21+ *Best* First Birthday Themes for Boys – 2023

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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect first birthday themes – boy edition, we’ve handpicked the cutest, most unique and modern first birthday themes for boys and we bet you haven’t seen all of them yet… 

a collage of cute first birthday theme ideas for boys

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The first year of parenthood for me was a whirlwind of joy, growth, and sleepless nights! It’s a journey filled with countless firsts, from those first adorable baby giggles to the momentous first steps.

As your little one’s first birthday approaches, what better way to mark this incredible milestone than by throwing a spectacular celebration? But here’s the kicker: choosing the perfect theme can turn an ordinary party into an extraordinary adventure. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re into adventure, sports, or sweet treats, we’ve got a theme that’s perfect for you. 

Let’s explore these fantastic themes that are sure to make his first birthday a one-of-a-kind celebration πŸŽ‰ – 

My First Rodeo (Western Theme)

Wrangle up some wild west fun with ‘My First Rodeo’ – a rootin’ tootin’ western-themed birthday.

Why lasso this idea, you ask? Think cowboy hats, bandanas, and a rustic charm, it’s a memorable way to transport you straight to the frontier. But hold your horses, there’s more to this rodeo than just lariats and lassos. Every one year old loves a good old fashioned rocking horse right?

Turn up the country music at this fun birthday party, haul in some hay bales and get ready for a horse-shoe toss game! Create a safe horseshoe toss game using plastic horseshoes.

Kids can take turns tossing horseshoes towards a peg in the ground. Or set up cactus-shaped targets (you can make them from cardboard or use inflatable ones) and have a ring toss game. Kids can take turns trying to toss rings onto the cactus arms.

Your little guy is going to love this cool theme!

One Happy Dude (Happy Face Theme)

When it’s time to celebrate your little dude’s first year, why not spread the joy with a ‘One Happy Dude’ happy face-themed party?


This cheerful theme is full of happiness and smiles that’ll have everyone beaming from ear to ear. Make your party space into a haven of happiness. Try some bright yellow and happy face decor to set the mood. Hang giant smiling emojis, create balloon bouquets with smiley faces, and don’t forget a ‘Wall of Smiles’ where your youngest guests can draw their happiest expressions.

It’s not just a happy bash than just grins and giggles; this theme echos all the joy and laughter of your little dude’s first year. From those first tiny chuckles to the countless happy memories, get ready to radiate happiness and have a day filled with laughter. With this theme you’ll create memories that’ll be as joyful as a room full of smiling faces.

First Trip Around The Sun (Sunshine Theme)

This is the perfect first birthday theme that’s as bright as your little one’s smile.  For the sunniest first birthday theme, look no further than ‘First Trip Around The Sun’ – the prettiest celebration under the sky!


Picture sunflowers, mellow yellows, and a radiant atmosphere that’s as warm and inviting as a summer’s day. But wait, there’s more!

‘First Trip Around The Sun’ isn’t just about sunshine and smiles; it’s about celebrating all those tiny milestones that made the first year so special. From first steps to first giggles, this theme is all about commemorating those precious moments.

Houston, We Have A One Year Old (Space Theme)

When it comes to celebrating your little one’s first year, why not shoot for the stars with a ‘Houston, We Have A One Year Old’ space-themed party? Launch your party into the cosmos, with decor like planets, stars, and a galaxy of excitement that’ll have everyone feeling like astronauts. 

a collage of houston we have a one year old party ideas

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Hold onto your helmets and get ready to blast off into a day filled with cosmic wonder with this outer space party. There are so many great options for you to decorate your cupcakes or birthday cake with some fun cake toppers! For extra bonus points, grab a pop up space themed tent. Trust me, your little boy will love it.

You’ll create memories that’ll be as infinite as the universe itself. 

One Happy Camper (Camping Theme)

Image credits cookies | balloon garland

You want a theme for your baby’s first birthday that’s as awesome as your little one, right?

Well, say hello to ‘One Happy Camper’β€”the camping-themed first birthday party that’s all about adventure, s’mores, and celebrating your kiddo’s big ‘one’ in the great outdoors (or at least with some outdoor vibes).


