31+ *Insanely Precious* Baby Halloween Costumes

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Are you planning your Halloween costumes for 2024 and want baby costume inspo? Check out this list of baby costumes for Halloween that are sure to be a hit this October!

If you ask me, you can never start planning your Halloween costumes too early! Whether you want to DIY a costume or take the stress-free route by purchasing it online, you definitely want plenty of time to do so. Especially when it comes to baby costumes for Halloween. 

There are so many ideas for baby Halloween costumes, so to help you narrow down the options, I’ve gathered the best baby Halloween outfit ideas for 2024! So scroll down to get inspired and find the perfect Halloween costume for your bundle of joy. 

01. Flower


We’re starting off with an undeniably cute baby costume for Halloween!

This flower baby costume is simple and easy to put together. You can make a felt floral headband or buy a handmade one from Etsy (I recommend making or choosing one with a string tie like the headband above to ensure a perfect fit). Pair it with an earthy green and brown outfit for an easy-peasy but oh-so-cute Halloween costume for your little one. 

02. Ice Cream Cone


Everyone knows Halloween is a spooky holiday. A night when I scream, you scream, we all scream – for ice cream!

Pair waffle-printed bottoms with a sprinkle-covered top (white for classic vanilla, pink for yummy strawberry, etc.), and literally finish the outfit with a cherry on top! Puffy fabric paint, felt, and other crafting supplies will help you DIY this costume, but you can also find a baby ice cream costume online if you’d rather buy it. 

03. Winnie The Pooh


What’s sweeter than a jar of honey? A Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume, of course!

This classic cartoon character is also a classic baby Halloween costume, and it’s also crazy cute. You can easily find a Pooh Bear onesie online for an easy alternative, but I love the look of a fluffy sweater and teddy bear hat here. A red shirt can be found in any store, and don’t forget the homemade honey jar if you plan to capture this memory with a home photo shoot like the one above. 

04. Lion


If you want your baby to have a roaring good time this Halloween, dress them up in a fierce lion costume! 

The beanie baby lion onesie is both adorable and nostalgic, but you can also go with a classic lion costume to keep it simple. Again, if you’re a crafty mama, you can put together the lion’s mane with a beanie, felt, and hot glue. You can complete the look with caramel-colored overalls or a pants-and-sweater combo. 

05. Spider


The eensy weensy spider went out to trick or treat!

Start this adorable baby Halloween costume off with an all-black ensemble, including pants, shoes, a sweater, gloves, and a beanie. Stuff long black socks with any fabric or stuffing, add a rubber band in the middle, and sew the open end onto the sweater to create the extra spider arms. Finally, glue big googly eyes onto the beanie for the perfect finishing touch. 

06. Bunny


Dress up your bundle of joy in a precious bunny costume to help them have a hoppy Halloween in 2024!

I can’t get over how cute this rabbit onesie is, and you can search a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon for a costume like this. If you want to make a bunny costume, I suggest using felt and a headband for the ears and a large white puffball glued onto pants for the bunny tail. 

07. Bat


A bat costume is so fitting for Halloween! Like the spider costume, start with an all-black outfit – the sparkling leggings are a cute and girly touch if you have a daughter, but black pants or jeans work as well. Once you have the monochromatic look down, just add a pair of bat wings to turn this outfit from simple to spooky!

08. Ghostbuster


Ghostbuster is an iconic spooky movie, so it goes without saying that dressing up as a Ghostbuster is an iconic costume idea!

For this, I recommend ordering the outfit online or finding one in person at your favorite costume shop. Either way, this is a great choice for your little one’s Halloween costume. 

09. Astronaut


Go for an out of this world Halloween look with a baby astronaut costume! Your baby is sure to be the brightest star on Halloween night with a charming costume like this. And luckily, you can find a costume like this year-round so you can be prepared for Halloween early this year!

10. Jack O’Lantern


Cute and perfectly on theme for Halloween – you can’t go wrong with a jack-o-lantern costume!

I love this pumpkin set, and you won’t have a hard time finding a costume like this in stores or online. But if you want to DIY this one, black bottoms, and a long-sleeve orange tee will be a great base for the look. Use black felt to create the jack-o-lantern’s face, and add an orange beanie with green felt on top for a similar aesthetic.

11. Raggedy Ann


Raggedy Ann is such a classic toy, and it also makes an absolutely adorable baby Halloween costume! Fortunately, you can easily find a Raggedy Ann costume for babies online, although it may not come with every piece you need. Still, it’s the perfect place to start, and you can add striped stockings, shoes, a hair bow, or any other missing piece if needed. 

12. Lemon


Go for this Halloween costume if you want something fun and fruity! I love the lemon print top and bottoms, but you can also choose a solid lemon-yellow set. 

Felt and hot glue will be your best friends as you make this costume and headband. Or you can opt for a crocheted lemon costume that’s homemade or from Etsy!

