29+ Baby Shower Games & Activities To Copy

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Searching for the best baby shower games to play? I have a list of classic, sentimental, and funny baby shower games below to inspire you – plus printable baby shower games you can download!


Baby shower games and activities are always a blast! Between the classics, the silly games, and the meaningful activities – there’s not a baby shower game that I don’t love. 

If you’re throwing a baby shower for your sister, daughter, or bestie in 2024, I’m sure you have a full to-do list. Luckily, I’m here to help out. I have a list of game and activity ideas below to make it easy for you to plan this party – and I’ve also included printable baby shower games to make it even easier for you!

Classic Baby Shower Activities

Classics are classics for a reason – and the activities below are sure to be a hit at any baby shower!

01. Baby Sock/Pacifier Hunt

For this scavenger hunt game, the host hides items (baby socks, pacifiers, rubber ducks, etc.) throughout the house or venue, and guests have to search for them. Whoever finds the most – wins the game. 

You can do ten of each item or more, depending on how many guests there are and how difficult you want the game to be.

02. How Big Is Mommy’s Belly?

Guests must guess how big the widest part of the Mama-to-be’s belly is. Use string, ribbon, or a special baby shower measuring tape for this. 

Have each guest take turns guessing the belly width, cutting the string at the length they guessed. Once everyone has had a turn, measure Mama’s belly, cut the string to the correct length, and compare the pieces to it. Whoever was the closest is the winner!

03. Guess How Many Candies

Grab a baby bottle and some colorful candies for this one!

Fill the bottle with Skittles, M&M’s, gummy bears, etc., and have guests guess how many pieces of candy are inside. The guest with the closest guess without going over is your winner.

04. Diaper Raffle

When you send out baby shower invitations, tell invitees that anyone bringing a pack of diapers will enter a raffle! You can take down names on paper or hand out tickets to any guest who brought diapers. Draw a name or ticket at the end of the shower, and give the winner their prize!

05. Find The Guest

Have family members send baby photos of themselves, then pin each to a corkboard with a number next to it. Guests then have to guess who is who in each picture – and whoever has the most correct guesses will win this game!

Sentimental Baby Shower Activities

Baby showers are an important event, so adding some sentimental activities will help create memorable moments!

01. Paint Blocks For Baby

Set up a table with plain wooden blocks, paint, brushes, water, paper towels, and paint pens or markers – and you’ll want a disposable tablecloth underneath.

Throughout the party, guests can paint a special block from them to Baby, creating a meaningful toy that will last for years. 

02. Make Onesies For Baby

This activity allows guests to create a cute, unique onesie for Baby. Buy plain white onesies (short sleeve and long sleeve both work), and set up a table with the onesies, iron-on stickers, fabric paint, or fabric markers so guests can decorate adorable outfits for the bundle of joy!

03. Wishes/Prayers For Baby

Set up an area where guests can write their hopes, wishes, and prayers for the new baby. You can have them write the wishes in a book, on a blank canvas with an ultrasound picture, or on notes that can be placed in a keepsake box. 

04. Baby’s First Bible

Another great activity is to set a Bible on a table (which will become Baby’s first Bible) and place pens and highlighters next to it. Guests can then highlight their favorite verse and leave notes for Baby to read as they grow up!

05. Sign The Guest Book

Leave out a guest book for guests to sign as they show up to the shower. This way, Baby can look back at all the people who showed up and showed love – before they were even born!

Choosing a children’s book as the guest book is a fun twist. I suggest Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess for this. 

06. Baby’s First Alphabet Book

Create or download coloring pages for each alphabet letter, print them out, and allow guests to decorate and color the pages. Then, the pages can be bound together to have a keepsake that Baby can use as they get older. 

07. Baby Predictions

For this activity, guests will write down their baby predictions – guessing things like the date of birth, weight, height, and other features. The parents-to-be can keep these cards or papers and look at them after the baby has been born to see who had the best guesses!

08. Childhood Traditions

Leave a notebook and pens out for guests to use as they share their favorite childhood traditions with Mama and Papa-to-be. This is perfect for new or growing families and will help them create their own traditions and memories!

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Funny Baby Shower Activities

Of course, having some funny baby shower activities and games in the mix is always fun. Below are the ones I recommend – because they’re always a hit!

01. Late Night Diapers

Baby shower guests can write uplifting messages (and maybe some funny ones) on the diapers, so Mom and Dad can feel some encouragement and support when they need it most – during those late-night diaper changes!

02. Don’t Say Baby

As guests arrive at the baby shower, the host will hand each person a clothespin (blue or pink is perfect for a cute touch), telling guests they can’t say “baby.” If anyone slips up and says the forbidden word, someone can steal their clothespin! Whoever has the most pins by the end will win this game.

