21+ *Hottest* Baby Shower Themes for Girls – 2024

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On the hunt for the perfect theme for your baby girl’s shower? I’ve done the leg work for you and found all the best baby shower themes for girls and trust me – you’re going to love these super cute ideas!

From Pinterest-perfect setups to Insta-worthy decor, I’ve got the low down on the coolest baby girl shower themes for the modern mom-to-be. 

Let’s make this baby shower one for the books – 

A Little Butterfly is on the Way

Butterflies are the perfect metaphor for transformation, not to mention they’re also amazingly adorable for a baby shower theme.

Decorate your butterfly themed baby shower with delicate wings, vibrant colors and floral accents. This theme captures the anticipation of a new life taking flight. 

There are so many types of edible butterflies you can get to tie the theme into your dessert spread. From butterfly sprinkles to wafer paper edible butterflies and more, your guests will be all a flutter with this theme.

Baby in Bloom (Flowers)

Create a garden-like atmosphere with a baby in bloom shower for the special little girl on the way.

A cake decorated with small flowers or floral themed cookies are a must-have item for your dessert table. This adorable baby shower theme looks like it came straight out of the pages of fairy tales.

This theme lends itself to a few different great options. You could go with a variety of wildflowers, soft pastel colors and rustic grasses, or if weather permits, host your shower in a botanical garden!

Daisy Baby Shower (Daisies)

Daisies radiate purity and innocence and fit the current trends like the resurgence of 70’s charm and the boho chic aesthetic.


From centerpieces to invitations and decor, the simple white daisy is so easy to incorporate into your baby shower theme.

If you like the style of photo backdrop seen in the photo above, you can ask a party rental store to provide a similar one. Balloon artists will also often have large props like this available for rent.

A Little Wildflower is on the Way (Flowers)

The natural beauty of a wildflower themed shower is the perfect way to celebrate your growing family. 

Use a mix of wildflowers in your decor, and embrace the rustic charm of this theme. Watercolor style art that depicts wildflowers is a great way to tie this theme into your invitations and decorations. 

You might even want to consider a picnic style outdoor shower for added charm.

Coquette Baby Shower (Bows)

Infuse a touch of charm and sophistication in your baby shower with a bow themed coquette celebration.

Flirty and charming, you can incorporate bows into your decorations, invitations and even attire! Pink is always a popular choice for a baby girl’s shower but this has a real modern twist to it.

Blush pink and gold are great colors for this event. Consider setting up a mocktail station for this shower, or sending guests home with a cute party favor like a mini bottle of perfume for some stylish flair.

This theme is also a great excuse to stock up on bows for your newest addition. If you’re having the baby shower after the baby is born, dress up your little guest of honor with a super cute bow.

On Cloud Nine (Moon, Stars & Clouds)

Float into parenthood with this cloud nine baby shower theme. 

Use phrases like ‘we’re over the moon’ and ‘we’re on cloud nine’ in your decor and invitations. Make a whimsical and enchanting mood for this shower with celestial elements like fluffy clouds, moons and stars. 

A mostly white color palette with some touches of gold and beige are all you need for this understated theme.

Groovy Baby Shower (Wavy Design)

Think disco, bell-bottoms and a wild wavy design for your groovy baby shower.

Take a trip back in time with this retro party theme and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the 1970’s. 

Bust out your lava lamps or disco balls and try out some colors like burnt orange and violet in a wavy pattern to get your groove on.

Simple Pink Baby Shower

Do you believe that less is more? A simple pink party might be the perfect baby shower theme for you.

Elegant, timeless and minimalistic, this theme is full of soft pink elements and understated beauty.


Boho Baby Shower

Create your very own bohemian oasis for the mom-to be with a boho baby shower theme.

Fill this theme with earthy decor, cozy rugs and floor cushions for all the good vibes and free spirited energy. Organic treats, herbal teas, flower crowns and mis-matched vases are all ideas you can make your own for this shower theme. 

A Little Cutie is on the Way (Oranges)

Cutie oranges are so bright, vibrant and adorably petite! They’re the perfect theme to celebrate the arrival of a little girl.

A cute themed baby shower is such a refreshing and radiant theme that just screams ‘sunny days ahead’. If you’re not afraid to use a pop of bright colors, incorporating various shades of orange is a fun idea.

Every citrusy detail is a nod to the little cutie on the way. The only thing sweeter than this theme is the anticipation for adding the new baby girl to your crew.

Someone Berry Sweet is on the Way (Strawberries)

Mom-to-be will be positively glowing against a backdrop of berry themed decor. Go with a strawberry themed shower for a berry sweet baby on the way. 

Serve strawberry shortcake, fresh fruit, berry-infused water, or strawberry tea to take full advantage of this theme idea. White with a splash of red berry color and green strawberry leaves will give your event a bright and cheery look.

A Sweet Little Peach is on the Way (Peaches)

Is your baby due in the summer months? Peaches have a soft and sweet aesthetic that’s full of southern charm.

Not only can you use peach tones throughout your decor, but you can also use fresh peaches, and peach themed decorations and images on your invitations and sweet treats. 

Peach cobbler is a must for your dessert table, or adorable cookies decorated to look like peaches. Bonus points if they’re peach flavored.

A Sweet Little One is on the Way (Lemons)

The summer vibes are off the charts with this lemon themed baby shower.

