125+ Dazzling Whimsical Girls Names You Definitely Haven’t Heard

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Whimsical girl names —

they’re playful, ethereal, romantic.

A moody, wooded forest with luscious, creeping moss.

A pixie, dancing in the dark.

Your most cherished childhood fairytale.

There truly is something special about whimsical baby names

it’s no wonder you’re searching for the perfect one!

Well, you’re in the right place.

Today, I’ll be sharing a gorgeous collection of whimsical baby names for girls that will excite you, make you think, and most of all – inspire you.

Let’s dive in –



Whimsical Girl Names with Meanings

Here are my favorite, pretty whimsical girl names:


An English name, Faunee means one who loves nature. 


Looking for a truly unique, whimsical girl name? The name Fife has never cracked the top 100 baby names for girls in the US, and means one with dancing eyes.


A Spanish girl’s name, the name Fernanda means an adventurous woman.


Like the name Giselle, but looking for something a bit less common? From the word gazelle, the name Gazella means as graceful as a gazelle in Latin.


Fernley has roots in the English language, and means a clearing in the forest.


Next up, channeling serious fairytale vibes from the classic child’s tale Hansel & Gretel, is the German girl’s name Greta.


This beautiful African girl’s name means one who is rooted in the earth.


Similar to the name Linnea which also graces our list of beautiful whimsical girl names, Finnea means from the stream of the wood.


Meaning from the far meadow, the name Fairlie is truly unique.


An English girl’s name, Hervie means a battle-ready female warrior.


Fay, a short and sweet whimsical girl’s name, meaning from the fairy kingdom, may be the perfect fit for parents who love fantasy.


Ruelle is a French name from Medieval times that is thought to mean lane or alley. It can also mean famous wolf. This name would fit perfectly in a fairy tale.  


Looking for an earthy, whimsical baby name that celebrates your child’s sweetness? Honey is an Old English name that is beautiful and feminine. We’re buzzing with excitement for this cute whimsical name.


Delilah is an ancient Hebrew or Arabic name that means ‘delicate’. You’ll find this name in the Bible when reading the story of Samson but you may know it from the more recent song ‘Hey There Delilah’ by the Plain White T’s. It’s an ancient name that also has modern roots for a mysterious, irresistible girl. 


Harlowe is an Old English name meaning rock hill. This is another great, natural name that is empowering and strong like the earth.


This name has Spanish origins and means heavenly. Celesta is an ‘otherworldly’ name, perfect for a whimsical girl made of stardust. 


Ada is a name of German origin that comes from the more common name Adelaide. It means noble or wealthy and is the perfect name for a little princess.    


It goes without saying that Peach is a sweet, simple name that is earthy and ethereal. Peaches are also a symbol of happiness, long life, and youth.  


Linnea is a Swedish name that means lime tree. It’s a wonderfully sublime name that is earthy, feminine, and unique.  


The name Cherish is of English origin and means beloved or treasured. What a great name for a baby girl who will be held dear by you for eternity.


This is a Native American name meaning leaping water. It can also be spelled ’Tallulah’ and be of Irish origin. The Irish version of this name means princess of abundance. 


Millie is of German origin and was originally a short form of the name Millicent or Mildred. Millie is a more feminine, petite name for your wee, whimsical girl.


Velvet is a fabric that was traditionally woven from silk to make it soft and luxurious. This feminine name may also conjure the image of velvet on the antlers of a deer. It’s an enchanting name that evokes the image of a woodland pixie.  


The name Delphine is of French or Greek origin and means dolphin. This could be the perfect name if you want your baby girl to share the love you have for the ocean.


The solstice happens twice a year when we have the longest or shortest day of the year. It can, as well, be a spiritual time for some people which makes this name seem divine and astral. 


Aside from being a beautiful, precious stone that has a deep red color, Ruby is also definitely a vibrant, feminine, whimsical baby girl name. 


Cora is a Greek name that means maiden. A fair maiden that came straight out of a fairy tale could easily have the name Cora. In Greek mythology, Cora is also an alternative name for Persephone (the daughter of Zeus).   


Wherefore art thou? Look no further for the perfect, romantic, whimsical name. This French name, meaning young, is a well-known Shakespearean character. 


