21+ *Genius* Toddler Halloween Costumes

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Looking for cute toddler Halloween costumes in 2024? You need to see this list of Halloween costumes for toddlers that has a costume idea for everyone!

While Halloween may be a few months away, it’s never a bad idea to start planning your costume early – especially when it comes to toddler Halloween costumes!

If you’re on the lookout for cute toddler Halloween costume ideas, then you’re in luck! I’ve gathered dozens of cute and classic costumes for kids that can inspire you for Halloween in 2024.

Whether you’re looking for a store-bought or homemade toddler costume, this list has tons of ideas to help you find the perfect one. 

01. Cruella De Vil


While many children want to dress up as a Disney princess for Halloween – there are always those rebels who want to go big and bold by dressing up as the villain instead!

If that sounds like your toddler, Cruella De Vil is a costume idea worth considering. This costume is devilishly fun, unique, and bound to get tons of compliments – perfect for making holiday memories that your little one won’t soon forget!

02. PJ Masks


Into the night to….get some candy!

Whether your kid is a fan of Owlette, Gecko, or Catboy – a PJ Masks costume is easy to find and so cute! Plus, any fan of the PJ Masks will love having a costume laying around to dress up day or night, even once Halloween has passed. 

03. Snow White


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall – what is the cutest toddler costume of all? Snow White, of course!

The original Disney princess is a classic Halloween costume idea for kids, and your little one will feel extra special in a beautiful princess gown on Halloween night. 

04. Firefighter


When it comes to toddler Halloween costumes, it’s no secret that kids love to dress up as heroes – including real-life heroes, like firefighters!

This is another kids Halloween costume that’s easy to find online or in-stores – not to mention, this costume can be found year-round, so you can grab one anytime and be ready with time to spare before October arrives. 

05. Minnie & Mickey Mouse


Both Minnie and Mickey Mouse are great ideas for a toddler Halloween costume! No matter which one you choose for your child, you can easily find a costume online.

And if you want to DIY this look, start the costume off with those classic mouse ear headbands. For Minnie, buy a red and white polka dot dress and yellow sandals. For Mickey, opt for a black tee, yellow sneakers, and red shorts – don’t forget to sew or glue the white dots on the front for a completed look!

06. Tweedle Dee + Tweedle Dum


Alice in Wonderland costumes have always been some of my favorites – and silly characters like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are perfect for kids to dress up as on Halloween night! 

Whether they’re matching a sibling, a friend, or just going solo as one of the Tweedles, this crazy costume will be loads of fun this Halloween. 

07. Witch


A witch costume as cute as this will put anyone under a spell! You can make life easy by purchasing a witch costume for Halloween – but this is also easy to put together at home. A black tee or long-sleeved top and a black tutu are perfect for this outfit, and you can’t forget the witch’s hat!

I love the silver boots here, although black or purple would work too. The broom really puts it over the top, but I recommend a cauldron shaped trick or treat bucket for a similar aesthetic that’s also practical while trick or treating!

08. Anne of Green Gables


Classic book characters are fantastic for toddler Halloween costumes!

A vintage long-sleeved dress or an old-fashioned short-sleeved dress layered over a long top is perfect for this look. But the details such as the braids and hair bows, painted on freckles, and the straw sun hat are a must for completing this costume. 

09. Minion


This toddler Halloween costume idea is one in a minion!

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it is a super cute idea. Minions are so goofy and fun, so it’s no surprise that this made it on the list of Halloween costumes for kids. If you can’t find a Minion costume online, you can simply buy the chunky round goggle glasses and DIY the rest with basic kids clothing like denim overalls, a yellow tee, and a yellow beanie.  

10. Monkey


A monkey onesie like the one above is ape-solutely adorable! 

Animal onesies can be bought on Amazon or Etsy, but you can also wait for fall and you’re sure to find a monkey costume at Spirit Halloween or a local costume shop. 

11. The Hungry Caterpillar


On Halloween night he ate through….one chocolate bar, two lollipops, three gummy bears, four…..well, you get the idea!

