17+ *Viral* Nursery Paint Colors (From The Internet’s Most Popular Baby Rooms)

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Searching for gorgeous nursery wall paint to help create your dream nursery? This list of wall paint for nurseries is full of timeless and beautiful colors you’ll love!

We all know that wall paint is often the first thing someone notices about a room. Whether you use it to make a statement or you prefer an understated look, it can make a huge difference in the aesthetic of any space. 

When it comes to a nursery, painting the walls is the first step in setting up your little one’s new room. And of course, you want to choose the right paint! 

If you’ve been searching for wall paint colors for your nursery, you’re in the right place. Below, I have a list of gorgeous wall paints that will elevate your nursery and start the room off right!

Neutral Nursery Paint Colors

Whether you’re a fan of neural shades or want to create a unisex-style nursery, the beige, grey, and taupe tones below will be perfect for your little one’s room!

01. Farrow & Ball French Gray

A nursery with soft green walls, a black crib, and vintage decor pieces

French Gray is a stunning shade that falls somewhere between gray and green on the color wheel – and according to Farrow & Ball, the undertones of this lovely color actually shift throughout the day as the natural light changes.

If you ask me, this handcrafted paint is perfect for a moody nursery, in a vintage room like the one above, or as a neutral tone in a boho-themed space.

02. Benjamin Moore Natural Cream

A nursery with soft white walls, a brass-toned crib, and classic decor pieces

Classified as a greige, Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore is a stunningly versatile shade that adds warmth to any space. I love the combo of soft, warm lighting with this wall paint – it creates such a soothing feel in this nursery. And, of course, this color would work with any aesthetic and any palette.

03. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

A nursery with soft grey walls, a light wood crib, and classic decor pieces
Image via Grace Oaks Design Blog

If you love the look of Natural Cream but want something with a slightly grayer undertone, Revere Pewter is definitely the nursery paint color for you!

I think this would be perfect for a rich, cool neutral that’s darker than white but still has a bright aesthetic. 

04. Dulux Beige Royal

A nursery with white walls and beige board and batten with wood furniture and vintage decor

I know, I know – it’s easy to get distracted from the wall paint by how cute this nursery is! But look past the hot air balloons and other adorable details and you’ll see this gorgeous wall paint on the board and batten. 

In this room, the Beige Royal is only used at half strength—but that’s more than enough to make a statement. This classic, elegant beige has a warmth that’s perfect for a baby’s room, and I love how it pairs with the white paint for a neutral combo that’s totally stunning!

05. Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray

A nursery with rich grey walls, a white crib, and classic decor pieces

This rich gray hue has a cool blue undertone, and I am truly obsessed with it! Despite being darker than some of the other neutrals on this list, Lamp Room Gray still creates a soft and soothing aesthetic in any space.

I love it paired with this playful wallpaper, though it would also look stunning on its own. 

06. Piano Room by Portola Paints

A nursery with green walls, a light wood crib, and classic decor pieces

Piano Room is a paint color by Portola Paints that is oh-so-dreamy! It has a deep, earthy feel, making this greige a fantastic pick for a cottagecore or bohemian-themed room that draws inspiration from natural elements. 

07. Sherwin Williams On the Rocks

A nursery with soft green walls, a light wood crib, and boho decor pieces

On the Rocks by Sherwin Williams is a light, cool-toned grey that really brightens up a room. I adore how it makes this nursery feel light and airy and makes the white furniture pop!

This nursery wall paint is an excellent choice for a neutral room where you still want to have a vibrant aesthetic. 

08. Limewash

A nursery with soft grey walls, a light wood crib, and playful decor pieces

I love a beautiful limewash! It always adds amazing texture and a unique look to any space. This wall coating has a natural, earthy tone and is typically grey or soft taupe, making it ideal for giving a nursery that warm and comforting vibe we want.  

09. Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a tried-and-true shade that allows the decor to be the star in any nursery. It has a crisp, clean look, and I love how easily you can change up the decor and color palette with an easy-peasy nursery wall paint like this. 

Green Nursery Paint Colors

Green has been a hot pick for nursery wall paint in the last few years. These are some of the shades I adore, and I anticipate we’ll see a lot of them in 2024!

10. Farrow & Ball Pigeon

A nursery with dark green walls, a light wood crib, and classic decor pieces

Farrow & Ball describes Pigeon as a cool-toned green with strong blue undertones—and I think that is spot on! I love this wall color for anything from a vintage nursery theme to a boho-style room to a woodland-style nursery.

A nursery with soft green walls, a green crib, and classic decor pieces

My favorite thing about this shade is how the color shifts throughout the day. The transition between the soft light tone during full sun and the deeper shade as the sun goes down is so lovely!

11. Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green


11. Sherwin Williams Soft Sage

A nursery with soft green and white walls, a light wood crib, and boho decor pieces

Soft Sage from Sherwin Williams is exactly as it sounds – a soft-toned, gorgeous sage color! I think it fits perfectly with this bohemian nursery. I adore how it matches the aesthetic of this neutral palette, but it still adds that pop of color to spice up the space. 

