29+ * Must-See* Baby In Bloom Baby Shower Ideas

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Are you searching for ideas for a Baby In Bloom shower in 2024? Check out this list of floral-inspired decor and food ideas for your baby shower!

Stunning ‘Baby In Bloom’ Shower Ideas

When it comes to baby shower themes, Baby In Bloom has to be one of my favorites! And this theme is also perfect for this time of the year – I mean, florals in spring and summer, what’s a better pair than that?

So, if you’re planning a floral baby shower in 2024 and need decor and food ideas, I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of decoration inspiration and themed food ideas to make your baby shower even more memorable than it already will be!

Ballon Backdrops

Balloon arches and backdrops are perfect for making a statement and as photo backgrounds. And the Baby In Bloom balloon decor ideas below are ideal for exactly that!

01. Peach + Orange w/ Daisies


Pastel colors and daisies are a must for a springtime baby shower! The arch is fantastic for highlighting that stunning cake, but you can also keep it empty so that you and your guests can stand there for photos instead. 

If you know someone who’s handy, ask them for help creating that built-in arch piece. Otherwise, you may be able to buy or rent something similar. And make sure to purchase plenty of balloons in different sizes to create the same contrast as in the photo above! 

When it comes to the floral accents, try ordering from Etsy or check out a local print shop to see if they offer large custom-cut print outs. 

02. Dusty Pink Blooms & Balloons


I adore the colors here, and again, I think they’re great for spring. The arch is perfect as a welcome sign and can also double as a photo spot!

For the floral details, you can easily grab flowers from the dollar store or a craft store to fill in spots through the balloon half-arch. I suggest picking a color palette with three primary and two or three secondary colors. This will make it easy to create a cohesive look when picking out different types of flowers!

03. Shades of Blue


This one looks similar to the one above, but obviously in different colors! I love the minimalist aesthetic with a simpler palette, while the variety of balloon sizes creates plenty of visual interest. 

And a helpful tip here – make sure to order one or two balloon pumps and adhesive dots if you (or a family member or friend) plan to DIY a balloon arch like this. It will seriously streamline the process and give you more time to enjoy the day!

04. Big + Bold


Double arches and bundles of balloons certainly make a statement – and I’m obsessed with it! This is perfect for a large outdoor space. 

In this decor, faux flowers have been swapped for real ones, though you can still use fake ones if they fit your budget better (though remember that real flowers will wilt throughout the day, so fake ones are best for longer events or showers that start later in the day).

I also think the dark green leaves really balance out the soft tones, and the dainty baby’s breath creates a striking contrast to the ultra-large balloons and big, gorgeous roses! The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes here really balances out such a large backdrop and makes it totally Instagram-worthy!

05. Butterflies, Florals + Balloons


Blooms and butterflies are a perfect match for each other! I love the girly vibes here, and this setup is so stunning. 

Large butterflies are another piece I would search on Etsy for. If you want smaller butterflies instead, opt for construction paper cutouts or wall decals – either of which can be found on Etsy or Amazon. And if you want to DIY the butterfly accents, you can make your own construction cutouts with different shades or even patterned paper. 

06. A Bench For Mama-To-Be


As I’ve mentioned, balloons and flowers are great photo backdrops, but I love the idea of them as a backdrop for the Mama-to-be (and Papa-to-be if you’re having a co-ed shower) to sit in front of as she opens gifts!

Place a chair or bench in front of the balloons for Mama. You can rent one or two for the event, borrow some from someone’s home, or choose a venue that provides one!

07. Cream & Blue Boho


This Baby In Bloom shower decor has it all! It’s perfect for the Mama-to-be to sit in front of as she’s celebrated, it’s a fantastic spot for photos, and it’s literally stunning!

If you’re worried about adding flowers directly to the balloons, I suggest using floral accents like this so they’re close together but separated. And you can easily put styrofoam blocks into the flower boxes so that each flower will stay in place as you stick the stems in. 

Decor Ideas

If you’re in love with what you see so far and want more decor ideas, check out the photos below for inspiration!

08. Welcome Sign


Whether you’re having your baby shower at home or a venue, a welcome sign is never a bad idea. 

