49+ *Really* Pretty Middle Names for Evangeline (That You Haven’t Heard)

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Searching for the perfect middle name for Evangeline?  Then kick your feet up because today, I’m sharing the prettiest uncommon middle names that go with Evangeline that I know you’re going to love.

About the Name Evangeline

I have got to say –

The name Evangeline is such a beautiful, feminine choice.

Maybe it’s because it starts with the letter e – a very well-loved choice for little girls names. After all, both Emma and Evelyn find themselves ranked in the top 10 most popular baby names for girls in the USA in 2020.

Or, maybe it’s that the name itself has the word angel in it.

Could it be the –ine ending that’s just so quintessentially girly?

Perhaps it’s the truly sweet meaning of the name that makes it so pretty, which is good tidings, bearer of good news, or gospel. 

Whatever the reason, the name Evangeline is a super gorgeous one, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Having fallen completely off the top 1000 baby name charts for the forty years between 1966 and 2006, it sure is making a comeback.

Most recently, in 2020, the name Evangeline was the 263rd most popular name for girls across the US, and it’s on the rise.

So, how do you make the name Evangeline your own?

With the perfect middle name.

The Best Middle Names for Evangeline

From short to long, old-fashioned to classic, and everywhere in between, here are the very best middle names for Evangeline:

  • Evangeline Amelia
  • Evangeline Elle
  • Evangeline Olivia 
  • Evangeline Cora
  • Evangeline Rory 
  • Evangeline Sophia 
  • Evangeline Wren 
  • Evangeline Cove 
  • Evangeline Celeste 
  • Evangeline June 
  • Evangeline August  
  • Evangeline Liv
  • Evangeline Brooke 
  • Evangeline Maeve 
  • Evangeline Ophelia 
  • Evangeline Noa
  • Evangeline Rose 
  • Evangeline Opal 
  • Evangeline Ivy 
  • Evangeline Everly 
  • Evangeline Audette 
  • Evangeline Eloise 
  • Evangeline Adeline 
  • Evangeline Bria 
  • Evangeline Rue
  • Evangeline Pearl 
  • Evangeline Anne 
  • Evangeline Isla 
  • Evangeline Olive
  • Evangeline Cecilia
  • Evangeline Clara 
  • Evangeline Mila 
  • Evangeline Dale 
  • Evangeline Elodie 
  • Evangeline Grace
  • Evangeline Nea
  • Evangeline Psalm
  • Evangeline Paige 
  • Evangeline Sage 
  • Evangeline Lola 
  • Evangeline Sienna 
  • Evangeline Ruth
  • Evangeline Adele 
  • Evangeline Luna 
  • Evangeline Sylvie
  • Evangeline Tate
  • Evangeline Willa 
  • Evangeline Yara 

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