17+ *Gorgeous* First Birthday Photos (You’ll Cherish Forever)

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Planning your little one’s first birthday bash and want to capture those special moments? You need to see my list of *gorgeous* first birthday photos that will give you a memory you’ll cherish forever!

I know what you’re thinking.

Has it really been a whole year already? 

Watching your baby grow and develop will always be amazing, and getting to that one-year milestone is huge! There’s something extra special about it. So, of course, you want to capture the memories of your baby’s first birthday party – not only for yourself but also so your little one can look back and relive those precious childhood moments! 

It’s only natural to want a picture-perfect memory, but setting up the perfect scene can feel challenging. That’s why I’m here to help! I’ve found incredibly cute first birthday photos to help you find the perfect set-up for such a big moment. So, check out the inspiration and tips below to make your baby’s first birthday one to remember!

01. Pom Pom Party Hat


Go for a classic birthday look with a pom pom party hat and white balloons! Add the balloons to a spot in your home with great natural lighting, or ask your photographer to do so if you’ll be shooting in a location outside of your home. 

02. Cake & Balloons


Sometimes, simple is the way to go. A “one” balloon, a tiny cake, and a very cute baby are the perfect recipe for beautiful first birthday photos! 

03. Favorite Toy


Sometimes, the little details like baby’s first words and baby’s favorite toy are the things you want to remember. And a first birthday photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to capture some of those details.

Balloons are great in the background, and you can set your little one up with their favorite toy or stuffed animal.

04. Mama & Baby


You can never have too many photos with your little one! I love the simple background, making Mama and Baby the stars here. But you can add some pizzazz to these photos with balloons, streamers, or fairy lights.

05. Wooden Letters


Wooden letters are such a cute addition to your baby’s portraits. Most baby and toddler photographers have props like these already, so ask your hired photographer what they have available. 

06. A Full-On Photoshoot


Don’t be afraid to go all out with a staging area and props – you’ll never regret capturing moments like this on such a big day! You can ask your photographer to set up a fully staged area for your little one, giving them a variety of things to interact with while their photo is being taken.

07. Balloon Arch


What better time to have a balloon arch than your baby’s first birthday? This is another backdrop piece that your photographer may be able to set up for you, but make sure to ask them about it.

You can go for a cute rainbow like this or opt for a simpler arch with timeless colors.

08. Picnic Party


Take your photoshoot outdoors to recreate these gorgeous photos! This is an excellent option for spring or summer birthdays. Bring a crisp white sheet to get the same aesthetic as this, or choose a fun picnic blanket for a more colorful look. 

09. A Fairy Cute First Birthday 


Go for a whimsical feel with a fairy-themed first birthday. Your photographer can likely set up the floral decor and butterflies; they may even have fairy wings! If not, you can easily find cute tiny wings to bring this idea to life.

10. Smash Cake


Smash cakes are still very popular, and this first birthday trend is definitely a moment you want to catch on film. Don’t forget to pack a bib to make clean up easier (or try to at least!) You can even get a “baby’s first birthday” bib just for this occasion.

11. Happy Birthday Balloons


A “Happy Birthday” message on balloons is an easy way to upgrade a simple photoshoot. I love the “1” balloon as well, and you can really customize this however you want. Draw some hearts and stars or write your baby’s name on a balloon to mix things up!

12. First Birthday Portraits


Your photographer will likely have a simple setup like this available. And a neutral, monochromatic background is perfect to draw all the attention to your little one. But you can always go for color here if you prefer. I mean, some colorful pops really can’t take the attention away from such a cute little face anyway, right?!

13. Whimsical & White


Much like the fairy birthday photos above, this portrait has a very whimsical feel. And I love the full white decor here. It gives the photos a timeless look while still having a magical moment vibe!

14. One-derful First Birthday 


A large “one” sign is a classic background for a reason. It’s perfect for first birthday photos, and the teddy bears add a unique touch. Again, your photographer will most likely have a sign like this available, and they may even have the stuffed teddy bears as well!

15. Light It Up


Add some twinkling lights to your baby’s first birthday photos! A sign with built-in lights is so adorable, although you can wrap fairy lights around a wooden letter sign, twist them around balloons, or hang lights across the wall for a similar look.

16. King For The Day


Let your little one be King or Queen for the day with a cute crown and a cake all to themselves! Find a customized fabric crown like this on Etsy, and make sure to order it well before your baby’s birthday. If you’re worried about having the correct fit, look for a crown with an adjustable band. 

First birthdays are truly a special moment, and you can give your baby (and yourself) the gift of sweet memories with a gorgeous first birthday photoshoot like the ones above!

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