To get this look, buy a pre-made sign or have a piece of wood custom-cut at a hardware store. Once you’ve done that, it’s all about the little details. Paint the sign (craft paint will work here), use stencils for the lettering, and pick up some faux flowers or a custom-made bouquet to add on top.

09. Boho Picnic


An outdoor garden-style boho picnic is so cute on its own, but somehow, it’s that much cuter as part of a Baby In Bloom shower!

And while this setup looks expensive, it doesn’t have to be! You can find a large blanket, plateware, glasses, etc., at the thrift store or even borrow them from friends and family. I also recommend borrowing or renting the table.

Other places to search for items you’ll need are local discount stores, the dollar store, Amazon, or the dollar spot at Target. 

10. Vases on Vases


I mean, vases and flowers are kind of a no-brainer, right?

I love how each vase fits the color theme here – and I’m sure that’s no accident! You can easily grab a variety of vases from the dollar store, craft store, or thrift store and paint them all to match the palette of your baby shower. Simple craft paint will work for this, and I recommend pre-mixing large batches of the colors you want so that you have plenty to work with!

If you want to add some texture to the vases, mix cornstarch or baking soda with the paint for a textured, matte, boho finish! And for the white stands – stucco and white paint on cardboard boxes will work in a pinch, and you can add something heavy inside to make sure it won’t topple over!

11. Board of Blooms


I can’t get over what a statement this simple idea makes! 

This is another project that I would hit a local hardware store for. Grab a piece of wood (you can have it custom cut if needed) and leave it as is for a raw aesthetic like the one above, or paint it for a different vibe. If you opt for paint, try buying just a sample size of paint from the hardware store – that should be enough and you can get it mixed to be whatever shade you want. 

As far as the florals, you can pick up a variety of fake flowers from a store and some plain masking tape to finish the job!

12. Bud Vase Favors


What would any party be without the party favors? A wall of gorgeous flowers for your guests to take is not only adorable but totally on-theme!

This is another job for the dollar store or thrift store (in my opinion) but you can also order packs of vases from Amazon. Of course, you’ll want to use real flowers here, so stop at your favorite florist, a supermarket, or a farmers market to pick a beautiful bunch!

13. Flowers + Arches


I know we saw so many lovely arches in some of the images above, but what sets this apart is how the arches are covered in only florals. And while I love balloons, this setup is honestly so beautiful!

Again, see if your SO or someone handy can make arches for you or check if your venue offers setups like this – and finish these beautiful pieces with faux blooms. I also suggest using a floral foam base (or two or three) to make this easier to put together!

14. Bloom Bar 


Here’s another stunning party favor idea that also doubles as decor! The wall of flowers and leaves is an adorable setup – and it’s meant for guests to build their own bouquet to take home as a favor. I love the rows of vases as well to make it easy for your guests to build and take the flowers home!

This Mama-to-be used a floral display here – check with a local florist to see if you can rent one or opt for a wooden stand with buckets for a cute and rustic vibe. 

15. Vintage Florals & Bows


Florals are a timeless choice for event centerpieces, so it only makes sense to have a beautiful bouquet as the centerpiece at your baby shower!

Using a silver base gives the florals a vintage feel, and the candlesticks add to that aesthetic. I love the addition of a ribbon tied around each candlestick. It adds a modern and trendy touch since bows are a popular accent in fashion and decor in 2024!

Floral-Inspired Cookies

I’m sure you’ve wondered what reats to have at your Baby In Bloom shower, and I’ve got ideas for that just below!

16. Summer Vibes


These colors are perfect for a summer baby shower, so it’s definitely worth considering if your shower will be during this season. Orange and cream also work for either a boy or a girl. But if you want a traditional look, ask your baker to add pink or blue to the design!

17. Baby Blue Florals


Baby blue for a spring baby shower is a must! I love how these are obviously for a baby shower (the stroller, rattle, bottle, and onesie definitely give it away), but you can also tell it’s a bloom theme from the lovely florals. 

18. Pink, Purple + Yellow


If you’re hosting a spring baby shower for your little girl, these cookies would be perfect! Ask your baker for feminine pastels, or just show them this photo as a reference.

19. Boho-Inspired


If you are going for a boho floral theme, dusty pink and orange are a great color combo! Not to mention the choice of florals – mustard yellow petals, a retro floral print, and tons of earthy green accents – this design just screams boho!

