65+ Darling Middle Names for Emma That You Haven’t Heard Of

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I’m not convinced that there is any single task for expecting parents that is more intimate, exciting and special than choosing your baby’s name.

Looking to add some middle names for Emma to your short list?

Today, we’re diving into a little bit about the meaning behind the name Emma, a few tips on choosing a middle name for Emma, and of course, I’ll be sharing my top picks.

About The Name Emma

Do you know an Emma?

Odds are, you just answered yes.

In fact, in 2020, Emma was the second most popular baby name for girls in the USA.

But it’s not like this is anything new –

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Emma has actually had quite the reign in the top 10 most popular baby names for quite a while now, shuffling between first, second and third position since 2003.

Is the name Emma here to stay?

It sure looks like it.

So, what is the meaning behind the name Emma?

Most commonly, Emma is known to mean ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

Biblically, Emma has been said to be an iteration of Emmanuel, or God with us.

What a beautiful idea. How sweet would it be to explain to your baby girl that her name is meant to be an everlasting reminder of how we are never alone.

Names That Go With Emma

  • Unique:Olive, Lennox, Astrid, Selah, Ruelle, Leilyn
  • Old Fashioned: Maeve, Eleanor, Rose, Ophelia, Astoria, Adaline, Ada
  • Gender Neutral: Charleigh, Dylan, James, Laine, Rory
  • European: Hattie, Genevieve, Elin, Camilla, Linnea
  • Earthy:Marlowe, Juniper, Summer, Clementine, Coraline

How To Choose a Middle Name for Emma

Do you have a favorite author?

Did you and your hubby make a special memory in some special location abroad?

Is there a character who has always stood out to you from one of your favorite movies?

These questions are all a great place to start while trying to come up with a middle name that’s just right.

In coming up with these middle name pairings, I went a few different ways.

To me, there’s something just so sweet about pairing an old fashioned name with a simple, classic like Emma. Emma Eleanor, Emma Astrid, Emma Juniper.

I also love how pairing the name Emma with a super modern middle name like Luxe, Lennox or Tatum.

And perhaps my favorite way to choose a name –

naming a girl with something that is more commonly used for boys.

A bit of a unique and unexpected twist.

In this case, I’ve paired Emma with the unisex middle names James, Frankie, Blake and Dylan.

In coming up with a middle name for your little one on the way, why not consider a street name, landmark, location where a special memory was made.

I’ve come up with a few to get you started –

Emma Adelaide (an area in Australia), Emma Aspen (a ritzy mountain destination), Emma Aurora (dancing northern lights).

The Best Middle Names for Emma

After searching through 1,000+ names for baby girls, I’ve chosen 82 middle names for Emma that I think sound the sweetest and pair meaningfully together.

My top picks are marked with a heart!

Here is my list of hand-picked middle names for Emma:

  1. Emma Isabelle
  2. Emma Emilia
  3. Emma Eleanor
  4. Emma Olivia
  5. Emma Georgia
  6. Emma Elodie ❤️
  7. Emma Sienna
  8. Emma Astrid ❤️
  9. Emma Celine
  10. Emma Elizabeth
  11. Emma Lennox ❤️
  12. Emma Mila
  13. Emma Clara
  14. Emma Astoria
  15. Emma James ❤️
  16. Emma Piper
  17. Emma Eloise
  18. Emma Kingsley
  19. Emma Frankie
  20. Emma Blaire
  21. Emma Marlowe
  22. Emma Amaryllis
  23. Emma Maeve ❤️
  24. Emma Olive
  25. Emma Isadora
  26. Emma Grace
  27. Emma Adelaide ❤️
  28. Emma Blake
  29. Emma Sophia
  30. Emma Sunday ❤️
  31. Emma Brooke
  32. Emma Charleigh
  33. Emma Rose
  34. Emma Amara
  35. Emma Ophelia
  36. Emma Everleigh ❤️
  37. Emma Juniper
  38. Emma Alaina
  39. Emma Lauren
  40. Emma Evangeline
  41. Emma Avery
  42. Emma Hattie
  43. Emma Kate
  44. Emma Pearl ❤️
  45. Emma Rebecca
  46. Emma Dixie
  47. Emma Eve
  48. Emma Tatum
  49. Emma Evelynn
  50. Emma Annabelle
  51. Emma Paige
  52. Emma Selah
  53. Emma Penelope
  54. Emma Ensleigh ❤️
  55. Emma Colette
  56. Emma Ruelle
  57. Emma Cecilia
  58. Emma Nicole
  59. Emma Dylan
  60. Emma Ruth
  61. Emma Olive ❤️
  62. Emma Everleigh
  63. Emma Amal
  64. Emma August ❤️
  65. Emma Leighton
  66. Emma Laine ❤️
  67. Emma Honey
  68. Emma Brooklyn
  69. Emma Rory
  70. Emma Aurora
  71. Emma Leilyn
  72. Emma Charlotte
  73. Emma Coraline ❤️
  74. Emma Chloe
  75. Emma Louise
  76. Emma Zahara
  77. Emma Giselle ❤️
  78. Emma Adaline
  79. Emma Blakely
  80. Emma Clementine
  81. Emma Luxe
  82. Emma Genevieve
  83. Emma Aspen
  84. Emma Lucy
  85. Emma Josephine
  86. Emma Ada
  87. Emma Summer

Middle Names for Emma – TL;DR

What do you think? Did any of these names make your heart go pitter-patter?

Which middle names are you considering for Emma?

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