75+ Hand-Picked Middle Names for Elijah That You Haven’t Heard Yet

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On the hunt for the perfect middle name for Elijah?

Choosing a middle name for your sweet little babe is one of the most special and meaningful task every parent-to-be will take on, so it’s no wonder it’s a bit of a process.

That’s why today, I’m sharing my hand-picked list of sweet, strong and unique middle names for Elijah – and even my favorite names like Elijah, just in case you aren’t completely certain about the name Elijah quite yet!

About The Name Elijah

Most people will probably already know that Elijah is a name that comes from the Bible originally, but what’s probably less common knowledge is the story behind the name.

In the Bible, Elijah was one of the first, and greatest, prophets. He was a bold, courageous man that stood up for the truth and came to be known for the deep trust he put in God.

What a truly beautiful story behind the name Elijah.

Can I share something that surprised me?

Elijah was actually the fourth most popular name in the US in 2020. In fact, since 2016, the name Elijah has held fast in the top 10 most popular names for boys – definitely a popular one.

How To Choose A Middle Name for Elijah

There are a number of different ways to approach choosing a middle name for your little one.

Classically, a middle name has been used to honor someone in the family by carrying their name on. A name with an important meaning can also be given to your little one as a way of encouraging their future. And in some cases, of course, it’s just whatever you love the sound of.

In choosing middle names for Elijah, I went a few different directions.

If you’ve explored any of my other middle name lists, you’ll know that I love using repeating sounds – in this case, the e sound in Elijah can be mimicked with an e, o and a. For example – Elijah Oliver, Elijah Everett, Elijah Archer.

I also love complimenting the essence of the first name.

For those who love the name Elijah because it’s a Biblical name, I think adding a second name from the Bible makes for a really strong pair. Elijah Jude, Elijah Lucas, Elijah Cain.

(If you like this idea, I’ve put together a whole list of my favorite Biblical boy’s names that you can take a peek at, too!)

35+ Unique Biblical Boys Names That You’ll Totally Fall in Love With

For parents who have added Elijah to their shortlist because it’s just ‘so hot right now‘ (did I just date myself with that reference?) – I’ve paired the name Elijah with another modern name like Elijah Ford, Elijah Nash, Elijah Finn.

A little something for everyone.

Names Like Elijah

Before we dive into my list of middle names for Elijah, as promised, here is a list of boys names like Elijah – just in case you aren’t completely set on Elijah quite yet:

  • Isaiah
  • Eli
  • Judah
  • Zachariah
  • Levi
  • Jeremiah
  • Josiah
  • Tobias
  • Noah
  • Elias
  • Elliott
  • Ellis

The Best Middle Names for Elijah

If you’ve really dug into your research and also taken a peek at a few other lists of middle names for Elijah, you’ve probably come across an article or two with hundreds upon hundreds of boys names, all randomly listed away.

That’s not what this list is.

Every single name that I’ve added on to this list has been thoughtfully and meaningfully hand-picked and paired with Elijah.

In creating this list, it truly is my hope that I’m able to share some unique and lovely names that you can genuinely see yourself using for your sweet little one.

I’ve marked the middle names that are Bible-based with a sun.

Here are my favorite middle names for Elijah:

  • Elijah Brooks
  • Elijah Ford
  • Elijah Hayes
  • Elijah Huxley
  • Elijah Finn
  • Elijah Henry
  • Elijah Levi ☀️
  • Elijah James
  • Elijah Nash
  • Elijah Nicholas
  • Elijah Cade
  • Elijah Miles
  • Elijah Oliver
  • Elijah Wells
  • Elijah Hunter
  • Elijah Emory
  • Elijah Sutton
  • Elijah Emmett
  • Elijah Rupert
  • Elijah Knox
  • Elijah Easton
  • Elijah Samuel
  • Elijah Everett
  • Elijah Arlo
  • Elijah Byron
  • Elijah Linus
  • Elijah Elliott
  • Elijah Colt
  • Elijah William
  • Elijah Lucas ☀️
  • Elijah Leo
  • Elijah Lincoln
  • Elijah Charles
  • Elijah Cole
  • Elijah Milo
  • Elijah Cain ☀️
  • Elijah Knox
  • Elijah Hayden
  • Elijah Rhett
  • Elijah Tatum
  • Elijah Weston
  • Elijah Archer
  • Elijah Beau
  • Elijah Jack
  • Elijah Levi
  • Elijah Jude ☀️
  • Elijah Dean
  • Elijah Charlie
  • Elijah Heath
  • Elijah Lane
  • Elijah Jett
  • Elijah True
  • Elijah Crew
  • Elijah Jake
  • Elijah Rory
  • Elijah Gideon ☀️
  • Elijah Kane
  • Elijah Tate
  • Elijah Sage
  • Elijah Jasper
  • Elijah Archie
  • Elijah Mason
  • Elijah Gage
  • Elijah Theodore
  • Elijah West
  • Elijah Oscar
  • Elijah Grey
  • Elijah Hudson
  • Elijah Ethan
  • Elijah Isaac ☀️
  • Elijah George
  • Elijah Luke ☀️
  • Elijah Aaron
  • Elijah Aiden
  • Elijah Kade
  • Elijah Arthur
  • Elijah Lennox

Middle Names for Elijah – TL;DR

How did I do? Did you add any of these to your list of baby names?

Which middle names are you considering for Elijah?

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