Eric Carle’s children’s stories are iconic, and I love this idea of dressing your littles up as the caterpillar or the butterfly. Buy a hungry caterpillar costume online and leave it as is or cut and paint cardboard to look like butterfly wings to transform the costume. Either way, make sure to take plenty of pictures of this cute and classic costume!

12. Grandma & Grandpa


If you want a funny toddler Halloween costume that the family will remember for years, this might be the one for you! Dressing your little one as Grandma or Grandpa is perfectly silly, and it’s also really easy to DIY. 

The walkers can be made with pipes from a hardware store and silver spray paint (plus, tennis balls for a funny touch). If you’re not up to making a whole walker, just make a cane instead. And if you really want to take this costume to the next level, use Halloween face paint to draw wrinkles on those cute toddler faces! 

13. Rain + Rainbows


Rain and rainbows go hand in hand, so this costume idea is great for two kids who are close in age, whether siblings, cousins, or friends. 

The rainbow dress is perfect for this, but you can opt for a rainbow shirt and pair of pants with white puff balls glued or sewn on. The raincoat is so cute for the rainy cloud costume, and white puff balls, string, hot glue, and blue felt are all you need to finish the rest of that costume. 

14. Air Pods


This unique costume is fantastic for parents who have solid sewing skills! Stiff white fabric that can hold its shape will work best, and you can use felt and fabric paint for the other details here. 

15. Construction Worker


Dressing your toddler up as a construction worker is a pretty concrete plan, if you ask me!

This is an excellent costume idea for the kid who loves trucks, tractors, and play tools. You can easily put this costume together with a long sleeve tee and denim overalls or opt for a flannel shirt and blue jeans. Add sneakers or boots to the costume, and then all you need to complete the ensemble is a construction vest and helmet!

16. Boo


When it comes to beloved Pixar films – Monsters Inc. is one of the first ones that come to mind. And while Sully and Mike Wazowski are the stars, Boo definitely stole everyone’s hearts!

Boo has a simple look, meaning you can find what you need in any kids clothing store and put the outfit together in no time at all. Her oversized pink tee can be paired with purple leggings or joggers, and the pigtails are essential here!

Another option is to buy the costume Boo wore in the movie and have your toddler wear that on Halloween (with the pigtails, of course!)

17. Where’s Waldo?


Cute, classic, and unique – a toddler costume idea this good is hard to find!

I recommend finding a replica of his hat, just like this mama did. As far as the iconic red and white striped shirt, you can easily find one online and pair it with blue jeans and brown shoes for the perfect look!

18. Audrey & Marilyn


I love the idea of dressing your little’s up as iconic women! Audrey and Marilyn costumes can be found online, but I think DIYing these outfits will add a special touch. 

The white dress for Marilyn Monroe is a no-brainer, while the black dress with pearls and sunnies is perfect for recreating the iconic outfit in Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s! 

You can choose your favorite if you have just one daughter or do both for sisters to get cute photos like the one above. 

19. Pirates


Argggh you kidding me with how cute these pirate costumes are?!

What kid doesn’t want to dress up as a pirate and hunt for treasure (aka candy) on Halloween night? You won’t have any trouble finding a kid’s pirate costume, especially if you want the added cuteness of having a parrot on your kids shoulder! 

But if you want to DIY this one, choose clothes like black pants, white button-ups, black vests, black or red scarves (for around the waist and head), or striped tops. Add boots and a pirate hat, and your toddler will be ready for a night of fun!

20. Clark Kent


Dressing your toddler up as the alter ego of a superhero is such a fun twist on a classic Halloween costume idea. 

I love how Clark Kent is ready to jump into action here. Layer a partially open white button-up shirt over a Superman tee to start this homemade costume off. Add blue or black jeans, suspenders, and Kent’s iconic black square glasses to complete this simple but crazy cute costume!

21. Trolls


If your kid is like mine, they love the Trolls movies! And if that’s the case, dressing up as Princess Poppy, Branch, or one of the other loveable characters from the film will be a winning Halloween costume idea in 2024. 

And luckily, since this movie is such a hit, the character costumes can be found on Amazon, Etsy, Halloween stores, Walmart, and more!

22. The Flintstones


Next on this list of toddler Halloween costumes – the Flintstones! Specifically, Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles! 

