21+ Must-See Nursery Closet Organization Essentials

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Searching for the perfect nursery closet organization system in 2024? Get inspired with this list that will show you how to organize a nursery closet to make your days easier!


I remember preparing for my first baby and planning out his nursery. Like most mamas, I dug through Pinterest, Instagram, and other corners of the internet to find ideas and inspiration to organize my nursery – more specifically, the nursery closet.

After quickly becoming overwhelmed with the mountains of baby gear and clothing we needed, I realized I definitely needed a straightforward and efficient organization system that could make that first year of motherhood just a little bit easier. 

So, that’s exactly what I set out to do –  pore through every nursery closet I could find to reverse engineer the storage solutions that other mamas have figured works best for them!

01. Bins & Baskets

A nursery closet organized with clear bins and woven straw baskets

Bins and baskets are one of my favorite ways to keep a space organized. Not only is this perfect for storing like items together for a streamlined space, but it’s also great for small items that can easily get out of order – baby socks, mittens, diapers, hats, etc. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to quickly gather things in a basket and stash it on a shelf for an easy cleanup. 

And there are other perks to using this system! Like how you can customize it to fit your aesthetic (sleek, white bins for a modern and minimalist look or woven raffia baskets for a boho theme). Plus, this method can grow with your baby – from storing diapers to blocks to fingerpaints and everything in between! 

If you’re looking to recreate the look above, these rattan and clear bins from The Container Store are gorgeous storage look-alikes! And these woven baskets are the exact ones used along the top shelf in the closet below. 

A nursery closet organized with a wooden dresser, woven baskets, and hanging storage

02. Versatile Storage

A nursery closet organized with built-in open shelves, bins, and hanging storage

Creating an organized closet with different storage methods is a must for a tidy and versatile space. I love how this closet has room for clothing, toys, blankets, books, and even essentials like a hairbrush! It’s such a gorgeous space, and the fact that it’s multi-functional means you won’t have any issues as you declutter and reorganize over the coming years. 

A nursery closet organized with built-in open shelves, bins, and hanging storage

03. Give Everything a Home

A nursery closet organized with a built-in wardrobe featuring pull-out drawers with shoe organization as well as space for hanging clothes

As a minimalist, giving everything a home are words that I live by! 

Creating a spot for everything in your nursery is a great way to ensure you can stay on top of keeping a clean and organized space. This mama used the super popular Pax wardrobe system (with these velvet drawer dividers, perfect for baby shoes) from Ikea to create this lovely and very orderly nursery closet. 

The Pax comes with endless options to customize the size of drawers, open shelves, and clothing rods for hanging storage – so it’s basically everything you could want for your nursery closet!

Plus, the shelves, drawers, and clothing rails are adjustable, so you can customize them to meet your exact needs and easily give everything a home

04. Smart Stacking

A nursery closet organized with woven baskets on open shelving, hanging storage, wooden bins, and built-in drawers

We all know that when it comes to organizing a small space like a closet – you gotta be smart with it! And more often than not, that means taking advantage of both the vertical and horizontal space that’s available. 

I love the built-in drawers and shelving (though a dresser would work here, too), and stacking the open wooden bins on top gives you some great extra storage in such a small space. Rattan cubes like these are perfect for the top shelf in any closet – and you still have plenty of room to hang all those cute footie pajamas!

05. Add Closet Rods

A nursery closet organized with rods for hanging clothes, built-in drawers, and top shelf space

Adding double clothing rods is perfect for storing all those teeny tiny outfits in a nursery closet! And using this method means you can likely fit all the clothing you need for your little one in this small space (outside of out-of-season clothing and larger sizes that you have stored away for later).

This clever way of stacking clothing rods means all the drawers and open shelves in this closet can be easily used for diapers, wipes, toys, blankets, and all the other essentials your little one will need!

06. A Little Help From IKEA

A nursery closet organized with cube shelves with woven baskets

Is there any organizational problem that can’t be solved with a trip to Ikea? I honestly don’t think so!

The Kallax shelves are a go-to storage system for many people – and with good reason! Built with eight open shelves, there’s plenty of room to store your nursery items while keeping everything separated and organized. I love the combo of open shelves with baskets here (these baskets, to be more specific), but you can set it up however you want!

And the perfect finishing touches here are the rails on the closet wall. These can be used to hang up hats, mittens, teething toys, and so much more. I love the sleek, modern look of these birch rails from Ikea, although this simple, white rail option is lovely too!

