21+ Must-See Nursery Themes (That I Can’t Get Over)

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Are you searching for the perfect theme for your newborn’s room in 2024? You’ll love my list of top 2024 nursery themes that will give you all the inspiration you need!

Creating a beautiful and soothing room for your newborn is truly one of the most exciting ways to prepare for their arrival. But when it comes to choosing a nursery theme, it can be kind of overwhelming. There are just so many cute nursery themes to choose from!

And that’s where I come in! I’ve gathered the top nursery themes of 2024 into a list to help you narrow it down and choose the theme you and your baby will adore for years to come. So, scroll down to see stunning nursery theme ideas that will have you excited and inspired for your own new nursery!

01. Blissful Boho

A boho-themed nursery featuring a cool-toned wooden dresser, pampas grass, and natural decor

Starting my list of 2024 nursery themes is a style that’s been around for decades! What began as a vibrant and bold counterculture style has gone through a modern minimalist makeover – becoming the stunning boho aesthetic pictured above.

In my opinion, the warm, earthy shades and natural elements used in modern boho decor make it a fantastic choice for a nursery theme! These colors are calming, but the variety of textures and materials in the Boho style gives it the playful and inviting feel you want in a nursery!

02. Cozy & Cuddly Bears

A bear-themed nursery with a warm brown and beige crib and decor with bear stuffed animals and mobile

Could there be a more perfect theme for a nursery than cozy and cuddly bears? 

This theme is not only so adorable, it’s also super versatile! I love the soft brown tones and fluffy teddy bear decor here, but you can really play around with this theme and make it your own.

Pair black bear wall art with black furniture and touches of black decor throughout the room. Or add splashes of color with forest green and shades of blue. No matter what direction you choose to go with, a bear theme is both classic and cute!

03. Beachy Vibes

A checkerboard style nursery with neutral-colored ocean details and a large black and white checkerboard rug

Love all things sun and sand? 

Make your little one’s space feel personal by channeling beachy vibes in their nursery.

04. Calming Celestial

A celestial-themed nursery with a cloudy sky blue wall, white furniture, and a star and moon mobile

Who knew a celestial theme and a nursery room could be a match made in heaven?

I adore the cloudy, light blue accent wall. The soft lighting also adds to the theme, and I can’t forget to mention the adorable mobile. 

If you want to add a brighter feel to a celestial-themed room, I recommend adding a sun decal on the wall. Alternatively, if you love the low lighting and darker vibe, go for a starry night sky as an accent wall. 

05. Cottage Decor

A cottage-themed nursery with vintage furniture and decor and rich earthy tones

Since cottage core has been trending within the last few years, you might not be surprised to see this one on the list of popular nursery themes in 2024. But while this aesthetic is totally on-trend in 2024, it’s also still a timeless and classic choice. 

I love that cottage core is an easy aesthetic to achieve. Start by infusing touches of nature into the space with plants, landscape art, and botanical or floral prints. And adding vintage flair is a must with this decor style – such as the moody earth tones and brass-colored crib here!

06. Playful Puppies

A puppy-themed nursery with bright walls and furniture and dog stuffed animals, wall art, mobile, and rocking horse

When it comes to animal nursery themes, puppies are one of my favorites. And I don’t know which detail I love more – the doggie rocker, the mobile, the wall art? It’s all too cute!

The pastel shades of the rug, wall accent, and furniture pair so well with the light brown tones on the dogs. However, I suggest pops of dusty pink if you’re having a girl and want to stick with traditional colors. Either way, these pup accents really give this nursery a cozy and homey feel!

07. Duck Duck *Goose*

A nursery with goose patterned wallpaper and neutral furniture and decor

If you’re looking for more of a unique but still totally adorable animal theme for your newborn’s room, I think I have the nursery theme for you!

A goose nursery is so fun and cute. I love how the rest of this nursery has a clean and simple aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the goose wallpaper.

Of course, you can easily incorporate more intricate decor styles into this animal nursery theme. Go for a fairytale feel with Mother Goose accents, or choose a nature-inspired goose theme with grassy fields and pond details!

08. Soft Sage Green

A nursery with spring green walls, warm brown furniture, and plants

While I love the classic pinks and blues for a nursery, I also can’t help but love a beautiful shade of green for a modern and soothing space!

And one of the reasons I love a green nursery room is because most shades of this color act as a neutral tone. Both light and dark greens have this effect, so this hue is perfect for someone who wants a colorful room with a timeless feel. 

If you aren’t into the idea of green walls – no problem! Add green into your nursery through plants, rugs, curtains, and accent pieces like pillows and blankets.

09. Moody Vibes

A moody nursery with dark paint, wallpaper, curtains, and other accents

You might not think that a moody aesthetic works for a nursery, but this decor style is definitely a top pick for nursery themes. 

This dark and moody nursery has a soothing vibe. Plus, the shades of brown and plants throughout the room give the space a warm and inviting feel.

If you love this aesthetic but are worried it will be too dark, take inspiration from the photo above! While there are plenty of dark shades, there are also plenty of light accents to balance them out, so make sure to have a balancing contrast to achieve the same look. 

10. Soothing Neutrals

A neutral-colored nursery with white walls and furniture and beige and brown accent pieces

Neutral shades belong in nurseries! Combining colors like ivory, cream, taupe, beige, brown, and black creates a room full of furniture and decor that flows together effortlessly.

Plus, the room won’t be too busy for your newborn and will be a space of tranquility. Much like the Boho theme, you can still create visual interest in the room through textures and shapes.