20. Picnic w/ Florals


I think this cookie design would be perfect for an outdoor Baby In Bloom shower. The picnic basket is definitely on-theme for an outdoor event, whether you’ll be snacking with the girls on a picnic blanket or serving up food buffet style. 

21. Rainbow Florals on White


I’m obsessed with this elegant and timeless design – I mean, who would even guess I’m talking about cookies right now? But really, these custom cookies are stunning, and they’re another excellent choice for a girl or a boy. 

22. Colorful Daisies


Daises are some of my favorite flowers! They’re cute, classic, and simple – meaning they’ll go well with any color palette. The white, pink, and yellow above look amazing together, but you can go for whatever colors work for your shower. 

23. Soft Blue w/ White


If you have a long guest list for your Baby In Bloom shower, the cookies in these photos are a great option for you!

There’s so much variety in the shapes and designs of these cookies, so I think they’re an excellent choice for a large event. The blue and white are perfect for a classic baby shower palette, although pink, purple, peach, and even red would be stunning here. 


25. Pink Blooms


And if you’re going for an ultra-feminine look, the cookies above are perfect! The shades of pink, ruffled onesie, the bowtie on the rattle, and the florals create a super cute and girly aesthetic that’s fantastic for a baby shower. 

Cakes & More!

Finishing up this list of floral baby shower ideas are other tasty treats that work for a Baby In Bloom theme!

26. 3D Florals


This tower of buttercream flowers is seriously delectable! I would be obsessed if I saw this at any baby shower, so you can’t go wrong with a cake like this. 

If ordering a custom cake is within your budget, I suggest showing this photo to your baker of choice along with images of your chosen color palette and the types of flowers you want featured on the cake. 

However, if you want to save money or love to DIY – you can always cake-hack this! Buy premade cakes (two or three, depending on guest count and desired look) from a grocery store and scrape most of the icing off. Once that’s done, you can stack the cakes on top of each other and add a crumb coat to them (try store-bought icing or buy some pre-made frosting in bulk from your favorite bakery). Then pop the cake in the fridge to chill before the next step!

Once your cakes have chilled, add a final layer of frosting. From here, you or a helper can pipe on the 3D florals. You can also buy pre-made floral accents from a craft store, baking store, or online for a simple but still stunning aesthetic. 

27. Blooming Berries


Who can resist chocolate-covered strawberries? I know I can’t!

These are so adorable and perfect for a unique touch at your baby shower. Luckily, tons of bakers can custom-make choco-berries along with chocolate-covered pretzels, rice krispies, and more!

Although, this is another food idea that’s easy to DIY. You can opt for white chocolate paired with colored candy melts to create the perfect hue before dipping your berries. Then, buy frosting from the store – either white vanilla that you can dye yourself or pre-colored frosting pouches – to add the leaves, vines, and other embellishments. For the flowers, buy a pack of flower candy molds and use the chocolate to create tons of flowers to decorate your berries with (and maybe to snack on as you work)!

28. Dried Flowers on Cake


While I love the 3D floral cake, I really am a sucker for dried flowers! The same ideas from the 3D cake also apply to this dessert. Order a custom-made cake or go for the cake hack – whichever works best for you. 

If you choose to make this incredible cake, you can find packs of dried flowers on Amazon or at craft stores. There is a lot of variety, so you can easily find a pack that works with the colors and florals you chose. For the Baby In Bloom on top, I recommend using white chocolate and alphabet candy molds. 

You can also use those chocolate molds to put the baby’s name on top instead, and fresh edible flowers are a great alternative to the dried flower here but will still have a similar look!

29. Floral Cupcakes


And last but not least – cupcakes!

Easy-peasy cupcakes are perfect for any event, and these floral-inspired mini cakes are too cute. If you or a friend are a talented baker, making blooming cupcakes will be a breeze, which is perfect if you’re looking to save money. 

But if you don’t want to try your hand at hand-piped frosting flowers (or maybe you’d rather save yourself the time spent), cupcakes like these can easily be custom-ordered at any bakery!

Final Thoughts

Baby In Bloom shower is such a beautiful idea – and it’s perfect for the warmer months we’re getting into. Whether you’re having a small, intimate baby shower or a huge celebration, the ideas on this list will help you create the perfect baby shower for yourself or a loved one in 2024!

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