29+ Pink Nursery Ideas I’m Totally Obsessing Over

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Searching for pretty pink nursery inspiration for your baby girl? This round-up of seriously stunning baby girl nurseries is sure to help you create a dreamy pink nursery room!

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I love the timeless, gorgeous look of a pink nursery! Pink is perfect for a girl’s nursery room, and there are so many ways you can incorporate this lovely hue into your space. 

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your pink nursery, this list is meant for you! Whether you’re looking for traditional decor, trendy nursery themes, or something in between – the pink nurseries below will give you the inspo you need to tackle your own baby room!

01. The Simple Pink Nursery 


Classics are classics for a reason – and a simple pink nursery might be exactly what you’re looking for! 

Any shade of pink will work for this, although pastels and muted tones work so well in a nursery. I love the pink pictured above (Sherwin William Sand Bank, if you’re wondering). It’s rich enough to add beauty, warmth, and femininity to the room but not so bright that it overpowers the space. 

Natural wood, cream, and ivory furniture are perfect for furnishing this nursery. These colors look flawless together. But don’t be afraid to add some more pops of pink through pillows, blankets, and cozy stuffed animals!

02. The Soft Pink Nursery 


If you’re not in love with the idea of a fully pink space, using a soft shade like this one is a great alternative. This way, you can still have a pretty pink space for your baby girl and a cohesive, calming room. 

Shades like powder pink, baby pink, and blush pink are what you want to achieve this look. I also love the pink floral wall art – these touches of pink decor and accents will help to add that stylish, girly feel here. 

03. Trendy Pink Nursery 


If you’ve been inspired by pink nursery trends in 2024, you’re definitely not alone! These on-trend baby rooms are totally drool-worthy, and you’re sure to love creating a beautiful space like the one above. 

The Mama here used Sashay Sand by Sherwin Williams, so you definitely can’t go wrong by grabbing a couple of cans of this paint to start off your little one’s nursery. Some other trendy details that can help you recreate the aesthetic here – the wooden name sign above the crib, the boucle furniture, the faux tree, and the statement light fixture. 

04. The Pinterest-Famous Pink Nursery 


If you’ve been searching pink nurseries on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen this stunning nursery inspo pic more than a few times! With chic boho details, dusty pink paint, and soothing natural elements – this pink nursery has some serious charm. 

Sanderling by Behr is the gorgeous paint pictured here. This muted pink doubles as a neutral shade, working perfectly with the white and beige pieces while still adding a girly vibe. 

05. Subtle Pink Nursery 


This is another fantastic option if you want a pink that adds a soft pop of color to your space while adding to the overall neutral aesthetic. 

The pale pink paint in this nursery is warm and dreamy, and I’m obsessed with the feminine decor to match. Heart details, butterflies, and pearls are so perfect for a girl’s nursery and match the subtle pink, girly aesthetic. 

06. Pink Nursery with Florals + Bows 


I am in love with the ballet core vibes of the room above. Ballerina pink walls, bow accents, and floral decor are always ideal for a girl’s nursery room.

This decor combo has the perfect blend of traditional and trendy designs. The half-pink and half-white walls here are a great choice for this space since the white helps to balance out the feminine details while allowing the pastel pink to stand out. 

07. Dark Pink & White Nursery 


Here’s another stunning half-white and half-pink nursery room, although this space embraces the rich, bold look of a darker shade of pink. 

Since the room has a minimalistic and modern design style, the dark pink is perfect for an eye-catching detail. The dark pink blanket on the crib is a great touch, and some other ways to add pink details here are via pillows, lamps, and wall decor. 

08. Pink Floral Wallpaper 


You don’t have to go all out with pink to have a pink nursery room! An accent wall in a bright, gorgeous shade is all you need to add a stylish, girly touch. And while I love a painted accent wall, pink floral wallpaper creates such effortless beauty here. 

This vibrant shade paired with the sunflower print gives the room a fresh feel, but you can choose any floral print you want to get the same vibe as above. 

09. The Pink Pattern Nursery 


Stripes and gingham are timeless patterns that elevate any space, and using pink in these patterns is a perfect way to transform any nursery from simple to stunning. 

The pink-striped wallpaper adds a uniqueness and some subtle color to the room, and the pink gingham blanket and pillow create a cohesive look. You can also incorporate pink patterns into a nursery with rugs, curtains, and crib sheets. 

