25+ *Ridiculously Cute* Boy Baby Shower Themes (2024)

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Searching for boy baby shower themes in 2024? You’ll love these super modern and cute baby shower themes for boys, hand-picked by our team!

It’s time to sprinkle a touch of magic and a whole lot of charm into the party that’s all about that little bundle of joy on the way. From wild adventures to the ocean floor and so much more… get ready to dive into a world of imagination, because planning the perfect boy baby shower is about to become your favorite adventure! 

We’ve gathered a treasure trove of boy baby shower themes that will make your heart skip. You’ll ‘awwww’ with sweetness, you’ll laugh out loud, and most of all – you’ll find the perfect theme to help you celebrate your bouncing baby boy. 

A Little Cowboy Is On The Way

Cowboy boots, horseshoes and hay bales… Cue the denim! It’s time for a cowboy-themed baby shower.

a collage of a little cowboy is on the way baby shower ideas

Image credits cookies | invitation | backdrop


‘A little cowboy is on the way’ is the perfect theme for your little man. You can use cacti, cowboy hats and even a wooden rocking horse to really tie in some fun elements into this cute theme.

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A Little Mushroom Is On The Way

Lush greenery, and natural elements make this little mushroom themed baby shower a great idea for expecting parents who love a neutral color palette.

Image credits cookies | invitations 

If you’re looking for a slightly more neutral theme for your little boy, this is a great theme to consider. Using little red mushrooms for some adorable details really make this theme pop. 

Shop Little Mushroom On The Way:

Classic Blue Baby Shower Theme

The color blue is often associated with baby boys, making it a traditional and fitting choice for a baby shower celebrating the arrival of a little boy.

A blue theme exudes a sense of calmness and elegance, creating a refined and sophisticated atmosphere for the baby shower.


Shop Classic Blue Baby Shower: 

Elegant Toile De Jouy Baby Shower Theme


Bow Baby Shower Theme


Here Comes The Son Boy Baby Shower Theme

The Beatles + a pun… what could be better? If your son is the sunshine in your life, this theme is a great way to welcome him to the world.

a collage of ideas for a here comes the son baby shower

Image credits backdrop | backdrop | cookies | baby shower games

With warm gold and orange tones, this son/sun themed baby shower is totally perfect for a boho chic aesthetic. 

Woodland Animals Boy Baby Shower Theme

Incorporate elements like faux tree stumps, animal figurines, moss, and forest-inspired banners to transform your venue into a woodland wonderland.

Image credits cookies | invitations | decor

Depending on the season and weather, you can choose to host your baby shower outdoors in a park or garden to create a natural woodland setting, or indoors with forest-inspired decorations.

Some decorations and gifts from a woodland animals-themed baby shower can even seamlessly transition into the baby’s nursery decor.

Baby In Bloom Boy Baby Shower Theme


This theme captures the essence of growth and new beginnings, which align perfectly with the journey into parenthood and the upcoming birth of a baby.

Soft pastels, and neutrals can create a gentle and calming color palette that complements the idea of blooming.


Eucalyptus Greenery Baby Shower Theme

The muted and calming color palette of eucalyptus greens, soft grays, and whites evokes a sense of nature and serenity.

Eucalyptus and greenery arrangements have a timeless and classic appeal. You might want to use eucalyptus leaves, ferns, and other greenery elements in your decor. This theme is perfect for a minimalist yet visually appealing setup.


Adventure & Travel-Themed Baby Shower

Having a baby is the greatest adventure of all time. Why not have an adventure & travel themed baby shower?

adventure awaits baby shower cookies

Sweet and clever phrases like Adventure Awaits, Let The Adventure Begin and Our Greatest Adventure are perfect for this theme.

Consider using soft blues and some dreamy white balloons to look like clouds for this theme.

A Wild One Is On The Way Baby Shower Theme

The ‘Wild One’ theme captures a sense of adventure and playfulness, reflecting the upcoming journey of parenthood and the excitement of welcoming a new little boy.


Elements like woodland animals, safari animals, and nature-inspired decor are all great options to enhance the adventurous vibe.

Small adventure-themed party favors, like compasses or mini binoculars are sure to be a smash hit!

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower Theme

Peter Rabbit is a popular choice for a good reason! It’s absolutely adorable.

a collage of ideas for a peter rabbit boy baby shower theme

Image credits cookies | cake | cupcakes

Cute little forest animals meet vintage charm with this Peter Rabbit baby shower theme. You could even serve carrot cake or send your guests home with fun little rabbit garden decorations as party favors!

