35+ *Cutest* Disney Family Halloween Costumes

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Searching for cute Disney family Halloween costumes? We’ve searched through thousands to bring you the very best ideas for 2023 – from cute to hilarious and everywhere in between.

The Best Disney Family Halloween Costumes

Well, mamas, it’s almost PSL season, isn’t it? And you know what that means… 

Time to start planning those Halloween costumes.

When it comes to Halloween costumes for families, there are two camps: those who fly solo and each choose out their own costume, and those who love all things matchy-matchy.

This collection of Disney family Halloween costumes is obviously for the latter.

So today, we’re diving into a treasure trove of Disney-themed family Halloween costumes that are sure to ignite your imagination and maybe even bring a tear of nostalgia to your eye.

From classic characters to modern favorites, these families have taken their love for Disney to the next level, and tbh, the creativity with some of these Disney family Halloween costumes is insanely impressive. 

Let’s hit the trail – 

Mickey & Minnie Disney Family Halloween Costume

Is there anything more Disney than the classic Mickey & Minnie combo?

This adorbs family of 3 Disney Halloween costume is fairy simple: for mom, a black top, polka dot skirt and polka dot Minnie ears, and for Dad, his own set of ears and red shorts.

For the littlest member of your mouse crew, add this easy peasy 3-piece Mickey Mouse toddler costume to your cart and you’re all set!



Get The Look:

Mom takes on the role of the ever-charming Minnie Mouse, capturing her signature polka dots and delightful style. With a bow that’s as playful as her personality, she’s embodying Minnie’s spirit of fun and companionship.

Dad and the baby are both stepping into the iconic shoes of Mickey Mouse, embracing the cheerful and lovable character that started it all. With their ears and smiles that shine as bright as Mickey’s personality, they’re bringing the magic of Disney to life.

Together, this trio forms a Disney family costume that’s simply unbeatable. From Lightning McQueen’s lightning-fast spirit to Mater’s endearing charm, and even a Slow Speed Bump thrown into the mix, it’s a concoction of creativity that celebrates family, fun, and the magic of Halloween.

Finding Nemo

Get ready to dive into a sea of adorableness this Halloween, because we’ve got a family costume that’s swimming with fun and creativity! Imagine a family that’s taken the enchanting world of Finding Nemo and turned it into a delightful trio of costumes that’ll have everyone saying, “Fish are friends, not food!”


Disneyland Park Popcorn Halloween Costume

Get ready for a whimsically delicious Halloween as this family brings the iconic treat of Disneyland popcorn to life! capturing the joy and magic of the theme park with their imaginative costumes! 

Channeling the essence of the iconic popcorn holder found at the theme park, with a Mickey Mouse silhouette cutout on his front and a hat adorned with giant popcorn kernels, this little has turned himself into a walking, adorable representation of the delightful Disneyland Popcorn.


Monsters Inc Disney Family Halloween Costume

Next up, Monsters Inc – this is my toddler’s favorite movie right now!

From fun DIY ideas to the full Sully onesie, there are so many different ways to bring your fam’s fav Monsters Inc characters to life. 

Grab this one piece Sully costume for Dad, this Boo costume for your little one, and DIY Mike Wazowski by gutting some pieces of white, black and blue felt, and attaching it to a simple green dress with a few little pieces of these Velcro tabs.










Tangled Disney Family Halloween Costume

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to dress up as Rapunzel at least once in their life? 

Bring the Tangled movie to life with this super feminine and simple family Halloween costume that includes Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal the chameleon!

All you’ll need is this 5-piece Flynn costume, this cute lilac purple dress, some cute clip-on daisy clips, and of course, a chameleon dog costume.


And yes, mom does have to hold the frying pan the entire time (lol).

Have a little one in town? Opt for this super cute chameleon baby carrier costume to get the babe involved!


Wreck It Ralph

Get ready to power up your Halloween with a pixel-perfect adventure as this family jumps into the world of Wreck-It Ralph!

With creativity and a touch of gaming magic, they’re transforming into the iconic characters of this beloved universe, proving that even in a digital world, family is the ultimate power-up.

Throw on your best purple dress (or grab this super cute one), Amazon this kid’s Vanellope costume, striped Wreck It Ralph tee & brown overalls for dad (that he can totally wear after, too) and voila! Halloween sorted. 


Up Disney-Themed Family Halloween Costume

Hold on tight, because this Halloween, we’re taking to the skies with a heartwarming UP-themed family costume that’s as uplifting as it is adorable!

Bring to life this super heart-warming classic about true love with this great little aviator goggle and hat set for mom and dad, and this complete Russell costume for your little one!



Moana Family Halloween Costume

Get ready to set sail on a captivating Halloween adventure as this family channels the spirit of Moana with enchanting costumes that capture the heart and soul of the movie!

Grab this easy peasy Moana costume for toddlers, this ridiculously awesome full body tattoo suit for Dad, and this iconic Te Fiti green wig for mom.

