65+ *Perfectly Paired* Middle Names for Theodore (+Names Like Theodore) 🧸

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Hunting for the perfect middle name for Theodore (Theo), but haven’t found *the one* quite yet?

Then kick up your feet, mama.

I’ve hand-picked dozens of strong, timeless, modern middle names that go with Theodore, as well as some cute nicknames for Theodore, and some other cute boys names like Theo, too.

Let’s get to it –

About the Name Theodore

Coming to us from Ancient Greece, the name Theodore means gift from God.

Theodore may very well be one of the most popular boys names in the United States.

From the early 1900s all the way up until the early 1950s, the name Theodore held fast in the top 100 most popular names for baby boys.

While some baby names take off like wildfire with fleeting trends – here today, gone tomorrow – Theodore is not one of those names.

Though it fell out of the top 100 most popular boys names in the 50s, it has never dropped below position 314 on the charts.

Though this may not mean much to you as an expecting mom-to-be, us name aficionados can tell you that a name so steadfast is a true, timeless classic.

Names Like Theodore

Love the name Theodore, but still looking to add some more baby name ideas to your list?

Here are my favorite names like Theodore:

  • Oliver – if you love popular boys names like Theodore, you may also love the classic name Oliver, which most recently found a home as the 3rd most popular boys name in the USA.
  • Leo – another classic boy’s name, Leo means lion and shares the eo sound.
  • Milo – the name Milo means favored, dear, and beloved, and shares the sound.
  • Henry – Henry is a timeless boys name meaning ruler of the home and is currently in the top 10 most popular boys names, just ahead of Theodore.
  • August – meaning to increase, from the Latin augere, the name August is a sweet, old-timey boys name similar to Theodore
  • Levi – Levi, a biblical boys name, shares the same timeless feel that Theodore does, as well as the e sound.

  • Winston – while the name Theodore is well-loved in part because of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, the name Winston shares some of the same prestige, in honor of past British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Beckett – the name Beckett shares a similar level of formality as Theodore, shares its roots in old English, and has also grown in popularity most recently in the 2020s.
  • Everett – Everett is another classic male name that saw its hayday back in the first two decades of the 1900s, and has again surged in popularity, just like Theodore.
  • Emmett – Emmett is another timeless name that’s inching its way back into the top 100 boys names since 2009.
  • Elias – While the name Theodore means gift from God, Elias, share a similar meaning, which is the Lord is my God.
  • Elliott – The names Elliott and Elias share the same root, and the same meaning too.

Cute Nicknames for Theodore

Nicknames are definitely an important consideration when deciding on a name for your little one. Some names really don’t lend themselves well to any nicknames at all, while others, do. Theodore is definitely a boys name with some super cute nicknames.

Here are my some cute nicknames for Theodore:

  • Theo
  • Teddy
  • Tedsy
  • Ted
  • T
  • Bear (🥲 I’m sorry this is scientifically too cute)

The Best Middle Names for Theodore (Theo)

  • Theodore Henry
  • Theodore Elliott
  • Theodore James
  • Theodore William
  • Theodore Jude
  • Theodore Clyde
  • Theodore Finn
  • Theodore Alexander
  • Theodore Levi
  • Theodore Hayes
  • Theodore Beau
  • Theodore Oliver
  • Theodore Bjorn
  • Theodore Charles

  • Theodore Milo
  • Theodore West
  • Theodore Henrik
  • Theodore Adler
  • Theodore Archie
  • Theodore Aksel
  • Theodore Benjamin
  • Theodore Dean
  • Theodore Cade
  • Theodore Robert
  • Theodore Miles
  • Theodore Orson
  • Theodore Cain
  • Theodore Mateo
  • Theodore Hudson
  • Theodore Jasper

  • Theodore Heath
  • Theodore Thomas
  • Theodore Wesley
  • Theodore Grey
  • Theodore Kit
  • Theodore Ford
  • Theodore Chip
  • Theodore Eli
  • Theodore Lane
  • Theodore Samuel
  • Theodore Otis
  • Theodore Wyatt
  • Theodore Elliott
  • Theodore Arthur
  • Theodore Rhett
  • Theodore Fox
  • Theodore Wells
  • Theodore Albert
  • Theodore Jett
  • Theodore Wilfred
  • Theodore Jack

  • Theodore Ziggy
  • Theodore Elijah
  • Theodore Julian
  • Theodore Isaiah
  • Theodore August
  • Theodore Linus
  • Theodore Ezra
  • Theodore Liam
  • Theodore Silas
  • Theodore Charlie
  • Theodore Rufus
  • Theodore Otto
  • Theodore George
  • Theodore Alexander
  • Theodore James
  • Theodore Ellis
  • Theodore Lucas

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