20+ *Prettiest* Baby Girl Nursery Ideas for 2024

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Are you on the lookout for baby girl nursery ideas to inspire your newborn’s space? Whether this is your first time decorating a girls nursery or your third, the list of baby girl nurseries below will give you fresh and modern ideas to incorporate into your own home!

If you have a beautiful little girl on the way, I think *congratulations* are in order! Finding out the gender of your baby and starting to plan their room is always such an exciting time for any new parents. 

If you’re looking for baby girl nursery ideas to help you decorate and add that something special to your baby’s room – you’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the most beautiful baby girl nursery rooms. These spaces have elevated details and feminine accents, creating a room that’s perfect for any new bundle of joy.

So, let’s dive in together, and I’ll break down what makes each room worth considering for your own nursery!

01. Pops of Pink & Florals

A girls nursery with a pink paint arch, a wooden crate, and flower details

If you love pastel pinks and floral accents, you’re in luck. These details come together to create a stunning nursery!

I love the wall arch as a way to add the classic pink into a baby girl nursery without going all out with pink walls. This pop of feminine color is a warm welcome amongst the natural wood and cream tones. If you’re renting and don’t want to paint your walls, a wallpaper accent wall or pink curtains would have a similar look. 

As for that gorgeous floral wall hanging – I am drooling! And the flower pillows help tie the wall accent and overall girly feel into the rest of the room. Other ways to incorporate a large floral statement piece like the one above is through a flower-shaped mirror, a floral rug, or a floral print set!

02. Elevated Boho

A girls nursery with dusty pink walls and decor pieces, a name sign, and feminine decor

This baby girl nursery has an undeniable boho feel but is also very modern and refined. This is a great choice for those who love the elevated boho vibe!

Some of the easiest ways to achieve a similar look to the space above include adding a statement chandelier, a soft bohemian style rug, and opting for soothing, neutral colors. The elegant gold chandelier is so stunning, but other options include a classic rattan pendant or a vintage-style chandelier with crystal details. 

03. Dreamy Vibes

A girl's nursery with a pink princess canopy over the crib, soft tones, and natural soothing elements

Want to give your baby girl the ultimate dreamy, comfy nursery room? This style here is the one to go for!

Pair soft pink with light-toned wood and choose furniture in shades of beige and cream to recreate this color palette. Then, you can fill the room with soothing and whimsical pieces such as the princess canopy, the cozy stuffed animals, and the plush pillows and blankets.  

And don’t forget to finish the nursery with the details that really upgrade the room – the fringed boho light fixture and celestial style mobile are some of my favorite pieces that elevate this space, but, of course, you can opt for whatever detail sticks out to you. 

04. Neutrals + Natural Elements

A pregnant women standing in front of the mirror of her daughters nursery featuring neutral floral wallpaper, white board and batten, and natural elements

You don’t have to have a pink nursery room for your baby girl! I love how this neutral nursery has obvious feminine details but sticks with a calming, neutral palette.

The wallpaper is the first thing here that grabs your attention, and this lovely floral pattern is perfect for a baby girl nursery. You can choose a grey, cream, beige, or black wallpaper to fit the neutral vibes while changing the aesthetic to your liking. And I think the plant here is a must! It adds a sweet little pop of color without overwhelming the space or palette. 

05. Bright Tones

A girls nursery with a wooden name signs, a white crib, soft white and cream tones, and a faux lemon tree

This is another stunning baby girl nursery idea featuring neutral shades! Light wood and touches of white throughout the room give this space a bright, clean, and modern feel. 

I adore the brushed style wall and neutral furniture – and you can add little details that personalize the room, like the mobile, wooden name sign, and that cute faux lemon tree! 

06. Make It Cozy

A girls nursery with pink board and batten on white walls with beige and white furniture and decor

If you love a contemporary space but still want your baby girl nursery to have a warm and cozy feel, a room like this one pictured above would be a great choice. 

This room absolutely has a modern and clean feel, but the cozy details like that boucle couch and the dusty pink board and batten really create an inviting space! Other ways to add comforting accents to a room are stuffed animals (of course!), throw blankets, pillows, soft lighting, and plants or flowers (both faux or real would work). 

07. Feminine Flair

A pregnant woman sitting on a glider in her daughter's nursery with pink walls, pops of green, and feminine statement decor

Don’t be afraid to go all out creating the ultimate feminine nursery! This room is so stunning, and I love how it’s filled with girly details that really just put it over the top. 