13. Dumbo


This baby costume is sure to win hearts on Halloween in 2024! A classic, beloved cartoon character like Dumbo is perfect as a baby’s Halloween costume, and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding this costume online.

14. Strawberry


Sweet and berry berry cute – this strawberry baby costume is one of my favorites! This homemade costume involves a red onesie, a green beanie, green felt leaves, and black felt berry seeds – and you can even add a white felt flower for an extra adorable detail. 

If you’d rather buy your costume, don’t worry! There are plenty to pick from the strawberry (costume) patch. 

15. Monsters Inc.


Halloween is the night for little monsters to run around, so let your little ones run free with Monsters Inc. onesie costumes! This is another great option for an easy but cute baby Halloween costume since onesies for these popular Pixar characters will definitely be easy to find. 

16. Chicken


If you ask me, this is an egg-cellent idea for Halloween! A chicken costume is both adorable and silly – what more could you ask for in a baby Halloween costume?

Buy this one online for a stress-free Halloween, or get crafty with feathers, hot glue, and a plain white tee. If you or a friend can crochet, the hat can be homemade; otherwise, check Etsy for a chicken baby hat!

17. Unicorn


Magical creatures are perfect for baby Halloween costumes – and this charming onesie is sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face this Halloween!

If you don’t want to buy a onesie or costume like the one above, you can totally DIY it instead! Striped pink and white stockings, a cute white and pink dress, and a unicorn headband are perfect for a simple homemade costume. Just don’t forget to add pops of color, a tail (of course), and maybe some glitter too!

18. Ghost


Help your baby get into the spirit of Halloween with this cute ghost costume! 

The one in the photo above is a cozy sleep sack and a beanie with black felt details – and it’s perfect for a newborn. If your baby is older, opt for a onesie, matching set, dress, or overalls with black felt eyes for a similar vibe. Or you can search the internet for the perfect ghost costume for your baby. 

19. Witch


I love this for a playful and enchanting baby Halloween costume. 

This Halloween-inspired dress is a fantastic piece to incorporate into this outfit, and the black stockings and witches’ hat are the perfect finishing touches for this look. However, there are so many colors and styles you can choose with a witch costume. So whether you buy or DIY, don’t be afraid to play around and find the perfect look for your baby witch!

20. Fairy


This magical and fairy special baby Halloween costume is just too cute! It’s a classic costume, too, so take your pick from the plethora of fairy outfits you’ll find both in stores or online.

But you can also go for a unique look by DIYing this one with a gorgeous baby dress, leggings, fairy wings, and a floral crown! Keep it simple with a look like the one above or find some glitter-covered pieces for a playful costume.

21. Shark


Sink your teeth into this next fin-tastic baby Halloween costume idea! Whether your little one is obsessed with Baby Shark or they have a love for all ocean creatures, a shark onesie is a perfect pick. 

I love this onesie, but there are a variety of styles when it comes to baby shark costumes, so pick whichever works best for you. And luckily, there are different color options, too – so go for classic shades like blue or grey or choose a fun color like pink or yellow. 

22. Slice of Pizza


If you knead more food-inspired costume ideas, this one is for you. Easy to put together and extremely delectable, this costume is definitely one for the books! Crafty felt is the DIY star yet again, and I love that you can customize the toppings for this outfit.

Glue your tomatoes, mushrooms, and more onto a yellow baby onesie, and pair it with red or brown pants for a finished look. 

23. Cabbage Patch Kid


Vintage costumes are always a hit, and this Cabbage Patch Kid baby costume is no exception. 

This costume idea will work for boys and girls alike. You can take inspiration from a specific Cabbage Patch Kid or just go for the general aesthetic of one. This is a great costume pick if you love to thrift vintage baby clothes since you can find most or all of the pieces you need for this one at thrift stores.

But new clothes will work here, too, and, of course, you can snag a costume at a Halloween store or online. 

24. Arthur


The popular show Arthur has a place in many people’s hearts, and you can make it even more special by dressing your little one up as the main character. 

Start with a yellow crewneck sweater or cardigan layered over a simple white top. Add a pair of blue jeans, then finish the costume with a store-bought or homemade ear headband and those iconic round glasses!

25. Potted Plant


And last but not least, a sweet and simple homemade potted plant baby costume!

Use a large plastic plant pot and cut off the bottom so that it can fit around your baby. Then add some string for shoulder straps. You can buy different-sized Styrofoam balls at the dollar store or craft store, paint them green, and string them together to make this cute string of pearls plant. 

If you want to create a different type of plant, try using felt to cut out the leaf shapes you want and glue or thread them along green ribbon or string. 

Final Thoughts

Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun! These baby Halloween costumes will help you make some memories with your little one in 2024, and I hope this list of ideas helped you find the perfect one!

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