125+ Prettiest Middle Names for Luna That Will Totally End Your Search

Looking for middle names that go with Luna?

Today, I’ll be sharing a bit about the name Luna as well as over a hundred beautiful, hand-picked middle names for Luna that I’ve paired together.

Luna. Short and sweet.



What a simply sweet name.

While the name Luna, which means moon, finds its roots in Latin, it is also found in many other languages with Latin roots such as Spanish, Italian, and French.

About the Name Luna

Back in 2003, almost two decades ago, the name Luna was much less common, barely even ranking in the top 1000 baby names for girls. While it’s seen a steady increase in popularity over the past twenty years, it wasn’t until 2019 that Luna cracked the ranks of the United State’s top twenty most popular baby names for girls.

In 2020, the name Luna was ranked the 14th most popular name in the United States for girls, the 42nd most popular in Canada (province of Ontario, 2019). Down under in Australia, while the name Luna is still very trendy, it isn’t seeing quite the bump that it has in North America, ranking as the 55th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Middle Names That Go With Luna

  • Unique: Astoria, Sunday, Honey, Marlowe, Ruelle, Kensley, Hemsley
  • Old Fashioned: Olivia, Millie, Josephine, Eloise, Ophelia, Inez, June, Lucille
  • Gender Neutral: Taylor, James, Sloane, Dale
  • European: Leonie, Celine, Celeste, Olesia, Sofia, Elodie
  • Hippie: Ginger, Daisy, Palermo, Poppy,  Cove

The Best Middle Names for Luna

Here are my picks for the best middle names for Luna:

  • Luna Adaline ❤️
  • Luna Adalynn
  • Luna Adele
  • Luna Ainsley
  • Luna Arabella
  • Luna Ariella
  • Luna Astrid
  • Luna Astoria
  • Luna August ❤️
  • Luna Augustina
  • Luna Ayla
  • Luna Bella
  • Luna Berkley

  • Luna Blair
  • Luna Blake
  • Luna Blanche
  • Luna Brooke
  • Luna Brooklyn
  • Luna Calabria
  • Luna Camellia
  • Luna Cecilia
  • Luna Celena ❤️
  • Luna Celeste ❤️
  • Luna Celine
  • Luna Charleigh

  • Luna Charlotte
  • Luna Claire
  • Luna Clara
  • Luna Clementine
  • Luna Cordelia
  • Luna Cove
  • Luna Dale ❤️
  • Luna Daisy
  • Luna Dixie
  • Luna Eisley
  • Luna Eleanor
  • Luna Elizabeth
  • Luna Elle
  • Luna Elodie ❤️

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  • Luna Eloise
  • Luna Emerald
  • Luna Emilia
  • Luna Estelle
  • Luna Evangeline
  • Luna Eve
  • Luna Evelynn
  • Luna Everleigh ❤️
  • Luna Everly
  • Luna Everlyn
  • Luna Flora
  • Luna Ginger
  • Luna Grace

  • Luna Hazel
  • Luna Hemsley
  • Luna Honey
  • Luna Indigo
  • Luna Inez
  • Luna Isabella
  • Luna Jade
  • Luna James ❤️
  • Luna Jane
  • Luna Joy
  • Luna June ❤️
  • Luna Khloe
  • Luna Kinsley
  • Luna Kensley
  • Luna Laine ❤️
  • Luna Lauren

  • Luna Leighton
  • Luna Leonie
  • Luna Logan
  • Luna London ❤️
  • Luna Louise
  • Luna Lucille ❤️
  • Luna Mae
  • Luna Malia
  • Luna Marlowe
  • Luna Maude
  • Luna Mila
  • Luna Milan
  • Luna Millie
  • Luna Molly
  • Luna Noel

  • Luna Oaklyn
  • Luna Oceane
  • Luna Odessa
  • Luna Odette
  • Luna Olesia
  • Luna Olive
  • Luna Olivia ❤️
  • Luna Ophelia ❤️
  • Luna Paige
  • Luna Paisley
  • Luna Palermo
  • Luna Paloma
  • Luna Pippa ❤️

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  • Luna Peyton
  • Luna Poppy ❤️
  • Luna Quince
  • Luna Quinn ❤️
  • Luna Riley
  • Luna Rory
  • Luna Rose
  • Luna Ruelle
  • Luna Sage
  • Luna Scarlett
  • Luna Sicily
  • Luna Sienna ❤️
  • Luna Sloane
  • Luna Soleil

  • Luna Sophia
  • Luna Summer
  • Luna Sunday
  • Luna Taite
  • Luna Tatum
  • Luna Taylor
  • Luna Wilhemina ❤️
  • Luna Wrenley

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Middle Names for Luna – TL;DR

And there you have it – my very favorite middle names for a sweet little angel named Luna.

Did you find one you love?

Still considering other first names for your baby girl? For more inspiration, check out my lists of middle names for Ella, Olivia and Emma.

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