llama Llama

Let’s dive into the world of Llama Llama, an absolutely delightful show for toddlers! It’s super calming and not too over-the-top.

The animation is adorable, with soft colors and gentle movements. Each episode follows the lovable Llama Llama and his friends as they learn important lessons about friendship, sharing, and emotions.

It’s like joining them on heartwarming adventures where kindness and understanding prevail. Llama Llama is the perfect show for little ones to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

Get ready to snuggle up and embark on a cozy journey filled with warmth and valuable life lessons!

03. Sea of Love

The Sea of Love is a super adorable show – and perfect for toddlers who love all things under the sea (like mine). 

To be honest, this is a show I even put down the vacuum for a few minutes to watch. 

Created by Thai animators who set out to create a series for their own children, this fun series follows Bruda and his friends Wayu, Puri and Bobbi, as they venture around the ocean floor.

With gorgeous, modern imagery, and soft, calming sounds, this totally cute is really a stand-out pick. 

04. Chip and Potato

Let’s dive into the adorable world of Chip and Potato, a wonderful show for toddlers!

It’s incredibly gentle and not too overwhelming. The animation is cute, with vibrant colors and gentle movements.

Each episode follows the lovable characters Chip and Potato as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship, kindness, and problem-solving. It’s like joining them on heartwarming adventures where they learn valuable lessons about empathy and resilience.

Chip and Potato is the perfect show for little ones to enjoy without feeling overstimulated. Get ready to embark on delightful journeys filled with love, laughter, and important life lessons!

05. Bluey

Another one of my absolute favorite non-stimulating shows for toddlers in our home is Bluey!

(In fact, this show is so popular I also included it in my list of the cutest second birthday party themes for boys, too.)

The animation in Bluey is cool and colorful but still muted, and has a really relaxed vibe.

Bluey and her family go on these awesome adventures, teaching important lessons about imagination, problem-solving, and family values.

Based out of Australia, I love how my little one can hear English being spoken with a different accent, and also gets to learn a few new words that we don’t typically use in Canada.

It’s super relatable and the characters are adorable. Add this one to your list, if you aren’t already a mega-fan!

06. Tumble Leaf

Tumble lead really laid-back and not too intense show for toddlers.

The animation is beautiful, with vibrant colors and smooth movements. Each episode follows Fig the fox and his pals as they go on cool adventures and discover new things about the world. It’s all about curiosity, problem-solving, and being creative.

Tumble Leaf is like a soothing and fun journey that little ones can enjoy without getting too worked up. It’s a total gem!

07. Trash Truck 

Next up, another one of my very favorite non-stimulating shows for toddlers – Trash Truck. 

Can I just add – my two-year-old calls it “Tash Tuck” which totally melts my heart, and adds to my love for the show. 

Each episode follows the adventures of Hank and his best friend Trash Truck, teaching important lessons about friendship, creativity, and the environment. 

From learning a fun way to break in his new pair of shoes that just aren’t the same as his favorite pair, to chasing a gecko through a prehistoric land, to a fun day at the beach, Trash Truck is full of super relatable moments and challenges that your toddler will totally get. 

08. Storytime Book

Let me introduce you to Storytime Book, a delightful show for toddlers!

It’s incredibly soothing and not overwhelming at all. The animation is filled with charming illustrations and gentle movements. In each episode, you’ll be whisked away on enchanting adventures and discover important lessons about kindness, sharing, and problem-solving. It’s like stepping into a magical world of storytelling come to life.

Storytime Book is the perfect show for little ones to enjoy without feeling overstimulated. Get ready to embark on a wonderful journey through the power of imagination and storytelling!

09. Wild Kratts

It’s not only exciting but also gentle and not too overwhelming.

The animation is captivating, with vibrant colors and fantastic creature adventures. Each episode follows the Kratt brothers as they teach little ones about animals, habitats, and conservation. It’s like going on a thrilling wildlife expedition from the comfort of your home.

Wild Kratts is the perfect show for little ones to enjoy without feeling overstimulated. Get ready for an educational and entertaining adventure that sparks curiosity and love for nature!

10. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

This is a favorite in our household right now.

Some parents find the kids pick up the bad habits from some of the lessons in this who but I personally have not seen evidence of this in our home so it’s on the list!

The animation is simple and relaxed, with nice soft colors. It teaches important stuff about feelings, being kind, and taking turns.

Plus, the catchy songs make it even more fun! 

11. Peppa Pig

Probably one of the most famous toddler shows on this list, Peppa Pig is just the best. 

Set just outside of London, this series follows a little English pig, and her family of four, around. 

Another shows with 1-dimensional animation (which I love because it is totally not over-stimulating), this cute and fun-paced show 

Peppa and her family will often insert a little snort in between sentences, and hilariously enough, my son has started copying this throughout the day. 

While it definitely isn’t exactly behavior I’d love at a family dinner, I personally think it’s funny and playful, especially while we’re just hanging out around the house. (If you haven’t noticed, I’m a total yes mom.)

12. Simon

Next, the French-born show, Simon. 

This series follows a young bunny on his daily ventures around his home, as he plays with his younger sibling. 

The animation is somewhat similar to Peppa Pig, but I feel like Simon is probably better suited for the older end of the toddler age bracket because the pace is just a touch quicker than Peppa Pig.

Featuring 1-D animation, this show features simple colors and cute storylines.

This simple show would be a great pick for kids with younger siblings, or who love bunnies!

13. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Lastly, this fun series brings to life a super well-loved children’s book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

Another pick for little ones closer to the age of three, and older, this chilled out series totally brings the kid’s book to life! 

Tips for Healthy Screen Time with Toddlers

When it comes to screen time for toddlers, it’s all about finding a good balance.

Here are some tips that can help make it a positive experience:

  • Set a limit – First things first, set clear limits on how much time your toddler spends on screens each day. It’s important to make sure they have a well-rounded schedule that includes other activities like playing outside, reading, and getting creative. That way, screen time doesn’t take over everything else and they can explore different things.
  • Spend time together – Watching shows together with your toddler is awesome! It’s a chance to bond and have some fun. You can talk about the characters, the stories, and the lessons they learn. Get them involved by singing along, answering questions, and connecting the show to real life. It’s not just passive watching, it’s interactive and helps them understand and remember what they see.
  • Keep Age in Mind – When picking shows, go for ones that are made for their age group and have educational value. Look for shows that teach them things like problem-solving, social skills, and learning in a fun way. Check out reviews or ask for recommendations from people you trust to make sure you’re choosing good stuff.
  • Skip The Ads – Oh, and commercials can be sneaky, right? Try to avoid them if you can. Use streaming services without ads or set up parental controls to reduce them. And take the chance to explain to your toddler how commercials try to persuade people. It’s a good opportunity for them to learn critical thinking and become smarter consumers.
  • Prioritize Non-Screen Activities – Remember to mix things up! Encourage your toddler to do other activities too, not just screen time. Let their imagination run wild with pretend play, do some arts and crafts, explore outside, and read together. It’s all about balance and keeping them active and engaged.
  • They’re Watching You – Lastly, you’re an important role model, so show them how to have a healthy relationship with screens. Limit your own screen time when you’re with them and do activities together that don’t involve screens. It’s all about setting a good example and living a balanced life for both of you.

Now, go enjoy a sip of that coffee or empty the dishwasher interruption-free for a few minutes, knowing your little one is being entertained without being overstimulated!

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