65+ *Prettiest* Middle Names for Indie

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Searching for some beautiful, fresh ideas for middle names for Indie? You’ll love these super cute ideas for choosing a middle name for Indie!

The name Indie is hot, hot, hot.

As per the USA’s Social Security Administration baby names database for 2022, the name Indie only just recently made it’s way in to the ranks of the top 1000 baby names for girls in 2019. 

One of the fastest moving baby names for girls, the name Indie shot up the baby name charts 134 spots from 2021 to 2022.

Widely loved by mamas looking for a modern baby name with boho vibes, the name Indie is actually a nickname for the name Indigo, a color baby name, or Indepedent, a virtue baby name.

Finding the Best Middle Names for Indie

When searching for the perfect middle name for your little one, the first place I like to start is to determine the style of the first name that you’ve picked out, and to make some pairings from there.

In this case, I’ve chosen a handful of baby name styles that I think work best as a middle name pairing for Indie:

  • ocean-inspired middle names to play up the imagery of the color indigo, 
  • boho middle names to compliment the free-spirited vibes of independance,
  • rustic middle names to take it in a sweet, Southern direction, 
  • modern middle names to highlight the freshness of the name Indie, 
  • girls names that end in -a to contrast the -ie ending of Indie

Lastly, when picking a middle name for Indie, it’s of course important to think of how your little one’s full name will flow together. 

If you have a longer last name, like Williamson, a one syllable middle name would make for a great pairing, whereas if you have a shorter last name like Ray, a two- or three-syllable middle name would pair best.

Enough with the chit chat, let’s dive into the list – 

Middle Names for Indie with Beachy Vibes

Though choosing to use the name Indie as a full name is totally on trend, many mamas will opt to name their baby Indigo, with Indie as a nickname.

In this case, the name Indigo gives total beachy vibes – after all, indigo is the color of the ocean. 

One option is to really highlight that concept by choosing an ocean-inspired baby name as a middle name for Indie.

Here are my top picks: 

  • Indie Cove
  • Indie Kaia
  • Indie Isla
  • Indie Coraline
  • Indie Naia
  • Indie Pearl
  • Indie Capri
  • Indie Ailsa
  • Indie Dylan
  • Indie Kai

To check out the pretty meanings behind these ocean-inspired baby girl names, explore our whole list!

Boho Middle Names for Indie

Love the free-spirited boho vibes of the name Indie? Run with it for a first and middle name pairing with serious hippie vibes for your flower power baby girl. 

  • Indie Lennon
  • Indie Flora
  • Indie Wren 
  • Indie Willow
  • Indie Juniper
  • Indie Elowyn
  • Indie Summer
  • Indie Harlowe
  • Indie River
  • Indie Dove
  • Indie Aurora
  • Indie Aspen
  • Indie Skye
  • Indie Dylan
  • Indie Summer
  • Indie Ferne
  • Indie Lennon
  • Indie Briar
  • Indie Winter

If you love this style of name, check out our whole list of hippie baby girl names, right out of the 70s, or our list of earthy girl names.

Old Fashioned Middle Names for Indie

Not only are classic, vintage names the most common choice when it comes to choosing a middle name for your little one, they’re also definitely trending right now. 

Here are some of my favorite old fashioned middle names for Indie: 

  • Indie June
  • Indie Maeve
  • Indie Opal
  • Indie Eloise
  • Indie Mabel
  • Indie August
  • Indie Rose
  • Indie Faye
  • Indie Louise
  • Indie Ophelia
  • Indie Astrid
  • Indie Margot

Rustic Middle Names for Indie

Yet another direction you could go in when choosing the best middle name for Indie is sweet and Southern. These middle name ideas are perfect for a little country cutie: 

  • Indie Mae
  • Indie Jo
  • Indie Jean
  • Indie Rae
  • Indie Grace
  • Indie Harper
  • Indie Leigh

If you like this style of middle name, check out our whole list of country baby girl names here.

Modern Middle Names for Indie

Next, some fresh and modern baby girl name ideas to use as a middle name for Indie.

These names are either somewhat classic, but found somewhere in the top ranks of the baby name charts, or they’re a recent addition to the list of the most popular baby names for girls in the US. 

Since the name Indie itself only recently came into style, popping on to the charts in 2022, choosing another modern girl name to pair with it works really well together.

  • Indie Ayla
  • Indie Haven
  • Indie Raya
  • Indie Love
  • Indie Blue
  • Indie Everly
  • Indie Violet
  • Indie Elle
  • Indie Aria

Middle Names for Indie That End in A 

One of my favorite ways to pair first and middle names is by choosing complimentary endings. In this case, Indie, ending in -ie, pairs flows really well with a name that ends in -a.

  • Indie Lila
  • Indie Layla
  • Indie Ella
  • Indie Ava
  • Indie Olivia
  • Indie Lola

Pop over to our whole list of baby girl names that end in a if you like the sound of these names.

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap.

How did we do? How many of these unique middle name ideas did you add to your list of middle names for Indie?

If you’re still searching for more ideas, pop over to my list of the very best pretty baby girl middle names!

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