49+ Hand-Picked Middle Names for Milo (+Names Like Milo)

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Searching for the perfect middle name for Milo, but can’t quite find one that sounds just right?

I’ve got you, mama.

Today, I’ve put together the ultimate list of cute, unique and modern middle names for Milo, and even my favorite names like Milo, just in case you aren’t completely certain about Milo quite yet.

Let’s jump in –

About the Name Milo

Did you know that the name Milo, commonly pronounced my-low in North America, is actually pronounced me-low in many other languages?

In fact, Milos is the name of a totally unique Greek island in the Aegean sea that’s white volcanic rock formations could be named the eight wonder of the world.

Spend a summer backpacking Europe before babe was on the way?

Choosing the name Milo for your baby could be a wonderful tribute to the wanderlust that inspired you, and a special way to pass that wonder of the world down to your little one.

Is Milo a popular name?

Though the name Milo is one that is said to have seen its fair share of popularity in the medieval ages, as a Germanic form of the names Miles, in today’s modern times, there’s no doubt its making a comeback.

Having completely dropped off the top name charts in the mid 1900s, the name Milo began its climb up the rankings in the early 2000s, settling in as the 134th most popular boys name in the US in 2020.

In fact, the name Milo hasn’t ever seen such popularity. Will it continue to climb the charts?

Only time will tell…

Names Like Milo

Love the name Milo, but can’t convince your partner? Still open to baby name ideas?

What names are similar to Milo? 

Here are some more names like Milo:

  • Milos
  • Leo
  • Arlo
  • Theo
  • Miles
  • Myko
  • Mateo
  • Elio
  • Arno

The Best Middle Names for Milo

Here are my favorite, hand-picked middle names for Milo:

  • Milo August
  • Milo Elliott
  • Milo Theodore
  • Milo Rylie
  • Milo Grey
  • Milo Evander
  • Milo Ezra
  • Milo Isaiah
  • Milo Gideon
  • Milo Rhodes
  • Milo James
  • Milo Wolf

  • Milo Lucas
  • Milo Everett
  • Milo Cade
  • Milo Julian
  • Milo Sawyer
  • Milo Maverick
  • Milo Wells
  • Milo Walter
  • Milo Archie
  • Milo Niall
  • Milo Ansel
  • Milo Henrik
  • Milo Mackenzie
  • Milo Jude

  • Milo Linus
  • Milo Cain
  • Milo Hayes
  • Milo Samuel
  • Milo Joseph
  • Milo Micah
  • Milo Zeus
  • Milo Henry
  • Milo Bjorn
  • Milo Phoenix
  • Milo Caleb
  • Milo Ezekiel
  • Milo Ford
  • Milo Alexander
  • Milo Callum
  • Milo Mason
  • Milo Benjamin
  • Milo Lane
  • Milo Dean

  • Milo West
  • Milo Otis
  • Milo Josiah
  • Milo Graham
  • Milo Ethan
  • Milo Levi
  • Milo Heath
  • Milo Oliver
  • Milo Jasper
  • Milo George
  • Milo Emmett
  • Milo Wilder

  • Milo Lennox
  • Milo Lincoln
  • Milo Luca
  • Milo Jack

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