07. Use a Dresser

A nursery closet organized with a small dresser and baskets along the top shelf

If your closet only has a top shelf and a single clothing rod for storage, it can be tricky to fit all your baby essentials into it. Luckily, there are ways to work around that!

Adding a three or four-drawer dresser into your nursery closet will give you extra room to stash away diapers, burp cloths, and anything else you need to have on hand for your bundle of joy. I am beyond obsessed with these drawer organizers that help separate small items (I even use them in my own dresser, too) and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Plus, using the top of the dresser as a baby changing station is perfect for turning a small closet into a multi-functional space!

08. Built-In Shelving

A nursery closet organized with built-in shelving, pull-out drawers, and hanging storage

Whether you have built-ins already, want to DIY your built-in shelves, or hire a professional – there’s no doubt this is a pretty perfect system for any nursery closet! 

And if you’re adding them specifically to upgrade your nursery storage – there are tons of ways to set up your shelving. The closet above is stunning with drawers, cabinets, and shelves, while the space below has mostly open shelving for a versatile system. And either way, both closets still have plenty of room for hanging clothes. 

A nursery closet organized with hanging storage, open shelving, clear bins, and woven straw baskets

09. Install a Customizable Wardrobe

A nursery closet organized with a wardrobe featuring open shelving, hanging storage, and slide-out drawers

If you don’t have built-in shelving but want a similar setup, installing a pre-built wardrobe that you can customize is the perfect solution! This mom of two used the Ikea Pax wardrobe system with added drawers, adjustable shelves, and clothing rods for the ultimate nursery closet organization hack.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your own Pax wardrobe – so whether you want to add a single column of shelves or fill the whole closet like in the space above, you can easily do so with this system. 

A nursery closet organized with built-in shelves, drawers, and hanging storage

And you can definitely still add personal touches to a pre-built storage system, like the adorable bow knobs in this nursery closet above.

Another great option for a pre-built organization system is the Aurdal wardrobe from Ikea. I love this pick for it’s simple and modern aesthetic – and the fact that it’s so easy to customize!

10. Try a Toy Cabinet

A nursery closet organized with plastic bins and a white storage unit featuring slide-out bins

Ikea comes through for us again with the sleek and simple Trofast storage cabinet

This cabinet is not only a fantastic way to organize your space, but it also makes it quick and easy to grab what you need – and just as easy to put it back! And like some of the other storage systems on this list, the Trofast is a versatile investment piece that lasts! So these cabinets can go from holding newborn essentials to storing all their favorite toys – meaning you really can’t go wrong when adding this to your nursery!

11. Add Over-the-Door Storage

A nursery closet organized with over-the-door wire rack storage, wire rack storage in rolling carts, and open shelving with baskets

When it comes to clever storage hacks – adding over-the-door storage is one of my top suggestions! This space constantly goes unused, but it has so much potential to hold a ton of stuff.

The over-the-door wire storage above is the Elfa rack from The Container Store, which pairs perfectly with the Jonaxel pull-out wire drawers from Ikea! This flawless combo will give you so much extra space in your closet to hold anything you could need – plus, you still have the built-in top shelf and clothing rod to work with. 

A nursery closet organized with over-the-door storage, open shelves with fabric bins, pull-out fabric bins, and hanging storage

This is another gorgeous option for over-the-door storage, and I love the variety of pockets here for versatile organizing!

12. Mix & Match

A nursery closet organized with built-in shelves featuring wooden drawers, open shelves, hanging storage, acrylic bins, wooden bins, and woven baskets

If you can’t decide which nursery closet organization system you like the best – use all of them! Use a combination of dressers, added drawers, open shelves, and different bins to create the ultimate organized space. 

I love the variety of storage here – the clear acrylic bins are perfect for the little shoes and other items you want to see and quickly grab as you head out the door. And the wooden and woven baskets are a must to store away lesser-used pieces. 

A nursery closet organized with built-in shelving with bins and baskets and space for a small wooden dresser

My favorite thing about these mix-and-match systems is that as your little one grows and becomes more independent, you can use the drawers and bins at the bottom as a functional space for them to use while still having extra storage at the top!

13. Wallpaper The Back


14. Use Hanging Size Dividers


15. Add Decor To Unused Shelves


16. Organize Beanies & Shoes in Drawers


Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to customize and organize your nursery! So, no matter what you plan to store in your closet, there’s a way to optimize the space and fit everything you need for yourself and your little one. I hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful nursery closets and are inspired to tackle your own nursery space! 

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