Zesty, sunny and bright, this theme is fun! Fun fact, did you know that citrus scents can help reduce pregnancy nausea? Give it a try with the mom-to-be and see how she feels. That might make this shower theme your winner!

A lemonade bar would be a sweet choice for this theme. Think fresh slices of lemon and striped red and white straws. Cute!

A Little Sweetie is on the Way (Watermelon)

Fruity, fun and playful, a watermelon themed baby shower is juicy and cheerful!

Watermelon seeds are small but mighty, just like a baby. They’re full of potential. Think about using green and pink hues with your decor or serve watermelon sorbet and watermelon salad on your menu. 

Plus, have you seen how insanely cute a watermelon themed cake is? There are loads of great dessert ideas for this event.

Coconuts for Baby (Coconuts)

Go nuts with this coconut themed baby shower!

If you love a laid-back, beachy vibe this theme’s for you. Go neutral with your party colors, beige, brown and white. 

You can turn your party into a tropical paradise with palm leaves, coconut husks and a few colorful blooms like bird of paradise or fresh flowering ginger. 

Adventure Awaits (Hot Air Balloons)

Are you ready for the journey of parenthood? It’s got lots of ups and downs, just like this super unique hot air balloon themed party.

For a hot air balloon themed baby shower, think about a sky-high menu with cloud shaped cookies or drinks that feature floating fruit.

With a theme this unique, it’s easy to infuse playful touches into every aspect that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Here Comes The Sun (Sunshine)

Here Comes The Sun is an iconic song by The Beatles, using this as your baby shower theme will give you a party that’s absolutely glowing with joy.

Fill your party with sun-themed elements, bright yellows and sunset colors that radiate warmth. 

Golden sunflowers or peach and yellow colored roses are a great way to enhance your decor. You can add the sun symbol and other simple details to your backdrop, cakes and cookies and even party favors.

Taco Bout A Baby (Mexican Fiesta)

Ready to spice things up with a Taco Bout a Baby themed Mexican fiesta?

cake | balloons

It should go without saying that a taco bar is a must for a taco-themed baby shower, but have you thought about adding a food truck to the mix for extra flair?

Grab your piñatas and infuse this party theme with color, flavor and flair. You might like some papel picado banners to enhance your decorations or some cactus themed touches.  

Mommy To Bee (Bumble Bee)

The Mommy To Bee baby shower theme is sure to create a buzz!

Babies are sweet like honey, and this theme is no different.

For color palettes, try straying away from the traditional black, yellow and white, and create a softer, more feminine vibe 

We Can Bearly Wait (Teddy Bears)

Decorate your teddy bear-themed baby shower with sweet and cuddly plush bears for a cozy event!

The teddy bear is an iconic symbol of childhood that makes for a great featured item. These days, it’s easy to find bear-themed balloons, garlands, and invitations that tie in perfectly to your theme without too much expensive customization.

It’s About To Get Wild (Safari)

You know what they say, parenthood is no walk in the park! Entering into mom-life means it’s about to get wild.

Safari-inspired elements add an adventurous atmosphere to your baby shower. From zebra and tiger print to khaki, you can embrace the theme with textiles. 

Potted plants or floral decorations that feature a lot of greenery will enhance your safari-scene.

Under The Sea (Ocean Animals)

Draw on the inspiration of the ocean for an Under The Sea baby shower theme!

Blue and aqua tones with a hint of teal or purple make this a cute baby shower theme for girls. You can really embrace this theme in so many unique ways, like jellyfish inspired streamers or seashell themed decorations. 

Set up a ‘message in a bottle’ station where guests can write their well wishes for your baby to be, or advice for the expecting parents!

A Little Pumpkin is on the Way (Halloween)

Is your baby shower in the fall? A pumpkin themed baby shower is cozy and cute!


Fall leaves, loads of pumpkins and maybe even some harvest decor like hay bales… A Little Pumpkin baby shower will make you feel like you’re right in the pumpkin patch. 

How about a hot apple cider station? Or pumpkin spice everything! For your menu for this sweet theme, think about items like roasted vegetables, squash soup or pumpkin themed desserts to tie in your ideas.

Stick with a neutral color scheme with pops of color from the pumpkins!

A Little Boo is Almost Due (Halloween)

strawberries | cookies

Santa Baby (Christmas)


A Santa Baby themed shower brings all the magic of Christmas to your celebration. 

Keep it classy with winter wonderland decor and twinkling lights on evergreen trees.

A Merry Little Baby Shower

invitations | cookies

Create a winter wonderland with a Merry Little Baby Shower Christmas themed shower. 

Evoke the cozy charm of the season and decorate with cozy tones, snowflakes and pine. White drapery or faux fur accents can transform your venue. Bonus points if you can incorporate a real wood burning fireplace.

Embrace flavor with a hot cocoa bar and invite your guests to load up on their favorite marshmallows, peppermint sticks and seasonal spices for an unforgettable touch.  

Wrapping Up

Whether you choose a theme like Groovy Baby, A Little Wildflower is On The Way or something seasonal and sweet, the key is to create a baby shower that resonates with the parents to be and reflects their unique style and interests. 

You can find ways to make each of these themes absolutely unforgettable and fill your baby shower with memories that will last a life time.

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