65+ *Precious* Royal Baby Names (For Both Boys & Girls)

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Looking for the best royal baby names? I’ve found you all the best royal baby names for girls that are perfect for your little princess on the way and the cutest royal baby names for boys you won’t be able to resist!

If you’re looking for a regal baby name that’s sure to stand the test of time, no matter what kind of trends come and go, you’ll love the names on this list. From the most famous Queens in all of human history, to the most handsome Princes… these names are steeped in history and tradition.

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But for now, let’s dive into this huge list of the greatest royal baby names of all time – 

Royal Baby Names for Girls


Originating from Germanic, meaning noble type. This name rolls off the tongue so easily with all its feminine vowel sounds. 


Known as Sidonie of Poděbrady, Sidonie was the daughter of the Bohemian king, George of Poděbrady who reigned from 1458 to 1471.


Originating from Hebrew, meaning God is my oath. You can’t have a list of royal baby names without mentioning the name Elizabeth. Think of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, known for her grace and longevity on the throne.

This name also has so many cute nicknames to choose from like ‘Beth’ if you want something short and sweet or the slightly edgier ‘Eliza’. 


Of French origin, meaning free man or petite. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is the daughter of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
The name Charlotte was rising in popularity just before 2015 but after the birth of the princess, popularity has skyrocketed.


Giselle of Bavaria was the wife of Stephen I of Hungary and played a role in Hungarian history.


Edith of Wessex was the wife of Edward the Confessor and a significant figure during the Norman Conquest of England.


Cicely Neville, Duchess of York, was a prominent figure in the Wars of the Roses and the mother of King Edward IV and Richard III.


Derived from Latin, meaning victory. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom reigned for a significant period during the 19th century, overseeing the expansion of the British Empire. Victoria is a strong name with a feminine edge to it that’s perfect for a little princess.


Of Greek origin, meaning bright, shining one. Princess Helena was the daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


Avelina Fitzwarin was a noblewoman known for her connections to the FitzWarin family in medieval England.


Of Greek origin, meaning wisdom. Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was the sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Sophie is still in the top 100 most popular baby names in the USA but not as common as the name Sophia.


Originating from Greek, meaning pure. Catherine, Princess of Wales, is married to Prince William, Prince of Wales, who is second in line to the British throne.

Considering that Catherine is the future Queen Consort of England, it makes sense to see this name on our list right?! If you like the sound of the name Catherine but are looking for a more popular spelling of the name, you can try Katherine, which is currently trendier in America.


Of Hebrew origin, meaning bitter or beloved. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, is known for her charitable work and elegant demeanor.


Looking for a short name full of quiet sophistication? How about Anne! Of Hebrew origin, meaning grace. Princess Anne is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. 


Adela of Normandy was a daughter of William the Conqueror and became Countess of Blois through her marriage.


Originating from Greek, meaning pearl. Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was known for her vibrant personality and stylish flair.


Derived from Greek, meaning defender of the people. The name Alexandra has been given to at least two Queens, an Empress and a Princess in recent times.

Longer names like this are perfect for little girls with cute nicknames that grow up and want to use their full name in more serious settings. Andy and Alex are both great nicknames that compliment the longer name, Alexandra, for formal use.


Theophania Martiniau was a Byzantine princess who married King William II of Sicily.


Originating from France, meaning bright, shining one. Eleanor of Aquitaine was a powerful medieval queen who played a significant role in European politics and culture.


The name Isabella is associated with elegance and beauty. Derived from Hebrew, meaning pledged to God. Queen Isabella I of Castile, along with her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon, unified Spain.


Of Latin origin, meaning she who brings happiness or blessed. Beatrice is the perfect example of an old-school name that’s full of vintage charm. It’s one of those ‘unique but familiar’ names that is easy to pronounce but still uncommon enough that your little Beatrice will be the only one in her class.


Alda of Scotland was a Scottish princess and queen consort of France through her marriage to King Louis VII.


The name Caroline has Germanic roots and means free man or strong


Derived from Latin, meaning great or venerable. Augusta of Saxe-Gotha became the Princess of Wales after marrying Frederick, Prince of Wales, in the 18th century. If you love vintage names, you’ll fall for the nickname that comes with Augusta. Baby Auggie is just too cute.


Of Latin origin, meaning divine or heavenly. Can you mention the name Diana without thinking of the famous Diana, Princess of Whales? In the hearts of many, she remains an eternal symbol of beauty and romance, her legacy forever intertwined with tales of fairy-tale romance and enduring love.


Of Germanic origin, meaning noble or of good cheer. The name Alice is becoming more and more popular, you’ll find it in the top 100 names for baby girls in the USA. 


Derived from Germanic, meaning famous warrior or renowned fighter. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, was the daughter of Queen Victoria and known for her artistic talents as a sculptor and painter. 


Of Greek origin, meaning wisdom. Sophia is the kind of name that grabs your attention without trying too hard. It has a regal and distinguished feel and has become immensely popular in recent years. Sophia was the 5th most popular baby name for girls in the USA in 2022.


Of Germanic origin, meaning home ruler. Henrietta Maria of France was Queen consort of King Charles I of England.


This name of Germanic origin means mighty in battle.


Of Hebrew origin, meaning Jehovah increases. Empress Josephine, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, was known for her elegance, charm, and patronage of the arts.


Derived from Germanic, meaning resolute protector. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who reigned during a turbulent period in Dutch history, including World War II.