These cuties are definitely popular characters, and you can find a couple variations of their outfits online. And this is another costume you can find across many retailers, making it easy to bring this Halloween toddler costume idea to life!

23. Risky Toddler


What better costume than this for a risky, adventure-loving toddler?

Tom Cruise’s iconic outfit in the film Risky Business is cute and is sure to earn more than a few chuckles on Halloween night! A pair of socks, a button-up, and some sunnies are all you need to make this toddler Halloween costume idea a reality.

24. DIY Grapes


Whether you want something simple or you need a last-minute DIY Halloween costume for kids – there’s no doubt that this is a grape idea!

A monochromatic purple ensemble is an easy base for this outfit. I love the pastels here, but other shades like lavender, plum, and amethyst will work, too. Then, simply use safety pins to pin a bundle of purple balloons to your little one’s top. Add some leaves on top for the finishing touch, and you’re ready to go!

25. Avocado


This is another fantastic option for a DIY toddler Halloween costume! Large construction paper or felt and some string are all you need for this effortless costume. I think the circle to show off those cute toddler tummies is a fun touch, but you can also dress your little one up in a brown top if you prefer. 

26. Garbage Truck


Let your little one roll down the street in style on Halloween night with this homemade garbage truck costume.

Made from simple craft materials like glue, paint, ribbon, and cardboard – this look is easy to achieve whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or new to the game! The beanie and neon vest are great additions, but the truck costume by itself is still a fantastic costume idea.

27. Ghostbusters


If you’re looking for a lovable and easy costume idea for your toddler in 2024 – this classic Halloween movie has the inspo you need.

Snag a Ghostbusters costume online or in stores for a fun outfit that will definitely be a hit during a Halloween party, trick-or-treating, or any other holiday event!

28. Garden Gnome


A cute whimsical costume for your own little cutie is just what you need this Halloween!

Any color flannel and some khakis will be perfect for this homemade costume, while brown boots or sneakers and suspenders take the outfit to the next level. For the gnome hat, you can either glue or sew red felt together. 

A quick tip: Use a soft string to wrap around your toddler’s head and carefully cut the string where it starts to overlap. This will make it easy for you to find out how big to make the gnome hat. 

29. Life-Sized Pop-It


A life-sized Pop-It is a fantastic idea for a goofy, modern, and unique toddler Halloween costume!

You can throw this outfit together in no time with cardboard, rainbow craft paints, hot glue, and colorful ball pit balls. If you don’t want to use balls like this Mama did, consider Styrofoam circles cut in half and painted in rainbow shades. 

30. DIY S’mores Costume


Your toddler can be the ooey, gooey, and cute marshmallow on top of this homemade Smore’s costume!

I love the tutu for that toasty marshmallow look, but you can stick with a simple white tee for a boys’ costume or a minimal look. Like with many of the other DIY options on this list of toddler Halloween costumes, cardboard and craft paint are all you need to achieve the same aesthetic as above.

31. Lloyd Christmas Costume


The orange tux and top hat that Lloyd Christmas wears in Dumb and Dumber are so ridiculous, making them perfect for a toddler Halloween costume!

These pieces can be found and ordered online, although the dog car cover will need to be made. However, the dog car isn’t necessary for your toddler to rock this hilarious and cute Halloween costume. 

32. Super Cute Coconut


Friends and family will go-go nuts over this coconut costume!

If you ask me, paper mâché is the way to go with homemade look, and empty paper towel rolls can easily be painted to be the straw on top. A white onesie is great for the inside of the coconut, and if you want extra coverage for the legs – opt for either brown or white bottoms. 

33. Grease 


Classic movie characters will always be a hit when it comes to toddler Halloween costumes – and Grease definitely falls under the category of classic movies!

A 50s-style dress with the iconic poodle skirt is perfect for girls, although a sleek all-black ensemble works too. For boys, black jeans, a classic white tee, and a leather jacket will give them that greaser look. Or you can easily find a Grease costume for either boys or girls online. 

Final Thoughts

These toddler Halloween costumes are beyond cute, and even though it’s so hard to choose just one – there’s an idea for everyone on this list! And no matter what costume you choose for your toddler in Halloween 2024, your little one is sure to have a blast and make some memories!

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