75+ Seriously Handsome Middle Names for Lucas That You Need to Hear

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On the hunt for some good, strong middle names for Lucas to add to your list? Then you’re in the right place.

About the Name Lucas

A decade ago, in the early 1900s, the name Lucas barely cracked the baby name charts in the US.

It wasn’t until 1980 that it broke through into the top 100 most popular baby names for boys.

While it varied in popularity for a few decades, the name Lucas then began its sharp climb to the top, becoming one of the ten most popular names in the United States for boys.

So, why are so many parents drawn to the name Lucas?

Perhaps it’s the fact some version of the name is found across a number of different cultures and languages, such as Greek, Italian, Spanish and French.

Or, maybe it’s the name’s Biblical roots that have contributed to its popularity.

Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain – the name Lucas is one that has become loved and favored by many.

So, what better way to make the name Lucas personal, special and unique, than to pair it with a strong, meaningful middle name?

Let’s get started – 

Middle Names That Go With Lucas

Here are a few middle name ideas for Lucas from each genre:

  • Classic: Charles, James, Joshua, Henry
  • Biblical: Jude, Josiah, Elijah, Isaiah
  • Popular: Oliver, Hudson, Liam, Mark
  • Unique: Wilde, Arlo, Jett, Lennon
  • Country: Wyatt, Hunter, Logan, Ford

The Best Middle Names for Lucas

Here are my favorite middle names for Lucas:

  • Lucas Charles
  • Lucas Benjamin
  • Lucas Jude
  • Lucas Jack
  • Lucas Sawyer
  • Lucas Lane
  • Lucas Dean
  • Lucas Malachi
  • Lucas Tate
  • Lucas Niall
  • Lucas James
  • Lucas Ezra
  • Lucas Cain
  • Lucas Logan
  • Lucas Hunter
  • Lucas Theodore
  • Lucas Austin
  • Lucas Heath
  • Lucas Andrew
  • Lucas Hudson
  • Lucas Walter
  • Lucas Alfie
  • Lucas Leverett
  • Lucas Oscar
  • Lucas Arlo
  • Lucas Camden
  • Lucas Rupert
  • Lucas Henrik
  • Lucas Grey
  • Lucas Connor
  • Lucas Finn
  • Lucas Joshua
  • Lucas Cole
  • Lucas Caleb
  • Lucas Wells
  • Lucas Josiah
  • Lucas Henry
  • Lucas Crew
  • Lucas Callum
  • Lucas Lincoln
  • Lucas Owen
  • Lucas Filip
  • Lucas Liam
  • Lucas Levi
  • Lucas Phillip
  • Lucas William
  • Lucas Ford
  • Lucas Cade
  • Lucas Wyatt
  • Lucas Sebastian
  • Lucas Alfred
  • Lucas Rhett
  • Lucas Eli
  • Lucas Elijah
  • Lucas Isaiah
  • Lucas Cru
  • Lucas Beau
  • Lucas Everett
  • Lucas Mark
  • Lucas Hayden
  • Lucas Leo
  • Lucas Harrison
  • Lucas Erik
  • Lucas Emmett
  • Lucas Samuel
  • Lucas Josiah
  • Lucas Lennon
  • Lucas Ezekiel
  • Lucas Cooper
  • Lucas Jett
  • Lucas Caden
  • Lucas Byron
  • Lucas Elliott
  • Lucas Hayes
  • Lucas Arlo
  • Lucas Daniel

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