From oceanic quests to island magic, this family is bringing the vibrant world of Moana to life with their own playful twist.


Toy Story Disney Family Halloween Costume

Step into the enchanting world of Toy Story this Halloween as families across the neighborhood embrace the whimsy and imagination of this beloved movie! With a sprinkle of playfulness and a dash of nostalgia, these families are bringing the magic of toys to life in their own unique way.

Whether you’re a dynamic mom and son duo, a growing family of 3, 4 or 5, there are so many adorable Toy Story characters to add to your roster!


Make it easy for dad & bub by Amazon’ing this great little Woody striped shirt, vest and bandana set, and ridiculously cute matching Woody outfit for your little. For mama? This awesome retro Barbie costume that comes with everything you’ll need! 




Whether it’s parents donning the iconic cowboy hat and space ranger wings, kids channeling their favorite toys, or babies stealing hearts as the little green aliens, these families are reminding us all that the world of toys is one filled with friendship, imagination, and endless fun.

Incredibles Family Halloween Costume

Get ready for an action-packed Halloween as this family channels the incredible energy of the beloved superhero family!

Grab the matching Incredibles costumes here – one for mom, one for dad, and for your littles!


Lion King Family Halloween Costume

Get ready to roar with joy as this family steps into the majestic world of The Lion King, capturing the spirit of the savannah and the heartwarming characters that have charmed audiences for generations. 

(If you have a baby girl, PLEASE, puh-leeeease put her in this baby girl lion costume… it has a tutu with the prettiest tiny star sparkles and fluffy ears… I can not.)


Even the family pet is joining in on the fun, dressed as Pumbaa, the lovable warthog with a heart of gold.

With a playful twist on the costume, they’re adding an unexpected touch of humor and completing the Lion King-themed crew.

Encanto Disney Family Halloween Costumes

Does your family… talk about Bruno?

Then bring the magic of the Encanto movie to life with Mirabel, Isabel, Luisa, Bruno, Camila and Dolores this Halloween!


Snow White Family Halloween Costume Idea

Get ready to step into a fairy tale as enchanting as snowflakes on a winter’s day, as this family embraces the timeless magic of Snow White with a twist of imagination and a sprinkle of whimsy! From beloved characters to iconic moments, they’re creating their own storybook adventure that’s as charming as it is memorable.


From Snow White’s kindness to the huntsman’s bravery, Sneezy’s humor, Prince Charming’s charm, and Dopey’s joy, they’re turning the neighborhood into their very own enchanted forest of wonder.

Little Mermaid Disney Family Halloween Costumes

Dive into an underwater adventure as this family brings the enchanting world of The Little Mermaid to life with their Halloween costumes! With a sprinkle of sea magic and a dash of imagination, they’re creating a tale that’s as captivating as it is memorable.


From the captivating allure of Ursula to the regal authority of Triton, the adventurous spirit of Ariel, and the playful charm of Sebastian, this family is turning their Halloween celebration into an undersea journey of wonder and delight.


101 Dalmatians Disney Family Halloween Costumes

Get ready for a dotty adventure as this family channels the iconic style of 101 Dalmatians, capturing the whimsy and monochromatic charm of this beloved tale! With creative costumes that pay tribute to the characters, they’re turning their Halloween into a parade of spots and playfulness.


In this delightful theme, Mom takes on the role of the infamous Cruella de Vil, embracing the dramatic fashion and bold personality of this classic villain. With a black-and-white ensemble that radiates her signature style, she’s embodying Cruella’s flair and inviting everyone to join her in the spotlight.


The kids are stepping into the roles of the adorable Dalmatian pups, each one embracing the spotty charm and energy of these beloved characters. From playful tail wags to a sense of canine curiosity, they’re capturing the essence of the pups who stole our hearts.


As this family ventures into Halloween night, they’re not just wearing costumes – they’re inviting everyone to join them on a journey of fashion, fun, and the kind of imagination that brings stories to life. From Cruella’s drama to the Dalmatians’ playful spirit, they’re turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with every step they take.

Ratatouille Family Halloween Costume

Get ready for a culinary adventure as this family takes on the delectable theme of Ratatouille, capturing the flavors and heart of this heartwarming tale with their creative costumes! 

In this charming theme, Dad embodies the spirit of Alfredo Linguini, the young cook who discovers his talent with the help of an unlikely friend. 

Mom takes on the role of Colette Tatou, and baby? Remy the rat, the unlikely hero with a passion for fine cuisine. 🤌🏼 🤌🏼 


Beauty & The Beast

Next up, we’re throwing it back to the 90s for a Beauty & The Beast-themed family costume. 



Peter Pan-Themed Halloween Costumes

Get ready to take flight to Neverland as this family embraces the whimsical world of Peter Pan, capturing the spirit of adventure, magic, and eternal youth with their creative costumes! From pirate ships to fairy dust, they’re creating a Halloween experience that’s as spirited as it is unforgettable.