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

Bears and bees and Tigger too! I love Winnie, how about you?


a collage winnie the pooh baby shower ideas for a boy

Image credits cookies | cake pops | balloons | printable due date calendar

Winnie the Pooh is such a beloved childhood character, it’s a great option for a baby shower. Using blue colors as well as peach, cream and honey creates the perfect color scheme. 

Veggie Garden Baby Shower Theme

Want a totally unique baby shower theme? How about a veggie garden themed party.

veggie garden boy baby shower themes cookies

With some hilarious puns like ‘these parents will be beet’ and ‘little bundle of choy’ there are some cute and hilarious sayings you can use to tie this theme together and have so much fun!

A Little Cutie On The Way 


This baby shower theme is playful, bright and sweet!

Use citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes as decorative elements, along with cutie-themed banners and signage. Serve refreshing drinks like lemonade, limeade, or orange spritzers to tie into the citrus theme.


Lemon-Themed Boy Baby Shower Theme

Another addition to the citrus family of boy baby shower themes, a lemon-themed baby shower. 

Image credits cupcakes | cookies | decor



Baby Q (Barbecue)

Get ready for a punny and playful theme with some fun in the sun and try a Baby-Q themed shower this summer.


Fire up the grill and get ready for a feast! This baby shower theme is perfect if you’re on a budget or entertaining at home. Hosting a BBQ is often much less expensive than offering your guests a catered meal. If your budget is bigger, the sky’s the limit. Throw on some steak and ribs to enjoy a meal fit for a king. 

If you’re looking for a co-ed baby shower, this might be the perfect baby shower theme! Is there anything more dad-like than grillin and chillin?

A Lil Dumpling Is On The Way Baby Shower Theme

If you love dumplings and want a unique shower theme for your little boy, this is the theme for you!

an image of a lil dumpling is on the way baby shower

a collage of lil dumpling on the way baby shower ideas

Image credits invitations | cookies | onesie

We can’t get enough of these dumpling themed cookies, and invitations! A theme like this is one your guests are sure to remember for the rest of their lives.

A Baby Is Brewing Baby Shower Theme

While a baby shower is unquestionably a time to honor the mama-to-be on her journey of pregnancy and welcome baby, sometimes, it’s nice to plan a little nod to dad, too. 


After all – he *is* the one who does all the midnight ice cream runs, right?

‘A baby is brewing’ baby shower theme is great for a co-ed baby shower. If you want the guys to get excited to attend, this is the theme for you!

Slice Slice Baby Pizza-Themed Baby Shower

Time for a pizza party! Add a playful and creative touch that sets your event apart from traditional baby showers.

slice slice baby boy baby shower theme cookies

Traditional baby showers can sometimes feel formal or overly structured. A pizza-themed baby shower brings a relaxed and casual vibe, allowing guests to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves without the pressure of formalities.

Fishing Baby Shower Theme

Oh Bouy! It’s a Boy! If weather permits, you could consider hosting a fishing themed baby shower outdoors, perhaps near a lake or river. 

under the sea baby shower cookies

The fishing theme lends itself well to a natural and rustic aesthetic. You can incorporate elements like wooden decor, fishing nets, and earthy colors to create a cozy and outdoorsy atmosphere.

A Caddy Is On The Way (Golf)

Thinking of hosting your baby shower at the golf club? This is a great location to host a co-ed shower where both men and women will feel welcome.


Your party is guaranteed to be a hole in one with this cute caddy theme. Add a miniature putting green for some friendly competition or try some baby shower games that use golf-balls for this cute party! 

A Little Slugger Is On The Way (Baseball)

Ready to play ball? A baseball themed baby shower is sure to be a home run with your guests!


Grab some peanuts and cracker jacks! Baseball themed balloons and plush balls make for great decorations! DIY your own mega-sized baseball bat props, or check with prop and event rental stores to see what they’ve got in stock for a sporty shower.

#1 Draft Pick On The Way (Football-Themed Baby Shower)


Baby On Board Baby Shower Theme

Surf’s up for this baby on board baby shower theme!

a collage of baby on board baby shower theme ideas

Image credits balloons | cookies | wishes for baby 

Looking for cute baby shower themes that are perfect for the summer months? Take it to the beach! A ‘salty little sweetheart with sandy toes and a sun-kissed nose’ is soon to be part of your family. 

Under The Sea Boy Baby Shower

Is there anything cuter than a nautical theme for little boys?

under the sea boy baby shower themed cookies

An under the sea themed party is a super cute way to incorporate navy and baby blue ocean colors, whales and fish. You’ll have a whale of a time at this style of party. If you love the idea of using the color blue for your baby boy’s shower theme but want an extra unique touch, this is a good idea.

Llama Llama Baby Mama Baby Shower Theme

Ready for a cuteness overload? Llamas are incredibly charming animals, making them a perfect focal point for a baby shower theme.