03. Diaper Pong

This fun baby shower game is perfect for both small and large groups! Pin open diapers to a board and assign each diaper a point value. Guests must be split into even teams, with each player taking a turn at throwing a ping pong ball into the diapers as the host keeps track of points earned. The team with the highest number of points will win!

04. Bottle Chug

Fill baby bottles with any drink (water, apple juice, etc.) and give one to each guest. Once the host calls GO, guests must start chugging the bottle, and whoever finishes their bottle first will be crowned winner. 

05. Blindfolded Diaper Changing

Split guests into teams – two or more teams depending on your number of guests. One person from each team will be responsible for taking a “dirty” diaper off of a baby doll and putting on a new one – while blindfolded! The other members of the team will be giving directions. Whichever team changes the diaper correctly in the shortest amount of time wins. 

06. Guess The Baby Food

For this game, you’ll need different flavors of baby food – both fruit and vegetable flavors work! Take the labels off, adding a number to the front. Make sure to note what flavor corresponds with each number. 

Guests will have to sample each jar, trying to guess each flavor. And, of course, whoever guesses the most correctly will win the game. 

07. Guess The Sweet Mess

To prepare for this fun activity, you’ll need to dirty some diapers – with candy bars, of course!

Write a number on each diaper you’ll use and place your candy bars (Reese’s, Twix, Snickers, etc.) into a diaper. Use a blow-dryer to melt the candy, but not so much you reveal what’s inside! Make a note of which candy bar goes with which number. 

Guests will have to guess what type of candy is in each diaper without tasting the candy. Whoever has the most correct will win!

08. My Water Broke!

To set this game up, you’ll need to freeze tiny plastic babies inside ice cubes before the party. Once the shower has started or all guests have arrived, give each person one cube to place in their drink. The person whose ice cube melts first (or whose water breaks first) will be winner. 

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Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make setting up baby shower activities so easy, so I’ve included some awesome printable baby shower games below!

01. Emoji

Hand a printed emoji sheet out to each guest along with a pen. Start a timer, and guests have to guess which baby-related phrase each set of emoji represents. The guest who has the most correct guesses wins!

02. Baby Animals

This game is similar to the emoji game, but in this one, guests will have to match baby animal names to their parents within a set amount of time!

03. Mommy or Daddy?

There are no correct answers in this fun printable baby shower game! Guests just have to guess which parent is more likely to do each action on the list.

Give the printables to Mom and Dad so they can look back at all the guesses and see how accurate (or inaccurate) they were!

04. Over or Under?

This numbers game is a unique baby shower activity. The printable sheet contains a list of statements (‘the daddy-to-be has two siblings,’ for example), and guests will have to guess if the number is over or under the actual amount. Whoever has the most correct guesses is the winner!

05. Price Is Right

Each guest will need to estimate the price of must-have baby items. Once everyone has made their guesses, you can reveal the correct amount for each item, and guests can write down the difference between their guesses and the correct prices. Whoever has the lowest totaled difference, wins!

06. Baby Word Scramble

Get out the timer again for this one! Guests have to unscramble these baby-related words before the timer runs out – and, of course, the person with the most correct answers will be the winner. 

07. Bingo

Guests have to guess which gifts Mama will receive (blanket, onesie, diaper genie, etc.) and fill out the empty bingo board with their guesses. As the Mama-to-be opens presents, guests can start marking items off their cards, and whoever gets BINGO first wins. 

08. Celebrity Baby Names

Have your guests put their celebrity knowledge to the test as they try to match the correct baby names to their celebrity parents before the timer goes off! 

09. Finish The Sentence

This printable has phrases from the Mama-to-be, with some words missing, of course! Guests have to finish the sentence based on what they think Mom would say, and whoever has the most right is the winner. 

10.Baby Name Game

Guests here have to come up with baby names on the spot as they try to write down one for each letter of the alphabet before time is up!

11. Baby Items A-Z

Similar to the Baby Name Game, this baby shower activity has guests coming up with a piece of baby gear that starts with each letter of the alphabet – in a race against the timer!

12. What’s In Your Purse?

This game requires guests to look through their purses (or baby bags) and check off how many essential items they have – think lip gloss, lotion, keys, etc. Guests earn points for each item they have, and whoever has the highest point total will win!

13. Would You Rather Baby Names

How well do the guests know Mama? This game includes pairs of baby names, and guests must guess which baby name Mama would choose. 

14. Guess The Due Date

Use a due date calendar and let guests mark the date they think Baby will arrive. Mom and Dad can keep the calendar and eventually see who had the best guess!

Final Thoughts

What would a baby shower be without fun games and activities? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my list of games – and don’t forget to grab your free baby shower game printables to help make throwing a shower just a little bit easier!

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