65+ Adorably Sweet Middle Names for Camille

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Looking for the some pretty, unique middle name for Camille?

About the Name Camille

The name Camille is a beautiful name with French origins, that means religious helper.

While it hasn’t ever become what many would deem as common or popular, it still definitely is well-loved.

Having been included in the top 1000 most popular baby names in the USA since the early 1900s, the name Camille has varied in popularity between position 250 and 500.

Most recently, the name Camille has earned itself some star power, thanks to Netflix’s super popular series, Emily in Paris. In the show, Camille is a sweet and kind blonde bombshell who befriends the American in Paris, Emily.

For that reason, I’m absolutely predicting that we see a rise in the name Camille in the next few years.

You heard it here first, folks.

Choosing a Middle Name for Camille

When choosing a middle name for Camille, there are a few directions I love.

I’ve chosen a number of French girls name to pair with Camille because I always find that pairing authentic names just flows naturally.

I’ve also included a number of vintage girls names – another really hot trend in baby names.

Lastly, I personally feel that the two-syllable name Camille pairs really beautifully with short names, as well as names that end in -a and -ie or -y, which add such a pretty, feminine touch.

Here are a few middle name ideas for Camille from each genre:

Middle Names That Go With Camille

  • French: Soleil, Adeline, Celeste, Juliette, Gisèle, Lina
  • Old Fashioned: Eleanor, Edith, James, Flora, Eloise, Georgia
  • Short: Cove, Bria, Lola, Cora, Isla
  • Ending in -a: Clara, Sienna, Noa, Celesta, Linnea
  • Ending in -ie or -y: Sylvie, Lucie, Everly, Charlie

The Best Middle Names for Camille

Here are my favorite middle names for Camille:

  • Camille Adeline
  • Camille Celeste
  • Camille Lina
  • Camille Chloe
  • Camille Léonie
  • Camille Adèle
  • Camille Lucie
  • Camille Juliette
  • Camille Margaux ( Margot )
  • Camille Andréa
  • Camille Claudette
  • Camille Elina
  • Camille Estelle
  • Camille Ophélie
  • Camille Odette
  • Camille Florine
  • Camille Gisèle
  • Camille Aurélie
  • Camille Yvette
  • Camille Audrina
  • Camille Clara
  • Camille Adela
  • Camille Sylvie
  • Camille Arista
  • Camille Olivia
  • Camille Cove
  • Camille Angeline
  • Camille Noa
  • Camille Edith
  • Camille Eleanor
  • Camille Addison
  • Camille James
  • Camille Violet
  • Camille Ruelle
  • Camille Georgette
  • Camille Bria
  • Camille Rosaline
  • Camille Theodora
  • Camille Maeve
  • Camille Celena
  • Camille Sienna
  • Camille Charleigh
  • Camille Ivy
  • Camille Lola
  • Camille Kinsley
  • Camille Linnea
  • Camille Georgia
  • Camille Malena
  • Camille Clementine
  • Camille Flora
  • Camille June
  • Camille Everly
  • Camille Oceana
  • Camille Naomi
  • Camille Charlotte
  • Camille Rose
  • Camille Cora
  • Camille Eloise
  • Camille Celesta
  • Camille Isla
  • Camille Cecilia
  • Camille Charlotte
  • Camille Eve
  • Camille Mae
  • Camille Luna
  • Camille Brielle
  • Camille Louise

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