12. Behr Halls of Ivy

A nursery with dark green walls, a white crib, and boho decor pieces
Image via Meghan Basinger Blog

If you’re searching for a richer, darker shade of green, Behr Halls of Ivy might be the paint you’re looking for. Like the other greens on this list, it has a cool undertone and a soothing vibe that’s perfect for a nursery.

And if you’re looking for quality paint that can get the job done quicker, this nursery wall paint is one of Behr’s one-coat colors. 

13. Farrow & Ball Treron

A nursery with white walls and soft green board and batten, a light wood crib, and classic decor pieces
Image via Project Nursery Blog

Farrow & Ball Treron is stunning paired with white paint here – but it would look just as gorgeous by itself, too.

I think the softness of this color looks so amazing with the pops of pink and white decor, making it ideal for a girls’, boys’, or unisex nursery!

14. PPG Dark Sage

A nursery with earthy green walls, a dark wood crib, and classic decor pieces

Dark Sage by PPG is similar to the paint color above, but this shade has more of an olive undertone. Still, it’s deep and bold, making it perfect for a statement wall or the whole nursery if you want a visually striking space. 

15. Sherwin Williams Halycon Green

A nursery with soft green walls, a light wood crib, and boho decor pieces

To me, Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams has a distinct look that’s hard to beat. It’s vibrant and alluring, and I love the use of it as a statement wall behind the crib here!

Whether you use it the same way or go all out and paint the whole room this lovely hue, you’re certain to create a uniquely beautiful space for your little one. 

07. Sherwin Williams Forest Green 

A nursery with sage green paint, a white crib, and natural decor pieces

I think a dusty green like this Forest Green from Sherwin Williams is a must for a natural vibe in a nursery. And it looks stunning paired with other natural elements like the olive tree, adding a high-end feel to the space.  

Pink Nursery Paint Colors

Pink is a classic nursery wall paint color, so of course, I had to include a section for pretty pink shades on this list!

16. Sherwin Williams Malted Milk

A nursery with soft pink walls, white furniture, and classic decor pieces
Image via Jenna Sue Design

Sherwin William’s Malted Milk gives this space a soft, delicate vibe – and I’m obsessed with it!

There’s no denying this is a pretty pink nursery, but it’s so light that it has the same look as a light neutral shade. So it’s definitely perfect for adding a feminine feel in a very subtle way. 

17. Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink

A nursery with white walls and dusty pink board and batten, a wood crib, and modern decor pieces

This stunning, dark, powdery pink lends an undeniable charm to this nursery. Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball is a bold but timeless shade, and this mama paired it with Pure White by Sherwin Williams for some lovely contrast. 

I love that this is an alternative to light pink for a girls’ nursery, but it’s still a soothing, muted shade. 

18. Farrow & Ball Setting Plaster

A nursery with soft pink walls, a white dresser, and boho decor pieces
Image via Racquel Co Blog

Farrow & Ball makes it on this list again with another dusty pink, and I love the peachy undertones of this wall paint! Setting Plaster is perfect if you want to create a unique aesthetic in your nursery while also sticking with a traditional nursery color like pink. 

A nursery with soft pink walls, a vintage brass crib, and a gallery wall with family photos
Image via Racquel Co Blog

04. Benjamin Moore Seaside Sand

A nursery with soft pink walls, a light wood dresser, and classic decor pieces
Image via By Sophia Lee Blog

Seaside Sand by Benjamin Moore is another nursery wall paint color that changes depending on the amount of sun in the room. But whether it’s got a brightness from a sunny day or is a little deeper and darker due to overcast – there’s no denying this hue is absolutely stunning!

A nursery with soft pink walls, a white crib, and classic decor pieces
Image via By Sophia Lee Blog

Described as a dusty mauve, this color works with a neutral palette while giving the space a sweet and playful vibe. 

05. Sherwin Williams Sashay Sand


Blue Nursery Paint Colors

How could I have a spot for pink on this list without having a spot for its classic counterpart – blue? These shades of blue are perfect for a nursery and will help make any room feel complete.

01. Behr Teton Blue

A nursery with soft blue walls, a light wood dresser, and classic decor pieces

Teton Blue by Behr is sort of a slate-blue meets grey, and I honestly couldn’t love it more! I think blue is always an excellent choice for a nursery due to its calming feel – and the cool, muted undertones here really work in a space like this. 

02. Sherwin Williams Groundwater

A nursery with dusty blue walls, a white crib, and classic decor pieces
Image via Our Kin and Home Blog

This blue by Sherwin Williams has a brighter aesthetic, adding a vibrant vibe to this nursery. Groundwater is such a beautiful shade, and while I think it’s perfect for a traditional nursery, I’d also love to see it in a coastal-themed room. 

03. Benjamin Moore Wales Gray

A nursery with soft blue walls and classic decor pieces
Image via Chris Loves Julia Blog

Okay, so even though gray is in the name of this one – it definitely belongs with the blues! 

Wales Gray by Benjamin Moore is the lightest blue on the list, but its gray undertone allows it to pair effortlessly with other neutrals for a cohesive design while adding vibrancy to the space. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to putting together a nursery, wall paint is usually one of the first steps. I hope this list of nursery wall paint colors helped you find a favorite so that you can create the nursery of your dreams for your new bundle of joy!

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