13+ *Gorgeous* 2024 Nursery Trends (That I’m Obsessed With)

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Planning to put together your dream nursery in 2024? Get inspired with my list of top 2024 nursery trends that will help you create the perfect room for your bundle of joy!

Are you gathering inspiration and ideas for a new nursery in 2024? First of all – congratulations, mama! 

Whether this is your first or third baby, creating a beautiful, peaceful space for your mini-me is quite the task. While this is one of the most fun ways to prepare your home for your newborn, it can still feel overwhelming at times. 

So, I’m here to help inspire you with a list of *gorgeous* 2024 nursery trends that I seriously cannot get enough of. With everything from on-trend colors to patterns to wall decor, this list of nursery design ideas will help you create a stunning, chic, and modern space for your new baby!

01. Bouclé


Boucle is big right now! And seeing the soft and cozy vibes it adds to this room, I totally get why. I love this plush-looking fabric, and it’s perfect for adding some gorgeous texture to any space. This is especially great if you prefer neutral palettes and want to add visual interest without having a colorful room. 

While this boucle nursery glider is so stunning, you can add boucle details via mobiles, accent pillows, blankets, and even diaper caddies! However, if you’re in love with the look of a boucle glider, I’ve got you covered. Check out my post on the best nursery gliders to find the perfect textured chair for your nursery. 

02. Minimalism


Minimalism has been growing in popularity for years now. This concept of “less is more” has become a way of life for many – myself included!

Many parents have hopped on this trend to give their children the gift of peace and tranquility with a thoughtfully designed minimalist room. And I don’t see this trend going away in 2024.

A simple and uncluttered room allows children to focus on tasks more easily, find value in the items they do have, and it can also help them learn to manage their own space better. If you like the sound of that, a beautiful, minimalist nursery may be the way to go!

03. Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpaper


What a stunning way to add beauty and character to your nursery!

Wallpaper has definitely had a comeback within the last few years, and this wall decor is a fantastic way to personalize your baby’s space. Whether you want florals, rainbows, animal art, or anything in between – there’s a wallpaper out there that can help bring your nursery vision to life. 

And I love this as a renter-friendly way to elevate your nursery. So, if you aren’t in your forever home yet, this is a great way to add style to this space. 

04. Crib Mobiles


Mobiles are an excellent addition to your nursery for more reasons than one. 

Not only are mobiles a cute piece of decor, but they can be soothing, entertaining, and mentally stimulating for your growing baby! I love this neutral animal mobile pictured above, but there are many styles to choose from, and you can easily find a mobile that matches the aesthetic of your nursery. 

As with any piece of baby gear, make sure your mobile is up to regulations and always follow the instructions when installing it. 

05. Retro Vibes


Vintage style is more popular than ever, and honestly – I’m here for it!

Retro home decor is perfect for adding charm and personality to any room. And even though the 90s are having their comeback moment, you can give your nursery a retro feel by pulling inspiration from any era. 

This is also a top choice for anyone who loves eco-friendly or frugal living since thrifting is the best way to find retro furniture, home decor, and clothing. 

06. Cottage Core


This is one of my favorite 2024 nursery trends! Cottagecore has this elegant and timeless look that I can’t help but swoon over, but it also has a whimsical vibe that’s perfect for a nursery. 

There are so many ways to incorporate this style into your baby’s room. Opt for rich, earthy colors, natural materials, and plants or flowers. You can even take this a step further by adding toys, stuffed animals, and books that add to this aesthetic. 

07. Plaid & Gingham Patterns


Can you ever go wrong with a classic pattern like plaid or gingham? If you ask me, these prints will always be in style, and they add a timeless feel to this nursery. 

Just like with the textured boucle fabric, gingham and plaid are a fantastic way to add character to a neutral palette room. I love how the gingham walls in the photo above give the room a playful and unique look, but the color palette is still so calming and cohesive. 

If you don’t want to make a statement with a patterned wall, no worries! You can still find stylish ways to add plaid or gingham to your nursery. Blankets, pillows, upholstered furniture, rugs, or curtains can all be used to add patterns to a room in a more subtle way.

08. Mixing Patterns


Speaking of adding patterns to a nursery, why not elevate your child’s space with a mix of patterns and prints?

I recommend choosing a color scheme before you start decorating with multiple prints. That way, even with mixed patterns, you can still get a chic and unified look. And choosing one simple print to pair with a more complex pattern is a great way to add depth and visual interest to the room. 

09. Baby Name Bonanza


Though nursery baby name signs have been red hot for a handful of years now, this trend of adding special, personalized pieces to your little one’s nursery is still on the rise. 

Beyond the mega-popular wood baby name sign, the simple canvas baby name banner and classic felt baby name pennant are also mainstays in nurseries far and wide. 

But it doesn’t stop there. On Etsy, you’ll find that you can put your little one’s name onto anything you can dream up. 


One of my favorites is a hand-embroidered swaddle blanket that can be draped over the crib for decor. And I’m in love with those wooden baby name puzzles that not only serve as decor but also as a fun toy in years to come.

10. Vintage Art Prints


Vintage art prints have a charming, elegant aesthetic that quickly upgrades your space. 

