29+ Uplifting and Encouraging Positive Affirmations for New Moms

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Positive Affirmations for New Moms

01. “You’ll learn to lower your expectations about what you can accomplish in a day. Some days it will be all you can do to keep baby safe, warm and fed. And that will be enough.“- Unknown

02. “My confidence as a mother grows every day.” – The Empowered Mama

03. This beautiful poem – 

She will not worry.
She will be just fine.
She will brave this
new season one
day at a time.

–  Morgan Harper Nichols

04. “It is a gift to be loved by a child.” – Unknown

05. “I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” – Mitch Albom

06. This reassurance from George – 

It goes too fast to worry about…
whether they should be self-soothing.
It goes too fast to worry about…
comforting them.
It goes too fast to worry about…
if you’re holding them too much.
It goes too fast to worry about…
teaching them to be independent.
It goes too fast.


07.“I never knew how much love my heart could hold until someone called me mommy.” – Unknown

08. This precious perspective from Karrie – 

*Baby crying*

Mama: Oh my gosh, I’m so tired. I don’t know what they could possibly need already!

Baby: Oh, she heard me! She came to me! She let me know I am okay. I am safe because she’s here.


09. “In case you’ve forgotten, you are helping shape the mind and soul of another human being. You’re kind of a big deal.” – Nikki McCahon

10.“They are only little once.” – Unknown

11.Being a mama is worth all the exhaustion. It’s worth every early wake up, every sleepless night, every pile of washing, every mess. All those hard days are all worth it. Because nothing in life feels as incredible as those little arms wrapped around you. Nothing beats hearing your child say, ‘I love you’. No matter how hard it gets, it is all worth it just to be their mama. – Proud Happy Mama

12. This bible verse that reminds us we are never alone –

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13

13.“You can do anything, but not everything.” – Unknown

14.“Throw away your to do list. In those first days and weeks with your baby, let go of all of the expectations you have for ‘getting things done’. Just be present. One day at a time.” – Style Your Occasion

15.“I will do my best. My best is enough.” – Unknown

16. “Taking care of myself is not selfish, it’s necessary.” – @storkanddove

17.“It’s okay to make mistakes.” – @hellopostpartum

18. “Perhaps this is the moment for which you’ve been created.” Esther 4:14

19. Smile

Sm(all hands in our palms
tiny heads on our chests.
These times are trying,
but they’re surely the best.
Each day a new challenge,
a true testing trial.
But small they won’t stay,
so let’s rest here awh)ile.


20.“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

21. “I’m determined not to wish away the moments I’ll want back one day.” – Undivided Mom


If I know
what love is
it is because
of you.



“You don’t have to love every moment to savor the good ones” –@heysleepybaby

24. “Breathe, darling. This is just a chapter, not your whole story.” – S. C. Lourie

25.“Your value is not based on your productivity.” – @amelialeanette

26.“One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is reconciling your imagined experience, with your actual experience.” – Nikki McCahon

27.“Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything.” – Unknown

28.“I won’t be sleep deprived forever.” – The Empowered Mama

29. Stay with Me
I don’t think I want to let you cry tonight
Where I see it like this I understand
Home is where the heart is and your heart is homesick.
I know I’ll get told you have to learn,
That I’m being too easy on you,
That I’m making a rod for my own back
But you’re so small, you will learn in time.
So I won’t let you cry alone
I’ll let you lie here with me, a little longer
I’ll let you feed here a moment more
I’ll breathe you in.
Just like the phantom flutters on my finger tips when I
touch my belly, this too will be a distant memory.
So let’s dry those tears, you can stay with me here a moment more.

30. This sweet, timeless quote – 

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow
For babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow,
So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep
I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.

– Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

31. “I exude patience and grace throughout my day.’

“I am my child’s biggest comfort. No matter what I or the house looks like.”

“Every moment with this being is precious. Soak it in, cherish it, and remember it.”

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Dishes piled in the sink,
You wonder…what people would think?

Laundry stacked up on the floor,
You think…when will I ever get to that chore?

Haven’t showered in a few days,
Sometimes you feel like you’re in a haze.

These days are so long, you think to yourself.
But that’s just when…

Your baby snuggles in a little tighter,
You find your mood gets a little bit lighter.

Your baby’s first smile
is a joy to behold.

You think, this truly is a gift,
just like you’ve been told.

Your baby finally sleeps all through the night.
A hard job, but one of the best, you think…and you’re right!

Your baby babbles and coos as you rock and sing,
And you realize that it’s the most important thing.

To take care of your baby and don’t fret about the rest.
Don’t you worry mama, you were made for this. 

So enjoy these days and cherish the ride.
This stage only lasts for such a short time.

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33. And lastly, a good laugh – (and a completely legit reason to buy yourself that new pair of lulus!) 

“Motherhood is an extreme sport. That’s why our daily uniform is workout clothes.”

Delta Children

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned mother, the incredible journey of motherhood is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, gifts we can receive. 

It’s my hope that these affirmations for new moms have encouraged you!

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, bookmark this super special list of things to pray for from Sara at What To Pray, or check out this great post about how to glow up mentally by Melissa Jane Lee – she makes some super important points, like learning to put yourself first (which actually helps us to look after our little ones even *better*!). It’s worth a read!

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