105+ Precious Middle Names for Noah That’ll Melt Your Heart

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Looking for middle names for Noah?

I’ve scoured dozens of lists and baby name books to come up with my very favorites, so you’re in the right place!

Let’s get to it! – 

Isn’t choosing your baby’s name one of the most special parts of the journey into parenthood? 

Your baby’s name will be with them every day for their entire life. 

It will be what they introduce themselves with on their first day of school. 

What the dean recites as they walk across the stage to celebrate their achievement. 

It will be what the officiant reads as they commit their life to the one they love. 

Heck, if you choose the right one, their name may even be passed down to the next generation.

And so, it is with such careful and loving consideration that a name should be chosen. A first name, and a middle name. 

If you have already decided on Noah, well, congratulations! 

You’re halfway there. 

My hope is that in exploring this list of my favourite, hand-picked middle names for Noah, that you find one that makes your heart go pitter patter.

One worthy of being read on a very special occasion, sometime soon. 

About The Name Noah

When my husband and I set out to name our son, Noah was one of our top considerations. I just love it.

But, why?

What’s in a name?

The name Noah, to me, holds a whole lot of meaning. The story of Noah in the Bible is one of honour, trust, and promise.

In Genesis, God makes a promise to Noah (that He will never again destroy the earth with a flood.)

And the symbol of that promise is a rainbow.

12-13 The rainbow that I have put in the sky will be my sign to you and to every living creature on earth. It will remind you that I will keep this promise forever. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, and a rainbow appears in the sky, 15 I will remember my promise to you and to all other living creatures.

Genesis 8:11 further explains that a dove carrying an olive branch was used to let Noah know that the floodwaters had receded and that God’s promise had come true;

11 When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.

If I were planning the nursery for a baby Noah, I would totally bring those elements in to the design. Rainbow nursery decor is super trendy right now, and incorporating a few rainbow elements and a faux olive tree in the corner would be just so sweet.

How special would it be able to one day explain to your little one the meaning behind these pieces in their nursery?

So sweet.

How To Choose A Middle Name for Noah

Choosing a middle name for Noah is no simple feat.

While I was studying marketing in university, I remember going to a talk put on by the school of retail.

One of the directors of the school was running a research study on naming and developing brands that stick, and came to find that one of the sounds that we are most drawn to is repetition.

You’ll notice that many times, when there is a repeating consonant, such as in Noah Nicholas, it just has a nice ring to it.

So I’ve included a few of those.

Because Noah, as I’ve mentioned, is a Biblical name, I’ve also included some middle names that feature another character from the Bible.

I’ve mixed in some new, more uncommon names, such as Noah Wyatt, with some more traditional, Noah Henry.

All in all, I feel as though there is a wonderful little mix of names to choose from, and truly hope that you find one you love!

Names Like Noah

Love the name Noah, but still keeping your options open? Here are some more names like Noah to inspire you: 

  • Noe
  • Levi
  • Milo
  • Liam
  • Leo
  • Judah
  • Elijah
  • Isaiah
  • Nash
  • Nolan
  • Noel

Middle Names That Go With Noah

  • Biblical: Noah Eli, Noah Ezra, Noah Jude, Noah Elijah, Noah Isaiah
  • Classic: Noah Henry, Noah Benjamin, Noah Theodore, Noah Lucas, Noah James
  • Modern: Noah Arlo, Noah Milo, Noah Finn, Noah Asher, Noah Everett
  • Rustic: Noah Wyatt, Noah Weston, Noah Rhett, Noah Beau, Noah Knox

The Best Middle Names for Noah

After scouring over 1,000+ baby names, here are the best middle names for Noah that I just can’t stop thinking about.

As always, my top picks are marked with a heart.

The Biblical names are marked with a little rainbow.

Here are my absolute favourite middle names for Noah:

  • Noah Henry ❤️
  • Noah Jackson
  • Noah Theodore ❤️
  • Noah Samuel
  • Noah Wyatt ❤️
  • Noah Isaac ⋒
  • Noah Ezra ⋒
  • Noah Charles

  • Noah Israel
  • Noah Nathan
  • Noah Eli ❤️ ⋒
  • Noah Miles
  • Noah Gus
  • Noah Jack
  • Noah Archie
  • Noah Nicholas ❤️
  • Noah Brooks
  • Noah Cale
  • Noah Emmett
  • Noah August
  • Noah Burke
  • Noah Archer

  • Noah Everett ❤️
  • Noah Elliott
  • Noah Cade
  • Noah Alfred
  • Noah Rhett
  • Noah Henrik
  • Noah Andrew
  • Noah Matteo
  • Noah Phinneaus
  • Noah Tate ❤️
  • Noah Emerson
  • Noah Abel
  • Noah Isaiah ⋒
  • Noah Walter
  • Noah Beckett
  • Noah Remi
  • Noah Ansel
  • Noah Jed
  • Noah Beau ❤️
  • Noah Jasper
  • Noah Lane ❤️
  • Noah Aden
  • Noah Cain
  • Noah Niels
  • Noah Gregory
  • Noah Ezekiel ⋒
  • Noah Ayden
  • Noah Lucas ❤️ ⋒
  • Noah Leo
  • Noah Riley
  • Noah Wilde
  • Noah Stephen
  • Noah Otis
  • Noah Westley

  • Noah Jasper
  • Noah Sawyer
  • Noah William
  • Noah Peter
  • Noah Grey
  • Noah Lincoln
  • Noah Willis
  • Noah Jude ❤️ ⋒
  • Noah Wesley
  • Noah Hayden ❤️
  • Noah Levi ⋒
  • Noah Cole
  • Noah Sebastian
  • Noah Luca
  • Noah Julian
  • Noah Wyatt ❤️
  • Noah James ❤️ ⋒
  • Noah Alexander
  • Noah Ford
  • Noah Sage
  • Noah Tauren
  • Noah Weston
  • Noah Wade

  • Noah Quinn
  • Noah Wilder
  • Noah Hayes ❤️
  • Noah Peyton
  • Noah Porter
  • Noah Rhys
  • Noah Earl
  • Noah Finnegan
  • Noah Wells
  • Noah Emmanuel ⋒
  • Noah Kade
  • Noah Charlie ❤️
  • Noah Rory
  • Noah Quincy
  • Noah Kane
  • Noah Gideon ⋒
  • Noah Finley
  • Noah Wiley
  • Noah Jett
  • Noah Huntley
  • Noah Nash
  • Noah Roux
  • Noah Josiah
  • Noah Knox
  • Noah Heath
  • Noah Finn
  • Noah Dean ❤️

Middle Names for Noah – TL;DR

Well, my gosh. There sure are a lot of red hearts on that list. Can you tell I like the name Noah? Ha!

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What do you think? Did you find one that sounds right to you? Which middle names are you considering for Noah?

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