Choosing a color palette is one of the first steps in creating a nursery – and this palette is definitely a winner. Pink and green are absolutely my favorite color pairing. I adore the soft pink and dark green details here, while the white tones help to balance it all out. Other popular color pairings for a feminine room include bright pink and sky blue, lilac and sage, pastel pink and black, and mauve with cream and navy. 

The floral light fixture is such a lovely and bright statement piece. And I adore how the pink gingham curtains with the bow accents add another feminine touch and they’re a fantastic alternative to floral printed curtains. 

08. Classic & White

A girls nursery with white walls, furniture, and decor featuring animal and botanical accents

Opt for a white baby girl nursery to create a space that is equal parts peaceful and beautiful! Whether you love crisp white walls or you just don’t want to paint a rental space – this classic shade can be part of a fabulous baby girl nursery room. 

Keep the white theme going by choosing white furniture, wall art, pillows and blankets, and curtains. And you can see pops of color throughout the room, but most of them are soft tones that perfectly complement this white space! Make sure to add plenty of textures and shapes for a dynamic aesthetic while sticking with a monochromatic look.  

09. Warm Tones + Warm Vibes

A girls nursery with beige and cream furniture ad decor featuring a princess canopy, stuffed animals, and plush details

Having a comforting room for baby is usually a top priority for moms – and the nursery pictured above definitely nailed that. Not only are the colors very warm and cozy, but the fabrics also add to the vibe.

Chunky knits, fleece details, throw blankets, and stuffed animals just make you want to curl up and get comfy, so these details are a must to achieve an inviting space. The princess canopy is another great addition since your baby is snuggling up into their own personal space!

10. Woodland Details

A pregnant women sitting in the glider of her daughters nursery room featuring woodland and floral wallpaper and pink and white decor pieces

When it comes to baby girl nursery ideas, a woodland theme nursery tends to be a top pick – and for good reason! This style is so cute, and the mix of animal and botanical touches is ideal for a baby’s room. 

Bunny rabbit and floral wallpaper instantly add a girly vibe to this space, and it also gives it the classic woodland aesthetic. I love adding a wallpaper accent like this as an easy way to upgrade a space while keeping everything else simple!

11. Tropical Touches

A girls nursery with white board and batten, pink tropical wallpaper, pops of color including bright pink and green, and natural wood and raffia elements

I am obsessed with this tropical paradise baby girl nursery idea! The colors are so bright and fun, while the overall vibe is cool and relaxed. 

You can recreate the look above by adding the right pieces to your nursery. A rattan light cover and tropical art prints are the perfect touches for this aesthetic, and while I love the tropical wallpaper, you can also go for a solid-colored wall and a faux palm tree for a simpler look. 

12. Minimalistic

A girls nursery with white and beige floral wallpaper, plus white and beige furniture and decor

You can still give your little one a super cute and feminine nursery room while keeping it minimal. Ivory and light beige are a dreamy color combination here – and these shades definitely help to keep the space minimalist while all the floral details make it perfect for a baby girl!

Some other color pairings I love for a neutral and minimalist nursery are white and taupe or charcoal and beige. If you prefer to add color, greys and pinks pair so well together – and this simple color palette will still work for a minimal room. 

13. Dusty Pink & Boucle Accents

A girl's nursey with light mauve walls, white boucle, and natural wood elements, and boho decor

Dusty pink is one of my favorites for a baby girl nursery idea – this shade is soft and warm and still ultra-feminine. And one of the things I love most about this room is how the ceiling is painted along with the walls – it’s just so pretty! Plus, if you have a smaller space to work with for your nursery, painting the ceiling is an excellent way to make the entire room appear bigger. 

While the pink walls certainly draw attention, the other details in the room are just as eye-catching. Even though everything else in the room is white or light-toned wood, the variety of fabrics and textures make it so appealing. Boucle is a trendy choice, but it also gives this room such a cozy feel that I can’t get over!

14. Black and Blooms

A girls nursery with white walls and decor with pops of black details, minimal animal art, and floral accents

Speaking of an eye-catching space – this baby girl nursery pictured above is a must if you love deep and striking contrasts in a room!

Your eyes can’t help but be drawn from one detail to the next in this space, yet the neutral shades create a simple and soothing aesthetic. And while this nursery is very minimal and has a gender-neutral vibe, you can still get that feminine feel via the single-line dove art and that stunning floral ceiling light.