Lina is a Greek name meaning sunlight. This radiant name is strong and feminine.


Obviously the name Celeste is a celestial name! It means heavenly and conjures images of a divine, transcendental entity.


Ferns are a popular, delicate, lush green plant. The name Fern is an Old English name that means living among ferns. Fern is a whimsical, botanical name that is stronger than the more delicate floral names.


Oceana is a Greek name meaning ocean. Nymphs in Greek mythology definitely give off whimsical vibes.


Havenly is an English name that means God, my place of safety. It makes you think of the phrase ‘safe haven’ and also the word ‘heavenly’. 


A boheme is a person who has a bohemian nature. The French name Boheme is an eccentric, gypsy-like name. 


A briar is a thorny bush of roses. This English name is beautiful but packs a punch, too. Do you remember the tangle of rose thorns in the movie Sleeping Beauty? Briar is a name that’s sure to make you think of earthy tales of fairies and princesses.    


This Italian name is also the capital of Sicily. Sicily is known for is vineyards and stunning beaches.


Does the name Beatrix make you think of Beatrix Potter, the author of the Peter Rabbit books? Those sweet books are full of woodland creatures and whimsy. Beatrix is an old German name that means blessed voyager. Cute nicknames for Beatrix include Bea and Trixie.    


Calabria is a mountainous region in Italy. It’s well known for its beaches and iconic, dramatic cliffs.      


The name Story can be used for a boy or girl. It’s a name with obvious literary roots akin to the names Sonnet and Fable.     


The name Aura is Greek and means soft breeze. An aura can also refer to the energy that surrounds a person.


Lola is short for Delores, which is a Spanish name meaning lady of sorrow. Lola is also a classic rock song by the Kinks. It’s a traditional name with a hint of mischief.    


A lyrical sounding, literary name, a sonnet is not only a girl’s name but is a poetic, rhyme pattern. 


Halo is a Greek name meaning divine aura. It’s an ethereal name that conjures the image of angels.     


Ingrid is a Scandinavian name based on the Norse god of fertility. It means fair beauty.    


Wisteria is a German name that also refers to a vine with purple-blue blossoms on it. It’s a dainty, nature inspired name.    


Eira is a Scandinavian name based on a Norse goddess (Eir). In Welsh, the name Eira means snow. This name is both mythical and earthy.  


In Swahili the name Adia means gift. There is also a super popular song by the artist Sarah McLachlan from the 90’s called ‘Adia’ you’re sure to love if this name appeals to you.    


Olivette is a French name that means olive tree. The olive is a symbol of peace and hope dating back to ancient Greek mythology and the Old Testament of the Bible.


Moon is a celestial name that is sure to make your child feel otherworldly.


The Greek name Ophelia means to aid or help. This name is probably best known for being the star of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 


The name Gemma means precious gem or jewel. Gems have a deep connection to the earth where they come from, and are known for their beauty and sparkle. 


Lillia is a Spanish name that means lily. The lily flower is known as a symbol of purity, love and luck.


Paloma is a Spanish name that means dove. The name Paloma is perfect for a whimsical girl who flies free as a bird.


Noa is a Hebrew name that means motion. It’s sometimes confused with the male version, Noah. It’s a short sweet name with enchanting energy.


Peregrine falcons are the fastest animal in the world. They are powerful and a symbol of ambition, and freedom. They are also beautiful and smart. Naming your daughter after the Peregrine could give her the same soaring spirit.


Isn’t summer everyone’s favorite season? This sunny name is perfect for a warm, happy, easy-going child.


The name Ever is an American name that means always. The name also seems to have Scandinavian and Irish roots and could mean ‘strong as a boar’.    


The dove is a peaceful, intelligent bird. It’s a symbol of love and hope. This name is graceful and sweet for a little girl.   


If you’re looking for a flower name that’s not so over-done, Zinnia is the perfect baby name. The Zinnia flower is associated with affection, goodness and endurance.


Soleil is a French name that means sun. This bright name is the perfect fit for a sweet, baby girl.


The name Pia is of Latin origin and means pious or reverent. A pia is also a type of small hydrangea known for its gorgeous blooms. 


Reverie means daydream and is a French name. It’s an airy, cheerful name. Daydreams are known for being a state of mind that takes you into your thoughts and wishes.