11. Pretty Pretty Pink

A pink nursery with an accent wall and textured decor

If you’re like me, you love anything pink! And this color might seem too obvious of a pick for a nursery, but it’s really a classic that you really can’t go wrong with.

I am in love with the pink walls here, but don’t be afraid to play around with a color nursery theme like this! I recommend using anything from pink furniture to pink rugs, blankets, and stuffed animals to nail this aesthetic. 

12. Underwater Kingdom

An ocean themed nursery with a seashell mobile and ocean wall decor

This ocean-themed nursery has some serious charm. I love this theme as a way to spark your baby’s curiosity. Exposing them to sea creatures, coral reefs, and the beauty of the ocean at such a young age is sure to help them see all the magic our world has to offer!

Ocean art or a mural wall is a great choice for this nursery theme. You can also introduce natural elements like driftwood, seashells, and snake plants for an underwater seaweed vibe! And, of course, a stuffed whale, starfish, or octopus is a must for this decor style. 

The nursery above has a tranquil, neutral aesthetic that really works with the ocean theme. If you want to add some color, I recommend opting for shades of blue with touches of green and purple. 

13. Classic Plaid Prints

A neutral nursery with grid line wallpaper and plaid accents

Plaid is a timeless print that will always have a place in my heart! And I love how this classic pattern adds a vintage vibe to any room. 

I suggest incorporating plaid in various ways for a nursery room. Pillows, throw blankets, accent walls, rugs, and curtains are great ways to add this print to a space. And pairing a simple grid line pattern with plaid, like in this nursery photo above, is an excellent way to elevate the space!

14. Toile De Jouy

A blue nursery with toile de jouy wallpaper behind a light wooden crib

Toile de Jouy has made its way to the interior design space and isn’t leaving anytime soon! This classic print has actually been popular for years, and I can definitely see why. 

“Cloth from the town of Jouy,” has a stunningly distinct aesthetic. Featuring gorgeous 18th-century inspired art, this pattern will add a sophisticated, vintage feel to your baby’s nursery.

You can find this Toile de Jouy in different colors, so you can easily incorporate it into your nursery whether you go for a blue, pink, green, or neutral palette. And while I am honestly obsessed with this accent wall, you can opt for a more subtle look with pillows, sheets, blankets, or curtains featuring this lovely print.

15.Keep It Classic

A traditional style nursery room with a crib, glider, and classic decor

If you ask me, a traditional nursery theme will never go out of style! This aesthetic is an absolute beauty, and it really is a staple in nursery decor that we can go back to time and time again. It has a cozy and comforting appeal for babies but is still charming and whimsical. 

Some of my favorite features of traditional nursery decor include soft and inviting tones, wallpaper, antique accents, and timeless, elegant details. And if you have any baby or decor items that have been passed down through your family, you should absolutely include them in your traditional nursery!

16. Vintage Charm

A nursery room with vintage warm neutral furniture and decor

If you love the idea of adding some vintage flair to your nursery, you might love the idea of a vintage themed nursery! 

To me, antiques and vintage pieces have an elevated aesthetic while also being so cozy. Not to mention that vintage pieces and details have so much character. 

I think soft, muted tones look stunning in a vintage space – I’m talking cream, beige, and ivory. But I love the contrast of the richer wood tones and black furniture in these vintage nursery photos, so don’t be afraid to add some deep, moody shades for a lovely contrast! You should also opt for classic prints on rugs, wallpaper, and curtains to fit the antiqued look. 

And speaking of antiques, shopping in thrift stores, estate sales, and antique markets are all fantastic ways to find the pieces you’ll need to create your vintage nursery room!

A nursery room with black and white vintage furniture and decor

17. Crisp White

A white nursery with floral wallpaper, a princess canopy over a crib, and cloud pillows and stuffed animals

Some people may think a white nursery room won’t have much personality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Choosing a white nursery theme makes it easy to mix and match different furniture and accents without worrying about everything clashing!

I adore this nursery room above! The pops of grey, beige, and cream add visual interest without taking away from the white aesthetic. Plus, the cool-toned wood paired with various patterns and textures make this room an interesting space for a developing newborn to look at!

18. Woodland Aesthetic

A woodland-themed nursery with woodland wallpaper, woodland creature stuffed animals, and art

A woodland aesthetic is honestly so cute – how could anyone not love this as a nursery theme? 

This is one of the best themes if you love a combined animal and nature aesthetic. Woody, earthy colors are perfect for this space, but you can still keep the room bright by choosing a white or soft beige to pair with the darker tones. 

I love the vintage style of this woodland nursery above, although you can also go for more of a light-hearted, whimsical vibe with this theme. Overall, a woodland theme has a playful feel, and your baby will love growing up in a room like this!

19. World Travel

A world travel-themed nursery room featuring globes, hot air balloons, and warm neutrals

And last on the list of top nursery themes is a fun and daring world travel theme! If you want to instill a sense of adventure and curiosity into your little one, this would be my top pick for you. 

I love the small globe on the dresser, but if you want to go bold, you can always opt for a large map on the wall or even map-patterned wallpaper. Hot air balloons add so much whimsy and playfulness, making these details perfect for a world travel room. Other accents you could consider are trains and airplanes or biplanes – these will give the room a slightly different vibe but will still fit the aesthetic. 

Some other nursery decorations that would work here are vintage luggage sets and wall art of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, or the Great Wall of China!

Wrapping Up

Setting up your baby’s nursery can be so much fun, and you can add even more magic to the experience with a sweet and whimsical nursery theme. I hope this list inspires you and you’ve found a theme to make your nursery special for you and your baby!

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