15. Statement Pieces

A girl's nursery featuring a brushed creamy beige wallpaper, plant decor, stuffed animals, and a raffia light fixture

Another way to create visual interest in a minimalist room is by combining well-placed statement pieces. In the nursery above, the faux tree and the rattan light fixture create a statement but also work together since they’re both neutral tones and natural elements. 

So, while the rest of the room is filled with simple and classic nursery pieces, the whole room still has an incredibly beautiful and bold aesthetic. 

16. Whimsical Wallpaper

A girl's nursery with dusty pink and white floral wallpaper, cream furniture, and a decorated bookshelf

Wallpaper is always a popular choice for baby girl nursery ideas because it adds so much beauty and character to a room. I totally adore this soft pink paper with white flowers. And while it’s certainly a daring choice, it still has a timeless and elegant look. 

One of the best things about using a gorgeous wallpaper like this (in my opinion) is that you can let the wallpaper be the star! Most of the other furniture and decor here has a simple and modern feel that perfectly contrasts with the bold wallpaper.

17. Wildflower Wonderland

A girl's nursery with floral beige wallpaper and beige board and batten with white furniture and curtains and pops of pink and floral accents

You can never ever go wrong by going wild with wildflowers!

Any baby girl would love growing up in a charming nursery like this. Sticking with mostly cream, ivory, and beige throughout the room helps give this space a cohesive look, and the pink details are oh-so-pretty! The dried bouquet is such a unique and lovely touch, and it’s a great way to have real flowers in the room without having to change them out constantly. 

If you’re not a fan of wallpaper, you can also incorporate floral designs via the rug, curtains, blankets, and wall art. 

18. Cool Tones + Natural Accents

A girls nursery room with a dark blue boho style rug, light wooden furniture, white walls, and slate blue curtains

We all know that blue is supposed to be for boys – but this is 2024, after all! When it comes to styling your baby girl’s nursery, there’s no wrong palette for it.

I truly adore the cool-toned blues in this space – and shades of blue always look stunning with tan, beige, brown, and natural wood tones.

While most of us associate blue with a masculine vibe, you can combine this hue with feminine touches to create a lovely girl’s nursery. The boho-style rug and beautiful cursive wooden sign definitely add a girly feel here, but you can incorporate florals, ruffles, lace, bows, and other classic feminine details. 

19. Bold in Beige

A baby girls white, grey, and beige nursery room with floral wallpaper, a checkerboard rug, a vintage brass crib, and boho decor

I mean – are you kidding me with this stunning nursery? I genuinely don’t know if it can be any cuter! 

The monochromatic tones are perfect for the mixed patterns, shapes, and textures here. So, even though this space has tons of statement pieces and daring accents, the classic shades of brown and beige make it all work together seamlessly for a trendy, playful, and beautiful baby girl’s nursery!

20. Go for Balletcore

A pregnant woman standing in her daughter's nursery with floral pink wallpaper, a white crib, floral and ballerina wall art, and a faux plant

Balletcore has been making its way to the top of fashion and design trends in 2024 – and I’m here for it! And if you’ve been drooling over this aesthetic the way I have – you’ll love this baby girl nursery idea. 

When it comes to balletcore, pinks, lace, florals, and other darling feminine details are key! The soft pink floral wallpaper paired with the rose and ballet shoe wall prints are perfect for starting off this space, while the cozy stuffed animals and floral blankets are great finishing touches. And I love the dark green plant for some elevated contrast. 

Other decor pieces to include for this aesthetic are lace or satin curtains, ribbon and bow accents, and (obviously) a tiny pink tutu for your little one to grow into!

21. Dainty Details

A girl's nursery room with white walls, a boho rug and other boho decor pieces, pink accents, and butterfly wall decor

And last on my list of baby girl nursery ideas is this room filled with stunning, dainty, feminine details! Overall, the room has a modern aesthetic with sleek furniture and classic colors – but it’s the little things that really make it all come together. 

Speaking of, I honestly cannot get over how cute those butterfly accents are! They add a unique look to this room while creating a youthful, girly vibe – which is exactly what we want in a space like this. Paper butterflies or birds would also be cute. I also love the pops of pink and the lovely baby’s breath on the dresser to finish this nursery with a refined but totally feminine look!

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I hope this list of baby girl nursery ideas has been helpful and given you all the inspiration you need to tackle that nursery and transform it into a dreamy, soothing space. 

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