This name of Celtic origin means dream or vision. What a perfect fit for a sweet baby you have dreamed of, to make your family complete and your wishes come true.


This name of Hebrew origin means mountain goat, or God’s strength. Parents seeking an otherworldly name may like Yael.


Indigo is a deep, blue color that has a hint of purple to it. The color is a symbol of wisdom, spirituality and evokes the emotion of blissful relaxation.  


This Latin name means blooming or flowering. Florie is also the short form of the name Florence.     


Is a name of French origin that means farmer or earth worker. Farmers are traditionally caretakers of their environment, spending their lives surrounded by nature.       


The name Asypn is derived from the name of the aspen tree, which is known for its leaves that tremble in the wind musically with even a light breeze.


Kindred is a name of English origin meaning connectedness or related. The whimsical phrase ‘kindred spirit’ comes to mind when you hear this name.


Nova is a name of Latin origin meaning new. A nova is also a type of star, which makes this name celestial sounding. 


This name is Spanish and means holy or pure. Inez is a romantic and mysterious name.   


In Italian this name means melody. In Greek this name means lioness. With roots in multiple languages, Aria is a mystical and beautiful yet bold choice for a girl’s name.     


Eloise means famous warrior and is of German origin. This cute name is both mischievous and strong.     


Darling was at one point an English last name or surname but in recent years has been used as a first name. It means beloved or dearly loved.      


This name, of Spanish origin, means island. The name Isla conjures the image of tranquil beaches and blissful temperatures.      


The name Rain has British roots and means abundant blessing. Ever heard of someone doing a rain dance? This name is far from dreary; rain is often seen as an answer to prayer.    


Traditionally, a fable is a sort of story or short tale with a moral or lesson to learn from. It has serious fairy-tale vibes for parents searching for a legendary name.    


Lilac is a purplish blue color and it’s also a popular flowering plant that blooms every spring. The fragrant flowers of a lilac are favored by many for their light, joyful scent.


A cove is a small bay or costal inlet. It’s another great, beachy name for nature loving families.


Sage is a name of Latin origin that means wise or healthy and it is also a popular, aromatic spice.     


This Greek name means lyre, which is a small harp. There is also a constellation called Lyra and a Greek myth that goes along with it. This name is channeling serious Greek goddess vibes.


Birdie is an English name that means delicate, bright bird. Names that reference animals can be wild and untamed but this one is also sweet and diminutive.


Another Old English name, Blythe means joyful or pleasant. It’s a great name for a happy and carefree little girl.   


This name is Greek and means behold the sun. It’s a mystical and angelic sounding name.  


The image of a field of lavender is both serene and divinely aromatic. Lavender is a sweet scent and a heavenly name. 


This Welsh name means the people. The name may sound familiar if you’re a fan of the rock music group Coheed and Cambria.  


In Greek Onyx means claw. Onyx is also a black gemstone. The stone, onyx, is known for channeling the energy of support and determination. 


This Greek name means sun ray. A pretty, sunny name for a bubbly little girl.  


Have you read the book series ‘Anne of Green Gables’? If so, Avonlea will remind you of a fictional, Canadian town on Prince Edward Island. Avonlea also means river by a field. It’s a pretty, nature-inspired name for a little girl. 


This name means light or illuminated. It’s taken from the word iridessence. With a name like this your child will certainly light up any room she’s in.


The name clover is an English name that means meadow flower. Clover is a symbol of luck in Ireland and is a sweet smelling and tenacious plant that can grow even in harsh conditions.


The name Flora is Latin for flower. Flora is also the  name of the Roman goddess of springtime and flowers. 


Looking for an earthy, uncommon name? Eartha means worldly and has an English origin.      


Bambi is the name of a popular Disney character who is a young, wild deer. The name is of Italian origin and means child.  


Does this name make you think of the phrase ‘safe haven’? The name Haven means safe harbor or sanctuary and has Old English roots. 


The name Celestina has Latin origins. Somehow it’s like the name Celeste but becomes even cuter by adding a diminutive ‘tina’ to the end.    


This French name means Christmas and is derived from the Latin word for birthday. 


Astoria is an English name that means hawk-like. A great name for a child who will be free as a bird.         


