11+ Gorgeous, Practical Nursery Side Tables I Love (For *Every* Budget!)

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Searching for some cute nursery side tables to choose from for the special room you’re putting together for your little one?

There’s no doubt that putting together a nursery is one of the most special, and rewarding, parts of planning for little one, but from nursery furniture to decor to choosing the perfect theme – there sure is a lot to decide on.

That’s why today, I’m rounding up my very favorite, stylish nursery side tables that will not only look adorable in your little one’s space, but serve the purpose well, too.

Let’s take a peek

How To Choose a Nursery Side Table

Choosing the right nursery side table for your baby’s room is an important part of designing your nursery.

It won’t take you long to realize that you’re going to need somewhere to put your phone down, rest your cup of coffee, and maybe even put your baby’s lamp or sound machine on.

Here are a few tips and important considerations to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

When choosing a nursery side table, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Shape – You’ve probably noticed round end tables are most commonly used in baby rooms, and for good reason – because gliders are often set up in the corner of the nursery, a round end table allows fits nicely in the corner and allows for you to swivel from left to right (whereas a square table restricts this movement).
  • Right height – Aim for a side table that is close in height to your chair or glider so that you can easily reach items on the table without having to shift too much in your seat .
  • Durable material – Avoid materials like glass that can become a safety hazard once babe starts crawling (which may be sooner than you think!).
  • Broad base – Try to avoid tables with a slim base and heavier top, as they’re easier to knock over – another safety hazard for little crawling babes.
  • Quiet – If you are considering a metal side table, I recommend finding a thin mat to lay on top of it so that when if you set something down on it while your baby’s sleeping in your arms, the noise won’t wake them.

My Favorite Nursery Side Tables

Here are my very favorite classy, neutral and sweet nursery side tables that I know you’ll love:


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