10. Pink Limewash Nursery 


I adore the textured, distinct look of limewash – and while this technique is traditionally done with neutral shades, you can really use any color you want for it. 

The pink limewash walls are amazing here and create a really unique aesthetic. You can also change the shade of pink used and opt for something lighter or darker to match the overall vibe of the room.

And because this wall paint is so alluring on its own, you don’t really need to add any other pink pieces here. Even with the green furniture and houseplant – you can’t deny that this is clearly a pretty pink nursery room!

11. Pink Ocean-Inspired Nursery 


When most of us think of the ocean, shades of blue and green quickly come to mind – but an ocean-inspired nursery can easily be reimagined as a pink wonderland filled with pink shells, starfish, pearls, and more!

If you want a themed nursery that doesn’t traditionally use pink in its palette, don’t fret. You can always switch things up and create a beautiful space with non-traditional colors. And that’s a great way to inspire creativity and imagination in your little one!

12. Dusty Pink Accent Wall 


A dusty pink accent wall adds subtle sophistication and natural warmth to any space. I love the way this accent wall draws the eye while adding a vintage, feminine appeal to the nursery. 

And dusty pink is a perfect shade to use for a room design like this, since it pairs well with so many other shades. It adds a nice touch of color amongst the neutral tones, but you can still add in other bright shades without overwhelming the aesthetic here. 

13. Pink Board + Batten w/ Pink Floral Wallpaper


Combine two stunning interior design styles to create a seriously gorgeous space! Brightly painted board and batten has definitely been having a moment in the last couple of years, so you really can’t go wrong by adding this to your nursery. And I love how the pink and white floral wallpaper contrasts the board and batten, even though the same pink is used on both. 

Use neutral colors like beige and white as a base while adding natural elements such as wooden furniture and hanging plants. These details complement the accent wall without drawing attention away from the beautiful shade of pink. 

14. Boho Pink Nursery 


Boho chic definitely has a feminine appeal of its own, so pink is a fantastic color for this design style. 

This dusty blush matches the vibes of the room and looks stunning with ivory, cream, and natural wood tones. And since boho is a trendy nursery theme, you can easily find curtains, rugs, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and more that match this aesthetic. 

15. Coastal Pink Nursery 


A beautiful coastal nursery like the one above is so unique and a room that your bundle of joy will love growing up in! And while coastal themed rooms tend to have blue, green, and purple tones – pink is a great alternative here. It has a fun yet soothing vibe and looks fantastic with the other coastal decor. 

I love the vibes from this beachy wallpaper, but there are plenty of options when it comes to pink ocean-themed and coastal wallpaper. 

16. Whimsical Pink Nursery 


If you ask me, pink belongs in a room that’s filled with whimsy and wonder! I am obsessed with the idea of a pink crib – it adds color to a nursery in such a fun way, and I love how it matches the pink woodland wallpaper. 

Other whimsical pieces to add to your pink room are butterflies, flowers, ballerinas or other dolls, cottagecore decor, and fairytale-inspired decor. 

17. Pink Accents


Whether you’re living in a rental unit or you’re just not up to painting your nursery, you can always opt for pink furniture and decor to add some lovely color to the space. 

A large pink rug and pink throw blanket quickly transform this neutral-toned room into a pretty pink nursery. You can also choose curtains, wall decor, lamps, or furniture in various shades of pink to give your nursery the same aesthetic. 

18. Pink Woodland Nursery


I love a simple and timeless nursery, and this woodland themed nursery definitely fits the bill. Though when it comes to a minimalist space, you don’t have to stick to neutrals here.

Pink is a great color choice for any baby girl’s nursery, and this pastel pink wallpaper not only fits the room’s theme perfectly but also pairs flawlessly with the other shades here while adding a fun, feminine touch. 

19. Pink + Cream Nursery 


Pale pink and cream are a dreamy color combo – and even though this shade of pink is soft and subtle, you can tell it’s a pink nursery!

I love seeing gorgeous wall paint and wallpaper paired together, and doing so can really elevate your pink nursery. And while there are tons of pink decor and accents, these subtle pink shades and the balanced look of the cream and white colors make it so the pink isn’t overwhelming.

20. Add a Large Pink Rug


Pink is such a bright and beautiful shade that you don’t need much of it to make a statement! 