In this enchanting theme, each family member is embracing the essence of Peter Pan with their own unique twist.











Disneyland Family Halloween Costume

And the award for the most unique Disney-themed family Halloween costume goes to… 

This family for dressing up as, well, Disneyland

Besides Minnie & Mickey, this creative Disney-themed family costume includes the Disney monorail, the Disney tourist and of course, some Benjamins, too.


Mary Poppins Costume

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder as this family brings the enchanting charm of Mary Poppins to life, capturing the magic and joy of this classic tale with their creative costumes! From the streets of London to fantastical adventures, they’re creating a Halloween experience that’s as charming as it is memorable.

To recreate this look, have dad step into the role of Bert, the charismatic chimney sweep, and Mom dress up as Mary. 

For your little one? One of the super adorable penguins from the iconic Penguin dance scene.


With each waddle and coo, this little one is capturing the charm and magic of the movie.

Alice in Wonderland Disney Family Halloween Costumes

Get ready to tumble down the rabbit hole as this family steps into the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, capturing the curious magic and unforgettable characters of this beloved tale with their imaginative costumes! From tea parties to Cheshire grins, they’re creating a Halloween experience that’s as fantastical as it is enchanting.



In this imaginative theme, each family member is embracing the essence of Alice in Wonderland with their own unique twist.

Whether it’s Mom donning the classic blue and white dress of Alice herself or Dad stepping into the charismatic role of the Mad Hatter, each family member is transforming into a character that has captured hearts for generations.


Raya Family Halloween Costume

Embark on a mythical adventure as this family brings the epic tale of Raya and the Last Dragon to life, capturing the courage, unity, and vibrant world of Kumandra with their imaginative costumes!





Cars Family Halloween Costume

Have a toddler that’s in love with all things Cars? Bring his favorite movie to life with this fun Cars family Halloween costume idea.

Picture your pint-sized racer donning a boxy masterpiece that’s straight out of Lightning McQueen’s garage. With those iconic red hues, blazing decals, and those oh-so-determined eyes, your mini McQueen is ready to take on the trick-or-treat track with style.

And speaking of style, Dad’s not far behind. He’s channeling his inner Mater, the lovable tow truck with a heart of gold. Imagine a cardboard creation that turns Dad into the tow truck himself – complete with those quirky buck teeth and a grin that could light up Radiator Springs. It’s a true masterpiece of cardboard craftsmanship that’s guaranteed to bring laughter and “tow-tally” cool vibes to the Halloween festivities.

Lastly, mom’s speed bump sign is a hilarious nod to the little passenger on board and a surefire way to get some chuckles along the candy trail.





Get ready to step into the frosty enchantment of Arendelle, because this Halloween, we’ve got a family costume that’s straight out of a winter wonderland!

As this family of Frozen characters sets out on Halloween night, they’re not just wearing costumes – they’re stepping into a tale as old as time (well, as old as Frozen, at least). With Kristoff’s adventurous spirit, Anna’s boundless heart, Olaf’s infectious joy, and the very magic of Arendelle itself, they’re turning the neighborhood into their own kingdom of fun.


Aladdin Family of 5 Halloween Costume

Get ready to fly on a magic carpet ride as this family steps into the enchanting world of Aladdin, capturing the Arabian nights, colorful markets, and unforgettable characters of Agrabah with their creative costumes! From wishes to dreams, they’re creating a Halloween experience that’s as dazzling as it is adventurous.



Wall-E Family Halloween Costume

Have a new baby and need a cute way to incorporate them into your family’s get-up? 

This creative mama DIYed her own babywearing Halloween costume as she dresses baby as Eve from Wall-E to make her whole family’s look cohesive!



Jungle Book Family Halloween Costume

Looking for a super simple but very cute family Halloween costume idea?

Consider recreating this fun look from the Jungle Book!



Star Wars Family Halloween Costume

Fan of Star Wars? You probably already have *just about* everything you need for this costume at home already (except, probably, this Mandalorian headband for the bĂŠbĂŠ).

If you wear white after Labor Day, but it’s got a reason, the fashion police won’t arrest you, right?… 



Wrapping Up

And there you have it – our very favorite picks for Disney family Halloween costumes for 2023!

Whether you are a major Halloween fan and plan to go all out, or are just looking for an easy throw-together idea that’ll get you through the season, I hope you’ve found a few looks to inspire you and a special way to bring the magic of one of your family’s favorite tales to life.

Now that you’ve got your fam’s costumes all picked, spread some Halloween fun around your neighborhood by “boo-ing” them (which is just leaving a cute basket of Halloween treats on their doorstep).Llearn how to and grab some cute you’ve been booed free printables from Amy over at Room Mom Rescue!.

Happy Halloweening, mama!

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