51+ *Stunning* Hebrew Baby Girl Names

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Looking for the best Hebrew baby girl names? I’m a professional baby names writer, and these are my top picks for Hebrew names for girls.

All the names on this list are of Hebrew origin and perfect for your little one on the way. From timeless classics like Sarah and Miriam to modern favorites like Eliora and Talya, these names are more than just beautiful—they represent stories of faith, and strength, not to mention they’re full of enduring elegance.

Some of the names on this list are the names of women from the Bible and others are words that have Hebrew meaning, but all of them are of Hebrew origin. 

Let’s get started!


Ariella means lion of God. This name exudes femininity with its breathy sound and elegance, while also conveying strength and a sense of divine protection.


Liora is such a sunny name, meaning my light it has a very feminine and poetic quality.


A popular name in Israel, Noa means motion or movement. This name has a strong and sophisticated feeling and among English speakers, it’s a great gender-neutral choice that sounds just like the masculine name Noah.


The name Esther means star and can be found in the book of Esther, which tells the story of how a girl becomes the Queen of Persia and is able to stop the genocide of her Jewish people.


Galia means wave or God has redeemed, it has a flowing, graceful sound.


Sarah means princess and is a name you’ll find used across many cultures. It has global appeal and has been within the top 100 most popular baby names for girls in the USA since the early 1960’s. Talk about a great track record…


Sarai was the original name of Sarah in the Bible before God changed her name. This name means my princess. It is less common than Sarah, giving it a unique touch. Sarai/Sarah was Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother, making her a matriarch of the Jewish people.


Rachel means ewe or female sheep. Rachel is a classic and gentle name that has been popular for centuries, although it was most popular in the 1990’s you’ll still find it on the pop-charts for girls names. The name Rachel is associated with Jacob’s beloved wife in the Bible. Known for her beauty, she was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, who led two of the twelve tribes of Israel.


The Hebrew name Ruth means companion or friend. This name is associated with loyalty and friendship from the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi. It is elegant and timeless, not to mention that Ruthie is a charming nickname.


Naomi means pleasantness. You’ll find Naomi in the same story as Ruth as her mother-in-law. This name has such an elegant sound and is lyrical and sweet.


Shira means song or poem. This is a popular name in Israel and among Jewish communities world wide. Although this name is deeply rooted in tradition, it’s still a very contemporary name for 2024.


The name Chaya means life in Hebrew. This name is considered very traditional in Jewish circles and has a vibrant and lively tone to it.


Yael means mountain goat. This name is associated with the biblical heroine who defeated Sisera. In the book of Judges in the Bible, Yael lures Sisera (the commander of a cruel army) into her tent and offers him milk and a place to rest, when he falls asleep she kills him and it’s a crucial turning point in defeating his army in the war.


Adina is a delicate and pretty name meaning gentle, which makes it feel like a very feminine and soft name.


Leah means weary and this ancient name is a timeless classic. Leah was a matriarch in the Bible and the mother of six of Jacob’s sons, representing a figure of devotion and endurance. If the name Leah isn’t short enough already, it comes with an even shorter, cute nickname: Lee.


Eliana means My God has answered. The name Eliana carries a strong spiritual connotation, reflecting a close connection with God and a sense of divine intervention or blessing. It is often chosen by parents to express gratitude for the birth of their child or because they consider their daughter to be an especially special blessing.


Michal means brook or stream. Although Michal is a unisex name, it is traditionally feminine in the Biblical context of King Saul’s daughter who married David. This name is unique and strong, with Miki as a possible cute nickname for your little girl.


Talia means dew from God. Talia is both spiritual and nature-oriented, making it poetic and graceful. Tali is a common and cute nickname that goes with this name.


The meaning of the name Hannah is grace or favor. In the Old Testament, Hannah prays for a son and God gives her Samuel, this story is often referenced when showing believers that God answers prayers. Did you know that Hannah is the same when you spell it backwards or forwards?


Aviv means spring or young grain. This name is actually more commonly used for boys, but its unisex nature adds to its appeal.


Dalia means branch or to draw water. Dalia is seen as both timeless and gentle.


Ilana means tree. This feminine name is somewhat unique outside of Hebrew-speaking countries.


Roni means my joy or singing. Roni is both upbeat and informal, offering a friendly vibe. It’s often used as a nickname itself for the longer name Veronica.