Of Greek origin, meaning well-born or noble. Princess Eugenie of York is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew.


Derived from Latin, meaning eighth. In recent years there has been a huge resurgence in vintage names with timeless appeal and this name fits right in. 


This name of Hebrew origin means God is my strength. This name may make you think of the princess from Monaco, known for her adorable personality.


Originating from Latin, the name Frances means Frenchman or free man.


Derived from Hebrew, meaning bitter or beloved.


Of Greek origin, meaning well-born or noble.


Derived from Hebrew, meaning tower. Princess Madeleine of Sweden is known for her involvement in various charitable organizations and her elegant style.


Derived from Latin, meaning forest or woods. The name Silvia has a soft and melodic sound, it is reminiscent of the word “silvery,” conjuring visions of moonlit nights and serene landscapes, which adds to its romantic imagery.


Of French origin, meaning star. Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland, is the future queen regnant of Sweden. The name Estelle blends regal elegance with a free-spirited vibe.

Royal Baby Names for Boys 


Derived from Germanic, meaning will or desire and helmet or protection. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is next in line to the British throne. This name evokes a sense of distinguished privilege. 


Of Germanic origin, meaning free man or warrior. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor is the current King of England, you can’t get a much more royal name for your little boy than this.


Derived from Old English, meaning wealth or prosperity and guard or protector. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II. If you like cute nicknames, Eddie is as cute as it gets! It’s the perfect compliment to the grown-up Edward he can use as he gets older.


Of Greek origin, meaning farmer. Prince George of Cambridge is the eldest son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and second in line to the British throne.


Derived from Germanic, meaning home ruler or estate ruler. A number of Kings have been named Henry, which adds to its association with grandeur. Henry is currently in the top 10 most popular baby names in the USA.


This Greek name means lover of horses. Prince Philip was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.


Derived from Germanic, meaning noble or bright. Prince Albert was consort to Queen Victoria.


This name of French and German origin means famous warrior or renowned fighter. Louis of Cambridge is the third child and second son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This unique name is a great option for parents seeking a name that blends tradition and individuality.


Derived from Celtic, possibly meaning bear or stone. Arthur is a legendary figure in British history and folklore, often associated with King Arthur, known for his knights of the Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail.
If you’re looking for a royal name for your little boy that has a dash of magic, this is a great choice.


Of Greek origin, meaning defender of the people.


Derived from Hebrew, meaning supplanter or one who follows.


Of Greek origin, meaning manly or courageous. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the second son of Queen Elizabeth II.


Derived from Germanic, meaning brave ruler or powerful leader. If you’ve seen Robin Hood, maybe you already know that King Richard I of England was also known as Richard the Lionheart. Richard was a renowned medieval monarch known for his military prowess and involvement in the Crusades.


Of Germanic origin, meaning peaceful ruler or peaceful sovereign. Frederick is a strong name with lots of options to shorten it and make it softer during your child’s boyhood. Fred, Freddy, Rick and Ricky are all great options to sweeten this manly name.


Derived from Greek, meaning victory of the people. Nicholas is a timeless name with a serious air to it, but can easily be shortened to the cuter, more boy-ish Nick or Nicky. 


Of Hebrew origin, meaning beloved or uncle.


Derived from Latin, meaning follower of Christ.


Of Germanic origin, meaning brave people or bold people. King Leopold I of Belgium was the first king of Belgium. You can shorten this name to Leo for an adorable nickname!


The name Oscar is derived from Old English and means God spear or deer friend. This name is often associated with individuals of refined taste and wealth.


Of English origin, meaning elf counsel or wise counselor.


Derived from Germanic, meaning bright fame or fame bright. Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a German prince during the English Civil War.


Of Germanic origin, meaning serious or resolute. Ernest is a name steeped in strength and resilience, evoking images of determination and steadfastness.


Derived from Latin, meaning greatest. Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico was a member of the Habsburg dynasty.


Of Greek origin, meaning steadfast or constant. This is a name fit for an Emporer.


Derived from Old English, meaning wealth or prosperity and protector. If you like the nickname Eddie but want to avoid how popular the full name – Edward – has become, try Edmund! You won’t find it in the top 1000 most popular baby names, it’s truly rare.


Of Greek origin, meaning venerable or revered. Does the name Sebastian make you think of the character from the Little Mermaid? Or does it remind you of Prince Sebastian of Luxembourg?


Derived from Latin, meaning majestic. Emperor Augustus was the first Roman emperor.


Of Latin origin, meaning winner or conqueror.


Derived from Germanic, meaning bright fame. King Robert I of Scotland, also known as Robert the Bruce was a medieval monarch known for his military leadership during the Wars of Scottish Independence.


Of Hebrew origin, meaning Yahweh is gracious. King John of England was a medieval monarch known for his contentious reign, which included conflicts with his barons that led to the sealing of the Magna Carta.


The name Felix is of Latin origin, meaning fortunate or happy.


Of Hebrew origin, meaning who is like God? King Michael I of Romania, the last king of Romania.


Derived from Hebrew, meaning God is my strength. Gabriel is a name that commands respect while retaining a sense of approachability and warmth.

Wrapping Up

Picking your baby’s name is no small task! If you’re ready to give your little one a name fit for a throne, I hope you found it on this list. Elegant, timeless and full of regal flair… Royal baby names are the stuff that fairytales and legends are made of. Giving your baby a royal name is their first step towards their own majestic future.

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