So, why is it the coolest choice? Because it’s not just a party; it’s a mini camping trip right in your backyard! Gather your tribe, share stories under the ‘stars,’ and create memories that’ll be s’more fun than you can imagine.

Go wild with a camping theme! Get ready for a trail-blazing adventure that’ll leave you and your guests saying, ‘That was in-tents-ly awesome!’

If your birthday boy and his little guests are wild animals, this theme is the perfect choice!

Sweet One (Cookies, Candy, Donuts or Ice Cream Themed)

If you’re on a quest to make your little one’s first birthday as sweet as candy, why not indulge in a ‘Sweet One’ party theme?

You could use pastel colors, candy-themed decor, and plenty of sweet treats to make your party space into a dessert dreamland. Hang candy garlands and add a ‘Sweet One’ cake that’ll be the center piece of the feast.


Organize fun dessert-inspired games like a ‘Cookie Decorating Station,’ where kids can decorate their own cookies with colorful icing and sprinkles, and don’t forget a ‘Donut Ring Toss’ game! Savor the sweetness for a day filled with sugary delights for a party that’ll be as scrumptious as your favorite treat.


Send your guests home with the easiest (and most delicious) party favors ever and try a candy buffet! Set it up with cookies, candy, donuts, or even some custom treats!

The Big One (Surf Theme)

Image credits cookies | cozy coupe | favors 

Surf’s up, dude! If you’re hunting for a first birthday theme that’s as cool as a wave on a hot summer day, look no further than ‘The Big One’ – a surf-themed beach party!

A Big One party is a beachy blast that’ll make your little one’s first year ‘hang ten’ in style. Picture sandy shores, surfboards galore, and for your color scheme, pick from a sea of blue and sunshine vibes that’ll transport you straight to the coast. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy that new surf board you’ve been wanting.

Whether you’re a pro on a surfboard or just beach-curious, get ready to dive into a day of sun, sand, and splashes that’ll have everyone saying, ‘Cowabunga, dude!’

First Down (Football Themed First Birthday)

A field of green, goalposts, and a stadium atmosphere that’ll have everyone feeling like they’re in the big leagues makes this ‘First Down’ first birthday theme a total touch down!


Image credits cookies | table cloth | football favor

Get ready to huddle up for a day filled with football fun and create memories that’ll be as epic as a Super Bowl victory and celebrate the MVP moments of your baby’s first year. The only thing higher than the score is the level of excitement! Kick off the fun with a ‘First Down’ football-themed party.

Hole In One First Birthday Theme (Golf Theme)

The golf theme allows for creative and playful decorations! You can use golf balls, clubs, tees, and even a mini-golf course setup as part of your decor.

Image credits cake | cookies | backdrop

If you’re searching for the ultimate theme that’s cute and punny, look no further than a ‘Hole in One’ party. Why? Because it’s not just par for the course; it’s a guaranteed ‘birdie’ in the game of first-year celebrations!

You can serve a variety of themed food and snacks, and fill your dessert table with golf ball cake pops, or golf ball-shaped cookies.

It’s a great theme for one year olds whose parents are into golf, and lots of little ones already show interest in golf carts, and golf balls making this a child-friendly theme!

Can you picture your little man in an adorable golf outfit on his special day? SO CUTE!

My Rookie Year (Baseball Theme)

Whether you’re a baseball buff or just a fan of fun times, get ready to play ball for a party filled with baseball excitement and create memories that’ll be as legendary as a walk-off grand slam. Swing for the fences with ‘My Rookie Year,’ party theme that’s sure to be a home run!


There’s more to this baseball bash than just strikeouts and home runs; imagine baseball diamonds, mitts, and a stadium vibe that’ll have everyone feeling like they’re at the World Series.

Deck out the party area with baseball-themed decor. Think pennants, banners featuring your baby’s name, and table center pieces shaped like baseballs. Create a mini ‘stadium’ backdrop for photos, and use bases and bats as props to add that authentic baseball feel.

You could even organize a lineup of fun baseball-inspired games like a ‘Pitching Practice,’ where kids can try to throw a ball through a target. Set up a ‘Home Run Derby’ using a soft ball and a tee. And don’t forget ‘Baseball Bingo’ with baseball cards as prizes.

My First Kickback (Basketball Theme)

Live in a basketball-kinda house? 