Rebecca means to tie or to bind, often interpreted as captivating. The story of Rebecca in the Hebrew Bible is that she marries Isaac and prays for 20 years to get pregnant. Eventually, she gives birth to twins, Esau and Jacob. These sons of hers became the founders of the Edomites and Israelites.


Shoshana means rose or lily and is a traditional name that carries a timeless beauty and elegance.


Orly means my light. This name has a lyrical quality that makes it both unique and modern. Orla or Lee could be used as nicknames for this awesome name.


Eden means delight or refers to the biblical Garden of Eden. This name carries with it a sense of peace, paradise, and timeless elegance.


Nava means beautiful and is a simple but striking name. The elegant simplicity of this name makes it a timeless choice for parents seeking a meaningful and attractive name for their baby girl.


Keren means ray of sunlight or horn of an animal. Although it sounds like the English name Karen, it carries a unique and distinct cultural significance in Hebrew, evoking imagery of brightness and strength.


Aliza means joyful. The nicknames Ali and Liza are both great options to shorten this name if you like a fun nickname.


This name has a unique and fresh feel, evoking vitality and new beginnings with its meaning of father of dew. It carries an elegant and feminine sound.


With its meaning of myrtle, Hadas carries a classic and timeless charm, often associated with purity and beauty.


Meaning my light, Lior has a poetic and elegant quality that conveys brightness and warmth. The perfect name for your sunny little one. This is considered to be a unisex name in Hebrew.


Tehila means praise or song of praise, it carries a spiritual and uplifting vibe.


Bara means to create. This unique and distinctive choice has great nickname potential with the name Bari.


Netta means plant or sapling. The name Netta has a natural and earthy charm, evoking growth and vitality. It has a simple and sweet sound.


Revital means abundance of dew. Revital has a fresh and rejuvenating quality.


Hila means halo or aura. It’s a modern name that has become quite popular in Israel over the past few decades. It is appreciated for its contemporary sound and meaningful background.


Miriam might mean wished-for child, rebellion, or bitter. Miriam is a prominent figure in the Hebrew Bible, specifically in the Torah. She is the older sister of Moses and Aaron and plays a crucial role in the story of the Exodus. When Moses was placed in a basket as an infant and floated down the river, Miriam watched over him from a distance and intervened to ensure he was safely adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.


Dana means God is my judge in Hebrew.


Ora means light. This name has a radiant and luminous quality, symbolizing enlightenment and positivity.


Yardena means to flow downward, referring to the Jordan River. The Jordan River holds profound religious significance in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam because it is where the Israelites crossed into the Promised Land after their exodus from Egypt.


Naama means pleasant and has a sweet and charming quality, reflecting joy and happiness. The name Naama appears in the Bible twice as the name of two women: the daughter of Lamech and Zillah (Genesis 4:22) and secondly as the wife of King Solomon (1 Kings 14:21).


Shaina means beautiful. This is a name that evokes a sense of traditional Jewish heritage. It is often chosen for its positive meaning and the beauty it symbolizes.


Hadar means splendor or glory. This name is used for both boys and girls, although it is more commonly given to girls. Its modern sound and elegant meaning make it a versatile choice for parents.


Nitza means bud or flower bud. This name is often associated with the springtime, a period of renewal and rebirth.


Sarit means princess, a diminutive form of Sarah. Sarit is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name “Sarah”, meaning princess or noblewoman, so when you give it this context, Sarit can be considered to mean “little princess” or “my princess,” adding a tender, affectionate touch to the name’s regal roots.


Atara means crown or diadem. If you like names that are relatively uncommon, this name is a distinctive choice. Its rarity adds to its appeal, particularly for parents looking for a name that stands out in a crowd.


Talya means dew of God. In the Middle East, dew is considered a life-sustaining element because of their arid climates.


Adielle means ornament of God. It’s a name that fits well within the trend of seeking unique, yet meaningful names. Adielle is highly feminine and elegant, its lyrical quality and the “El” sound give it a soft feeling.


Eliora means God is my light. The concept of light often represents purity, wisdom, enlightenment, and guidance, which makes this name such a beautiful blend of elegance and spiritual depth.

Wrapping Up

From classic beauties to modern gems, these names are packed with meaning and melody, making them perfect for your little girl. Choosing a name for your baby girl is an adventure, and with these beautiful Hebrew names, you’re sure to find the perfect fit!

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