I love the warm and nostalgic vibe that comes from vintage art, and your precious baby is sure to love looking at these gorgeous prints. You can choose nature-inspired art, architectural prints, animal designs, or anything in between. So, no matter what aesthetic you choose for your nursery, you’re sure to find a lovely mix of vintage art that will complement your space.

Something else I love about using art prints as decor is that it’s easy to change out framed art to update your decor or mix things up. 

11. Neutrals


While newborns, babies, and toddlers all need mental and visual stimulation in their space, it’s been proven that neutral colors are best for a calm and peaceful environment. 

Not to mention that choosing neutral shades for your walls, curtains, and furniture helps create a stylish and cohesive space. Neutral tones are perfect as the base for your nursery palette and create a lovely canvas for pops of colors and patterns for your finished look. 

12. Empire Lamp Shades


Maybe it’s due to the popularity of vintage styles, but this traditional design for a lampshade is definitely having a moment, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in 2024.

I love the way this traditional style lamp adds a subtle contrast in a modern room. It’s little details like this that add depth and elevate a space. And you can go with a small table lamp like the one above, a floor lamp, or even wall sconces with an empire lampshade. 

13. Walnut Furniture


I adore dark, rich wood tones. And clearly, I’m not the only one since this is another nursery trend that will be hot in 2024!

Walnut furniture is classic and timeless, adding a sophisticated look to any room. And if you plan to go with neutral colors like beige, taupe, sand, or cream – this dark shade will add a stunning contrast and an inviting warmth to the space. 

You can easily find walnut nursery furniture sets or choose one dark accent piece like this dresser above. If you plan to mix light and dark wood furniture, you can still have a matching aesthetic by opting for all cool-toned or all warm-toned pieces.

14. Round Lines


Have you ever wondered… what came first? The Leanne Ford and Crate & Barrel collab or the mega-trend of rounded lines in nursery furniture? 

While the collection isn’t all curves and arches, it includes plenty of gorgeous round-line pieces. Like the Natural Wide Dresser pictured above, the Canyon Spindle Crib, and the Snoozer Boucle Nursery Glider. These curved silhouettes have a soft and calming vibe, making them a must-have for a tranquil space for your little one. Not to mention, round lines are safer for little ones who are walking and (sometimes) stumbling. 

This designer line from Crate & Barrel isn’t the only place you can find curved-line furniture. Pottery Barn and West Elm are some of my favorite places to find beautiful and trendy nursery furniture like this. 

15. Layered Rugs


Using layered rugs is such an easy way to add complexity and interest to your space!

This technique works whether you have a minimalist or maximalist decor. And the combination of textures, patterns, and colors is a fun way to create a unique and personalized look.

Layered rugs give off a warm and cozy vibe, so I recommend using this design style under your glider or in your baby’s play space.

16. Simple Line Art


Simple line art is perfect as nursery decor because it stimulates a child’s creativity and imagination.

This minimalist art style adds a touch of playfulness and whimsy without overwhelming the space. And one of the best things about this art style is that these delicate sketches can easily be incorporated into any decor theme or color scheme.

So whether you have an animal theme or floral decor, you can add simple line art prints as a finishing touch to your little ones’ room.

17. Green is the New Black


I think the title really says it all – green is the new black!

Lately, we’ve all seen the shift in interior design with a desire to bring natural colors and elements indoors, creating a calming oasis in our homes. So, from soft sage green to moody forest green, this color has been all over my social media and is sure to continue being a dominating hue in 2024.

Whether you go for green wall paint, wallpaper, furniture, rugs, or curtains – this is a color you really can’t go wrong with. 

Love this idea? Check out our entire round-up of gorgeous sage green nursery ideas right here.


18. Beadboard


Gone are the days of plain, white walls! Not only are warm-toned walls and patterned wallpaper in style, but textured accents like beadboard are a big trend as well. 

I love the contrast between smooth walls and lined wooden paneling. This decor style is another excellent way to add depth and dimension to a room with neutral colors or a minimalist style. However, it can also complement more complex designs like the one pictured above. 

Check out our entire collection of beadboard & wainscoting nursery inspo.

19. Warm Pinks


Pink has been a classic color choice for nurseries for decades. But now we’re seeing a shift towards warm, soothing shades like dusty rose and powder pink. These whimsical pastel hues are perfect to add to any soft and cozy nursery color palette. They also pair well with colors like grey, beige, and cream for a soothing but inviting aesthetic.


I absolutely adore the look of the pink walls pictured above. But you can also add smaller pops of pink throughout the nursery with stuffed animals, blankets, wall art, and more!


20. Checkerboard Patterns

And last but not least, one of the 2024 nursery trends we’re all sure to see plenty of is the super trendy checkerboard patterned look. 

This classic pattern can definitely add some character to a space. But it still has a calming and relaxed vibe that you want in a nursery. 

Plus, this print is easy to incorporate into a room. You can go for a daring and dynamic aesthetic with checkerboard wallpaper, curtains, or rugs. But if you prefer more of an understated look, I recommend adding this pattern via blankets, pillows, or wall art. 


The 2024 nursery trends are all about creating a cozy and personalized space for your little one. And something I love about these trends is how they incorporate timeless colors, patterns, and styles to help you create a nursery that will look stunning for years to come.

Plus, you can easily mix and match so many of these trends. So, there are endless possibilities to make your newborn’s room an inviting, unique space that you both can enjoy.

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