This totally cool addition to our list of best first birthday themes for boys is seriously perfect for babies who love to hoop it up (and mommies and daddies, too).


Top One (Top Gun Theme)

Have a little Maverick on the way? 

Tell Goose to start his engine, because we’re about to channel some serious Top Gun vibes with this badass, movie-themed first birthday!


Come One, Come All (Carnival Theme)

Grab your tickets because ‘Come One, Come All’ – a carnival-themed bash – is where the fun’s at! This fun theme is full of bright colors and has the best options for fun activities!


It’s a full-blown circus of excitement! Imagine colorful tents, cotton candy clouds, and games that’ll challenge even the grown-ups. Your little one’s first year deserves nothing less than a show-stopping spectacle that’ll leave everyone shouting for more!

Create a world of wonder and laughter for your tiny tot’s big day. If you’re ready to celebrate like a ringmaster, roll up your sleeves and put on your best carnival gear!

Mickey Mouse First Birthday Theme for Boys 

Celebrate your little one’s first year with a ‘Mickey Mouse First Birthday Theme for Boys,’ where the magic never ends! This magical journey into the enchanting world of Disney will have everyone feeling like they’re part of the happiest place on earth.

Eat Sleep Wear

Transform your party space into a Mickey Mouse wonderland. Use classic red, black, and yellow colors to evoke the Disney spirit. Hang Mickey-shaped balloons, set up a Mickey-themed photo booth with ears and gloves, and add Mickey Mouse tableware to make every detail ‘mouse-tacular.’

Organize fun Disney-inspired activities like a ‘Mickey’s Treasure Hunt,’ where kids can search for hidden Mickey-shaped treasures. Set up ‘Pin the Ears on Mickey’ for a twist on the classic game. And don’t forget a ‘Mickey Mouse Dance-Off’ to some iconic Disney tunes!

The options for a Mickey Mouse party are endless! From store-bought items to those that are custom designed, you’re sure to find the perfect details to make this party unreal.

National Parks (Outdoors Theme)

Are you a nature nut? The ‘National Parks’ theme is perfect for nature enthusiasts! When it’s time to celebrate your little one’s first year, why not embark on an outdoor adventure.


To make your party space into a miniature national park, try some earthy tones, leafy decor, and rustic elements to capture that authentic outdoor ambiance. Hang up maps, display camping gear as decor, and set up a ‘Wildlife Discovery’ corner with animal figurines.

Don’t forget a ‘Campfire Storytelling’ session for some cozy and imaginative fun.

If you’re a hiker or simply adore the beauty of nature, get ready to embrace the call of the wild for a day filled with outdoor wonders and create memories that’ll be as timeless as the beauty of the national parks. 

Woodland Animals

Okay, next up – a soft, sweet and outdoorsy first birthday theme for boys, feat. the cutest little woodland animals. 


This gathering will feel like a magical journey into the heart of nature to celebrate your baby’s first year. Imagine enchanted forests, friendly critters, and a rustic atmosphere.

Transform your party space into a charming woodland wonderland.

Use earthy tones, greenery, and wooden accents to create a rustic ambiance. Hang cute animal banners, place plush forest creatures as center pieces, and sprinkle faux leaves on the tables.

Wild One (Jungle Safari Animals) 

a collage of wild one birthday party ideas

Milk and Cookies First Birthday Theme

This super cute and first birthday theme for boys is one of the newest themes on the block – perfect for mamas who like to be on the cusp of all things trendy.

After all – what’s more whimsical than Grandma’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk?

 Image credits backdrop | cookies | cake

Notorious ONE (Notorious BIG Theme)

This Biggie-themed birthday is super fun for parents who love old school rap!


Bold black and white details and these super neat gold chain link balloons are essential details to pull off this cute first birthday theme for boys.

Wrapping Up 

No matter which theme you pick, let your creativity shine, set up the decorations, plan the games, and savor every sweet, wild, and joyful moment. Your little one’s first birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s all about creating memories that’ll last even longer than the smiles on their faces.

Whether you’re diving into the whimsical world of Disney with Mickey Mouse, spreading smiles with ‘One Happy Dude,’ or embarking on an outdoor adventure with ‘National Parks,’ the key is to find one of these creative party themes and make it uniquely yours!

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