Llamas are often associated with Southwestern and bohemian aesthetics, allowing you to create unique and chic decor. Did you know that aside from being cute, llamas are known for their nurturing and protective nature, making them a symbol for the journey of motherhood?



Over The Moon Boy Baby Shower Theme

The “Over the Moon” theme brings a sense of magic and wonder to a baby shower.

a balloon garland for an over the moon baby shower
heaven sent baby shower balloons


over the moon baby shower cookies


a collage of over the moon baby shower ideas for boys

Image credits cake | sweets | balloons

The moon and stars theme offers a huge range of decorative opportunities. You can use elements like crescent moon cutouts, hanging stars, and celestial-themed banners to transform the venue into a magical space.

We Can Bear-ly Wait Baby Shower Theme

Cute, cozy and playful… Teddy bears are perfect for a baby shower.


If the baby shower is outdoors, you could have a “teddy bear picnic” with blankets and stuffed bears to create a charming setting. Decor and gifts from a “We Can Bear-ly Wait” baby shower can easily transition into nursery decor if you can’t get enough of this theme.

Obsessed with this theme? Check out this whole collection of our top picks for teddy bear baby shower cakes!


Giraffe Themed Boy Baby Shower Theme

Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or elegant aesthetic, a giraffe theme can be adapted to suit different styles by adjusting the color palette and decor elements.

a balloon backdrop for a giraffe baby shower

Giraffes are such gentle and whimsical creatures, they’re a great animal to incorporate into a baby shower theme. You could even incorporate giraffe-themed quotes and messages that symbolize growth, new beginnings, and the journey into parenthood.

Imagine giraffe-shaped cookies, cupcakes with giraffe toppers, or a cake adorned with a giraffe design… The options are endless!

Mommy-To-Bee Baby Shower Theme


The “Mommy-To-Bee” theme is whimsical and sweet, adding a touch of playfulness to the celebration. Incorporate a cheerful color palette with shades of yellow and black, just like bees and honeycombs. A bee-themed baby shower will have your guests buzzing with delight.


The Office-Themed Baby Shower

Transform your venue into a “Dunder Mifflin” office setting with office supplies, cubicle-style decorations, and paper products reminiscent of the show for this ‘The Office’ baby shower theme.

Create a menu inspired by the show, such as “Schrute Farms Beet Salad,” “Michael Scott’s Pretzel Bites,” or “Kevin’s Famous Chili.” You could even encourage guests to dress up as their favorite “Office” characters for added fun.



Taco Bout A Baby Fiesta Baby Shower (Mexican Fiesta)

This is a lively and festive theme for a bold and beautiful baby shower.

Vibrant and bright colors, such as reds, yellows, greens, and blues, can be used in your decorations to create a festive and energetic ambiance.

Rosemary Lines

Use a piñata filled with candies or small favors, to add an element of interactive fun to the celebration. Or consider featuring Mexican-inspired desserts like churros, tres leches cake, and colorful fruit salads. Did someone say nacho bar? I’m in!

Hatching Soon (Dinosaurs)

backdrop | cookies

Houston, We Have a Boy


A Little Pumpkin Is On The Way

If your baby shower aligns with the fall season, a pumpkin-themed theme can add a touch of seasonal delight to the celebration.


The warm and rustic color palette of oranges, yellows, and browns creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You might want to incorporate pumpkins of various sizes, fall leaves, burlap, and rustic elements like wooden crates to create a charming pumpkin patch-inspired decor.



Our Little Boo Is Almost Due (Halloween)


Baby, It’s Cold Outside Baby Shower 

cookies | shower set-up

Santa Baby Baby Shower


Disco Ball Baby Shower Theme

Ready to glitter? If you want a baby shower that really feels like a *party* look no further! 

This disco ball themed baby shower is a fun way to celebrate! Your belly might be making you feel round, so throw on a shiny dress and sparkle!

a collage of disco ball themed baby shower ideas for boys

Image credits invitation | cookies | decor

This is also the perfect party theme for a second baby shower, typically called a ‘sprinkle’ instead of a ‘shower’. Have yourself a ‘sparkling sprinkle’ and get ready to stun your guests!

Which of these Boy Baby Shower Ideas did you love best?

I’m certain you’ll find the perfect baby shower theme on this huge list! Whether you’re hanging with giraffes, ready to taco ’bout babies, or getting cozy with some woodland critters, these boy baby shower themes are bound to make your celebration unforgettable. So grab your party hats and get ready for a wild ride – because the little man of the hour is on his way, and his baby shower is about to be the talk of the town!

Not sure if you’re having a boy or girl?

Another super popular trend in parties is the Barbiecore trend – consider a pretty pink party with lots of fun details!

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