Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow Review: Is It Worth It?

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Looking for a Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow review from a *real* mom who actually uses it?

It sure is pretty, but is the Snuggle Me Organic Breastfeeding Pillow actually worth it?

I put this modern breastfeeding pillow to the test.

Here’s how it went:

An Honest Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow Review

When it comes to the world of nursing pillows – and baby gear in general, often times, us mamas end up having to just take our best guess at which item will work for our baby and give it a go.

The result is often a few dashed hopes, a lighter wallet, and a big pile of baby stuff.

A few months back, when I saw that Snuggle Me Organic had come out with a new breastfeeding pillow, I was sold.

The smooth, contemporary lines, dreamy neutral pastel shades – a brand I love?

I needed it.

Getting the Goods

I had called around to a few local baby boutiques and checked Amazon, but it wasn’t available anywhere. As a pandemic baby mama, such bas been life.

So, I took to my local baby buy & sell and snagged a never-used nursing pillow in Natural for about $30, almost half of what it normally goes for ($65).


Besides being able to drink more than half of my cup of coffee while it’s still warm-ish, this is about as good as it gets for mom wins.

The nursing pillow I found was in Snuggle Me Organic’s natural color – a super light almost beige, but maybe off-white, with tiny, natural brown specks, which add a pretty texture.

(Side note – We’ve also got the Snuggle Me Organic Lounger in birch, if you’re between colors and curious about the difference. The birch is much more of a pigmented, saturated color – somewhat of a medium gray, but perhaps more of a taupe. I digress…)

So – all in all, I snagged myself a light-colored, brand-new, in the unadulterated clear plastic carrying case, Snuggle Me Organic nursing pillow, and took it for a test run.

Here we go –

Product Overview

Officially, the name of this product is the Snuggle Me Organic Feeding + Support Pillow, but it’s widely referred to by moms as the Snuggle Me nursing pillow and Snuggle Me breastfeeding pillow.

Potato potato.


The Snuggle Me Organic website markets this cute little pillow as having many uses, namely:

  • Nursing
  • Bottle-feeding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Sitting up support
  • Toddler pillow
  • And more

Because my baby is exclusively breastfed, and only 7 months old (not a toddler), I can only speak to 3 out of the 5 suggested uses.


In using the Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow for breastfeeding, I found the shape of the pillow to cause a bit of an issue for us.

When compared to other breastfeeding pillows, this pillow is stuffed more fully and is highest right in the middle, with the sides angling downwards from the highest point.

In turn, this fullness creates a bit too steep of a curve, which ends up awkwardly rolling my baby into me at the incorrect angle.

Conversely, other breastfeeding pillows that I’ve used are designed with much more flat of a surface, which allows my baby to stay nice and flat, snuggle in nice and tight, and get a great latch.

But, does the angle and positioning of your baby’s body while breastfeeding really matter?

It sure does.

Making sure baby is positioned properly not only makes breastfeeding more comfortable for both mom and baby, but it very importantly allows baby to latch properly.

In cases where baby isn’t able to snuggle in at the right angle, a poor latch will almost certainly ensue.

When baby is improperly latched to mom’s breast, they can inadvertently end up swallowing air which causes a gas and discomfort. Other issues with a poor latch include lip blisters for baby, and sore nipples for mom. It’s not a fun time.

Overall, I found the Snuggle Me Organic Nursing pillow to tend to roll my baby into me at an angle that caused pulling and poor positioning for babe.

Tummy Time

While this pillow works okay for tummy time, I don’t love it.

My little guy, Hudson, was born 3 weeks early, at just 5 lbs 9 ounces, so he is a bit of a smaller baby.

When I have set him on his belly, with his arms draped forward over the Snuggle Me pillow, I find the height of it to be a bit tall, which causes a bit of an unnatural overextension, or arch, in his back.

While my little guy can’t exactly string together a sentence *quite* yet to let me know how he feels, what seems to happen is that the angle makes him uncomfortable, so he starts wiggling back and forth to try to get off of the pillow.

Because of the rounded shape of the pillow, this wiggling lifts the tapered corners up, rolling the pillow forward, and Hudson ends up in a face plant, more of less.

Conversely, when I use a different breastfeeding pillow that I have, or a regular down-filled pillow, I do not find that he is rolled on to his face (he stays much more level and can keep his arms out in front of him).