This Greek name means to sparkle or shine. An amaryllis is also a stunning flower that blooms yearly and is incredibly beautiful. 


The name Lucia is Latin for light. It’s a great alternative to the more common name Lucy.


This name means desired or island. It’s similar to the name Evelyn or Everleigh but much less common.  


The name Quince means applelike fruit such as a plum, peach or pear. It’s an earthy and sweet name for either a boy or girl.  


The name Thoedora means gift of God and has such cute nicknames like Teo and Dora. 


The name Clementine is Latin and means merciful. A clementine is also a honey-like, miniature orange that is bright and captivating.    


The ginger root is an aromatic spice that is a symbol of strength and vibrance.


The name Astrid means divinely beautiful and is an old Norse or Scandinavian name.     


The name Avenly means river by a field and is a different take on the name Avonlea.   


Luna is of Italian origin and means moon. You might recognize this name from the magical world of Harry Potter.  


This Greek name means cinnamon. Spicy and sweet, this natural name isn’t as obvious as some of its other botanically themed counterparts.   


Cleo is an Ancient Greek name that means celebrate. It can also be the short form of the name Cleopatra.   


The name Zora is of Arabic origin and means dawn. Names beginning with the letter ‘z’ are typically quite rare.    


The apple is a symbol of beauty and sweetness. Gwyneth Paltro made waves in recent years by naming her daughter Apple, which at the time was an incredibly uncommon name in America. 


The name Nyah means brilliance or lustrous and is of Swahili origin.


This Russian name is a take on the Hebrew name Elijah which means the Lord is my God.      


The name Zara means blooming flower or radiance.   


A small, glowing ember is all you need to create a spark and start a blaze. This fiery name is perfect for a glowing little girl.     


This French name means pledge. Gisele Bündchen is one of the most famous women with this name and is known for being a model and classic beauty.      


This Greek name means moon. It’s a supernatural, celestial name that conjures a divine, ethereal image.     


Rosa is the Spanish or Italian take on the name Rose. This pretty name is botanical and floral for an earthy, chic girl.  


The French name Celine means heavenly. A perfect name for an angelic little girl.    


The name Zoe is Greek for ‘life’. It may make you think of the famous actress of the same name (different spelling) Zooey Deschanel.   


This name of Hebrew origin means heroine of God. It’s a divine name with some spiritual and sacred connotations.    


The name Seraphina is a Latin name that means fiery or burning. 


Knightley is of English origin and is a combination of the Old English words ‘knight’ and ‘meadow’.       


A name fit for a little princess, Ariel means lion of God in Hebrew.    


The willow tree is a symbol of flexibility and adaptability. It’s a strong and earthy name that is simple and mystical.     


This German name means noble. It is sometimes used as the short form of the name Delilah.  


The name Fae is  French for fairy or elf. It might just be the perfect whimsical name, straight out of a fairytale. 


The name Yara is Arabic for ‘small butterfly’. It’s a dainty, darling name with a charming meaning.    


Emeralds are a dark green, precious gemstone that symbolizes royalty and eloquence. It’s also the birthstone for the month of May!    


The name Posie is of English origin and means small flower. It’s a floral name that is both simple and precious.    


The poppy is a bright red flower that has large delicate petals and symbolizes remembrance and future peace. It’s a stunning botanical name, full of energy.


The name Stella is of Latin origin and means celestial star.   


This English name means ‘Hugh’s meadow’. It was originally an English surname that has become popularized as a first name for both boys and girls.


Ivy is a clinging vine that represents long life, devotion and loyalty. The name is precious, natural, and plant-inspired. 


The name Guinevere seems like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, perhaps because it’s most well known for being a character in the legend of the Sword and the Stone. The name means white fairy, or white shadow. 


The season of autumn symbolizes abundance and harvest. Arguably the most beautiful season of the year, autumn is known for the changing colors of leaves that fall to the ground like confetti.

Whimsical Girl Names – TL;DR

Choosing the right name for your little one is such a special honour, and it undoubtedly takes a whole lot of time and consideration.

If you’re still on the hunt for more beautiful, whimsical baby names for your little girl, let your imagination guide you, while looking to sources such as fantasy novels or films, folklore, ancient mythology and nature for inspiration.

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