65+ Beautiful Baby Girls Names That Start with A

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Searching high and low for beautiful and unique girls names that start with A with meanings?

Well then cozy up and pour yourself a cuppa, because I’m about to share my collection of gorgeous girls names beginning with the letter A.

Let’s dive in –

The Best Girls Names That Start with A


A more soft and wearable take on the name Athena, Althea is a Greek name meaning with healing power, from the Greek word althos.


The name Adeline is a girls name of German origin that means nobility. Quite popular in the early 1900s, the name Adeline almost completely dropped off the top 1000 most popular baby names in the USA in 2000, only to make a comeback to position 63 in 2016.


Andaz is the name of a swanky hotel brand, namely, in Hawaii. I love the name Andaz as a unique, fresh take on the dated Andrea, with a hint of Topaz, which is a pretty gemstone.



Ava is a name with Latin roots meaning bird or birdlike. Do you have hopes that your baby girl will soar to the highest heights in life? Then Ava may be the name for you.


Adelaide, the name of a city in Australia named after Queen Adelaide, means the noble kind in German.


Amelia is a beautiful, vintage girls name with Latin origins that means work, or industrious.


Amélie, a cute version of Amelia, is a French girls name meaning hardworking.


Aphra is a Biblical girls name, referenced in the book of Micah, that is said to mean dust in Hebrew.


The name Ada is of English and French roots, meaning one who is prosperous.


Audette is a pretty French girl’s name that means wealth, and is also commonly spelled Odette. Movie buffs may also realize that Audette (Odette) is the name of the ballerina in Black Swan.


The name Andi is a cute, short gender neutral name with Greek, Scottish and English origins that means brave.


Addison is of English origins and means son of Adam.


The name Arielle is a feminine girls name from Hebrew, meaning lion of God.


From the German word amal, which means to work, Amalia is a name that means hard-working.


Besides being a botanical baby name, from the vibrant amaryllis flower, the name Amaryllis is also found in Ancient Greek mythology.


Adela is a German girl name meaning of the nobility.


Meaning a beautiful melody, Aria is an English girls name that first popped on to the charts in spot 957 in 2000 and saw a huge jump, settling in as the 26th most popular girls name in 2020.


A name with both Welsh and Greek roots, Arianna means one who is holy. If you’re looking for a cool baby girls name, Arianna is definitely one to consider, thanks to pop star princess, Arianna Grande.


A truly rare girls name, Adair has never seen the ranks of the top 1000 most popular baby names in the US for baby girls. An old English and Scottish name, Adair is said to mean a shallow place in a river near the oak trees, but also wealthy or fortunate spear.


Love spending time in nature? Then Aspyn may be just the right botanical baby name for you. From the English word aspen, a tree, the girl’s baby name Aspyn is simply an alternate spelling of the word.


Besides its namesake, the luxurious, iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, the name Astoria is said to mean hawk.


A Scandinavian girls name, the name Astrid, meaning one with divine strength, has been on the rise since 2013, climbing from position 980 to the 452nd most popular girls name in the US in 2020.


A gender neutral name often used as an ode to the late summer month, August is from the Latin word augere, which means to increase.


The name Adrina is Italian and means having great happiness.


Very similar to the Gaelic name Aislinn, Aisling also means a dream, vision or inspiration.


This country cool name is used for both girls and boys, but most commonly for boys. In fact, the name Austin has held fast in the top 100 baby names for boys since 1985 for boys. When used as a girl’s name, Austin has only ever been in the top 1000 most popular baby names twice, in 1993 and 1994.

Love the idea of a Southern style baby name? Check out this whole list of cute country girl names (that are actually cool in 2023).


The name Astra means of the stars in Latin, and is the perfect baby name for a celestial sweetie.


The name Aadi is a beautiful, unique girls name that means child of the beginning in Hindi.


From the Latin word autumnus, the name Autumn conjures up some serious warm and cozy vibes, with a sprinkling of pumpkin spice. The name Autumn has been in the top 100 baby names since 1997 in the US.


Arista is a truly rare girls, never having cracked the ranks of the top 1000 girls names in the States. The name that is based in Greek mythology and means the best.


Similar to yet more unique than Avonlea, means field near a river, and was made iconic in the classic Canadian tale, Anne of Green Gables.


Annalise is both a German and Hebrew girls name meaning grace from Anna, and oath of God from Lisa.


Augustina means great and magnificent in Latin and is a pretty four-syllable girls name that would pair really well with a short and sweet middle name.


Anastasia is a name found in both Russian and Greek meaning resurrection. Popular nicknames include Annie, Anne, Anna, and Stacia.


Abigail, is one of the most popular girls name beginning with A, and for good reason. Meaning father’s joy in Hebrew, Abigail is a Bible-based girls name with the common nickname Abby.


A less commonly used version of Audrey, Aubrey is an English name meaning one who rules with elf wisdom.


The name Adria is a Greek girls name and means from the Adriatic sea region, or a woman with dark features.


A less common take on the classic Anna, Annika is a girls name popular in Scandinavia and throughout Europe, meaning gracious or merciful in Swedish and German.


Ainsley is a Scottish name that means ones own meadow, perhaps a meaningful reminder that the grass is greener where you water it.


The name Adele is a beautiful, soft girls name that means nobility, from the German word adel.

Drawn to the name Adele but looking for something without the same popularity? Consider Adela, Adelaide, Adeline, and Adelinde.


Anna is a timeless and classic girls name from the top 100, meaning woman graced with God’s favor in Latin.


From Latin, Aurora means morning’s first light.


Amadore is a rare girls name, meaning one who has the gift of love in Italian.


The name Adair is a gender neutral name of Scottish, Irish and English origins, meaning fortune or spear.


Adleigh, with alternate spellings of Adley or Adlie, is a unique girls name that popped on to the top 1000 charts in 2012 and has been picking up speed ever since. A Hebrew name, Adleigh means God is just.


The name Alda, most commonly used in the early 1900s, is a girls name meaning long-lived, and wise in German and Spanish.


This short and sweet girls name is from Finnish and Scottish origins, and has a very special meaning: one who bears light.


Aislinn is a beautiful and uncommon girls name, meaning dream or vision in Gaelic.


The name Amara is another name that has different meanings in different languages, but namely, translates to everlasting in Latin.


Aidan is a name most commonly used for boys, but sometimes also for girls, meaning one who is fiery in Gaelic.


Arabella is a modern girls name only having seen popularity in recent years, meaning answered prayer in Latin.


Angeline is a vintage girls name meaning messenger of God.  It was quite popular in the early 1900s, but has just about dropped off the charts in 2022.


A less common form of Audrey, meaning of noble strength.


Aveline is a truly rare and unique girls name that does not appear on the top 1000 most popular baby names in the US. There are a number of mixed meanings and origins for the name, from desired to island to hazelnut.

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