I’m thinking the tightly tapered ends may also contribute to this issue as they’re much lighter and smaller than the ends of my other nursing pillow.

Moving on –

Sitting Support

In general, I can’t speak fully to the use of the Snuggle Me Organic Nursing pillow review as part of my review because my son is still pretty wobbly when sitting up, and I believe it’s meant for babes that maybe have a bit more control. Maybe not.

Either way:

When used as a sitting support pillow, I found the pillow to, again, roll – similarly to how it rolled when used for tummy time. For us, instead of rolling forward, it rolled more to the side, as that was the edge my little guy was learning towards when sitting up.

Another face plant.

And a face palm, too.

I love youuuu, you pretty pretty pillow. Why can’t you just stay put?

Care & Cleaning

Okay – on to keeping this puppy clean.

Is it possible?

Not really…

Anyone who tells you nursing isn’t a messy sport is lying.


Spit-up happens. Breasts leak milk. Sometimes, a splash of coffee goes astray.

One of the main drawbacks for me with this pillow is that the cover is not removable and washable.

*Update – I have since spilled coffee on it, and washed the entire pillow (only once), then laid flat to dry and it came out looking good as new.*

While the line of baby loungers from Snuggle Me Organic does in fact offer removable covers, it just isn’t offered for these celestial-inspired feeding pillows quite yet, and therefor, makes the inevitable stain a problem.

If I’m going to buy a breastfeeding pillow, I want something that can be cleaned properly, and that won’t look awful as soon as start to use it.

So, there’s that.

My advice – if you do choose to purchase this pillow, I would recommend opting for a darker color, like their pretty gingerbread or moss, which may makes stains less noticeable.

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Alternatively, you could also simply choose to lay a swaddle blanket over the pillow when nursing to hopefully catch any spills.

So, is the Snuggle Me Organic Breastfeeding Pillow Worth it?

While the Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow is a high-quality, stylish baby item, at the end of the day, I don’t personally recommend it for use as a feeding pillow.

After having tried a number of different breastfeeding pillows, including the Brest Friend, Snuggle Me and Boppy, what I *actually* ended up using on a day-to-day basis was the Boppy nursing pillow.

grid cover / pink flowers cover / painted dots cover / sherpa cover

Once my son was a bit bigger and stronger, and I got a hang of breastfeeding, I switched to s a good quality down-filled pillow with a super soft bamboo pillow case.

What I have found is that this set-up allows me to control the angle and positioning of my baby really well, it creates a nice, wide surface area so he’s got plenty of space and lays nice and flat on my lap any way I place it.

I keep this pillow in our nursery, beside the rocking chair, as that’s where my son is nursed most often.

We’ve found this solution to work best for us because on top of my own use, my husband also stuffs the pillow between his leg and the arm of the rocker when he’s putting our son down, which supports his elbow and arm really comfortably.

Such is not true for this nursing pillow (of all its faults, I will say – it holds its shape very well!).

The Verdict

With *all* of that being said, I have not sold or gifted my Snuggle Me Organic Feeding + Support Pillow because I just love the way it looks and have kept it as a piece of nursery decor.

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Do I recommend the Snuggle Me Organic Nursing Pillow to other moms for feeding? 

Sadly, no. I prefer the Boppy.

I love Snuggle Me Organic as a brand, I love the Snuggle Me Organic lounger, and I love the founder (another mama). I’m so glad she took a risk to start the company she did.

I want to love this breastfeeding pillow.

But – at the end of the day, I just feel that it misses the mark in a few important ways:

  • No washable cover – Because this pillow doesn’t have a removable cover, it can be dirtied easily with breastmilk or formula. Update – I have since spilled coffee on it, and washed the entire pillow (only once), then laid flat to dry and it came out looking good as new.
  • It isn’t flat – Overall, I felt its tapered, slanted shape rolled my baby into me which made getting him into, and keeping him in, the right position for breastfeeding almost impossible. I think this would make things super challenging for a new mom, especially if this were the only nursing pillow you had.
  • Rolls easily – This design also encourages the nursing pillow to roll forward during tummy time, which tosses baby forward onto their face.

However, if you’re looking for a pretty pillow to add to your stars and moon-themed nursery, I’ve got a good recommendation.

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