105+ Uncommon *Hand-Picked* Middle Names for Levi You’ll Absolutely Adore

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About the Name Levi

I love the name Levi. It is such a strong name for boys.

Choosing a middle name for your little one is such a special task.

If you’re looking for inspiration as you search through ideas for middle names for Levi, you can start with the name’s meaning – which is united or joined, and build from there.

Not quite set on Levi? I’ve also included my favorite names that are similar to Levi, (names like Levi), too.

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With this in mind, I love a middle name with the word ‘ever‘ in it because the full name essentially means ‘joined together, forever’ in its entirety. As a mama, that idea just fills my heart so full, I can’t handle it! Some middle names for Levi that achieve this idea include Everett, Everest and even simply Ever. What a special, unique name. Levi Ever.

Because the name Levi is a biblical boy’s name, I love the idea of pairing it with another similar name. I think it just goes so well together, and I feel it creates such a strong name. (If you like this idea, I’ve put together a whole list of my favorite Biblical boy’s names that you can take a peek at, too!)

35+ Unique Biblical Boys Names That You’ll Totally Fall in Love With

Names Like Levi

Here are some of my favorite baby boy names like Levi:

  • Eli
  • Elijah
  • Isaiah
  • Noah
  • Leo
  • Leon
  • Liam
  • Lincoln
  • Lucas
  • Ezra
  • Joah
  • Jude
  • Caleb
  • Milo
  • Finn
  • Theo
  • Miles

Names That Go with Levi

When choosing a middle name for Levi, besides pairing it with Biblical names, I also like using vintage boys names which are quickly becoming more popular choices.

Because I’ve both travelled and lived in Europe at different times, I  love adding an old English or Scandinavian flair to the name Liam, too.

Of course, no names list is complete without a few super unique and rare names, as well as just a handful of commonly used boys names, too – just to round it out.

Here are a few middle name ideas for Levi from each genre:

  • Unique: Wilde, Scout, Legend, Lake, Roux, Fable
  • Old Fashioned: Oswald, Charles, Ansel, Wilford, Leo, Theodore, Charlie, Henry
  • Biblical: Cain, Luke, Noah, Judah, Gideon, Israel, Malachi, Elijah, Josiah, Jericho
  • European: Townes, Heath, Arlo, Oslo, Frederick
  • Popular: Oliver, Hudson, Jack, James

My Favorite Middle Names for Levi

Here’s my list of the best names that go with Levi:

  • Levi Fable
  • Levi Lars
  • Levi Roux
  • Levi Elijah
  • Levi Oswald
  • Levi Miles
  • Levi Charles
  • Levi Ansel
  • Levi Cain
  • Levi Everett
  • Levi Luke

  • Levi Jett
  • Levi Noah
  • Levi Judah
  • Levi Archer
  • Levi Beau
  • Levi Logan
  • Levi Elijah
  • Levi Huxley
  • Levi Wade
  • Levi Kane
  • Levi West
  • Levi Gideon

  • Levi Wilford
  • Levi August
  • Levi Cru
  • Levi Oliver
  • Levi Joshua
  • Levi Earnest
  • Levi Kit
  • Levi Isaiah
  • Levi William
  • Levi Jude
  • Levi Jack
  • Levi Beckett
  • Levi George
  • Levi Ford

  • Levi Leo
  • Levi Lennon
  • Levi Archie
  • Levi Arlo
  • Levi Nash
  • Levi Israel
  • Levi Wyatt
  • Levi True
  • Levi Malachi
  • Levi Theodore
  • Levi Milo
  • Levi Cade

  • Levi Hudson
  • Levi Charlie
  • Levi Wilder
  • Levi Beauden
  • Levi Crew
  • Levi Luca
  • Levi Lennox
  • Levi October
  • Levi Josiah
  • Levi Jasper
  • Levi Townes
  • Levi Oslo

  • Levi Hayes
  • Levi Legend
  • Levi Rhett
  • Levi Everest
  • Levi Gus
  • Levi Cash
  • Levi Henry
  • Levi Lake
  • Levi Easton
  • Levi Gage
  • Levi Jed

  • Levi Heath
  • Levi Frederick
  • Levi Lane
  • Levi Lowell
  • Levi Alfie
  • Levi Dean
  • Levi Henrik
  • Levi Lawrence
  • Levi Lucas
  • Levi Scout
  • Levi James
  • Levi Jericho

  • Levi Wells
  • Levi Mason
  • Levi Wilde
  • Levi Cole
  • Levi Winston
  • Levi Elliott
  • Levi Nicholas
  • Levi Otis
  • Levi Hosea
  • Levi Caden
  • Levi Knox
  • Levi Lincoln
  • Levi Tate

Middle Names for Levi – TL;DR

And there you have it. From Biblical to unique, popular to vintage – there are so many unique boys names that go so well with Levi.

How do you feel about the middle names for Levi that I’ve chosen?

Have you found one that you love?

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