This large pink area rug is an excellent way to add a lot of pink to this room very quickly and easily. And you can adjust the level of pink this way. Go for a brighter or deeper shade if you want the color to stand out more or stick with something soft or muted for an understated look.

Either way, this large rug will quickly elevate the room and give it that pink nursery vibe. 

21. Pink on Pink Nursery 


I personally think there’s no such thing as too much pink! And if you agree, then a pink-on-pink-on-pink room like the one above is such a bold and fun way to nail the classic pink nursery look. 

This room has it all: pink paint, wallpaper, curtains, rug, and more. To achieve a similar look to the one above, start by choosing a color palette with about three shades of pink that work together. From there, you can find paint, furniture, and other design pieces in those shades and start to build the pink nursery of your dreams!

22. Pink Wall Decal

Caitlin Kady

A wall decal is one of my favorite ways to add some color and character to any space.

This sun decal is a perfect choice in this pink boho nursery! However, you can pick a decal to match whatever aesthetic you want. Florals, bows, starfish, ballerinas, stars, hearts, butterflies – there really is no wrong choice here!

23. Pink Nursery Ideas with Arch Detailing


An arch is another fantastic way to add charm to a nursery. This pink arch is the perfect backdrop to have the crib up against. It’s also a great idea to add the wooden sign here since the eyes will naturally be drawn to the colorful arch. 

You can go for a classic, crisp white room with a single arch for something simple yet adorable. Alternatively, you can paint three walls a beautiful shade of pink and have one white accent wall with the arch detailing. 

24. Pink Bunny Nursery


Make pink the primary color on your palette, no matter what the theme of your nursery is! A rabbit-themed nursery is just too cute, and you can give this space a girly touch with a lovely shade of pink like the one featured above. 

A muted pink works so well because it almost doubles as a neutral tone. And it’s easy to add other colors to it, like the rich green detailing on the rug, without taking away from the overall pink look. 

25. More Than One Shade


I love seeing a combination of pinks together.  Plus, it’s easy to pair more than one shade of pink and still have a cohesive look. Even though the pinks pictured above are slightly different, they’re still in the same family and close enough that they look effortless together. 

So, if you want to have more than one pop of pink in a space, don’t stress about making them all match. Just choose colors that are a shade or two off of each other, and the variety of pink pieces will flow together. 

26. Pink + Ivory Nursery


Pink and white are a color match made in heaven for creating a classic, bright, and feminine space!

Opt for a gorgeous pink and white wallpaper (like the stunning floral one above), or choose a simple pink wall paint. From there, you can add cozy white furniture, pops of gold or natural wood, and darker contrasting neutrals to elevate the nursery.  

27. Princess Pink Nursery


If you’re putting together a princess-themed nursery for your little princess – pink is definitely the way to go!

I seriously love the two-tone walls here – with soft baby pink above and a richer, blush pink below. This detail alone is enough to set this room apart from other pink nurseries. Still, the addition of pink furniture, the pink princess canopy, and the pink wall decor make this space a room that any girl would be lucky to have!

28. Bright Pink + Warm Tones


You can always go for something a little brighter and bolder with a vibrant pink like this. While I love pastels and muted shades, a fresh, bright pink is a welcome sight in this stunning nursery. 

If you plan to use a pink like the one above for your nursery, take inspiration from this image. The natural elements and warm tones throughout the room – from the plant, crib, and overhead light fixture – really keep the space feeling down to earth and calming, even with a brighter color. 

29. Pink Twin Nursery Ideas


Giving a nursery a personalized touch when you’re creating a space for two can feel like a challenge. But adding some lovely pops of colors will always give it some character. 

I love a warm-toned pink like this one for this room. It has a similar look to a muted neutral tone, making it easy to mix and match pieces for each twin while still maintaining a unified aesthetic. 

30. Pink for Two Nursery


Soft pink floral wallpaper is a great choice whether you’re having one or two little girls! The delicate floral details and subtle pink shade make this space undeniably feminine, but it’s definitely still very calming.

The darker, orange-toned cribs above match the drapes perfectly and give the space an inviting warmth. 


Still, you can brighten and soften the look of the nursery with lighter-toned cribs that match the light pink shade behind it!

Wrapping Up 

Pink nurseries will always be a classic set-up for a baby girl. Luckily, there’s so much inspiration to help you choose a pink nursery aesthetic that’s perfect for you and your baby!

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