The Essential Pregnancy Fruit Size Chart

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Trying to figure out how big baby is week by week? This super cute pregnancy fruit size chart will help you track baby through each of the trimesters of pregnancy!

Wondering what your baby’s getting up to inside the womb? We’re going to take a look at each week of pregnancy and fill you in on how big your baby’s getting and what kind of development is taking place each week!

You might feel as big as a watermelon… but are you wondering how big Baby actually is?! It can be confusing as your body swells and stretches each week to try and figure out the size of your little one.

Hold on to your bumps and let’s get learning!

Week 4: Poppyseed

Your little one is as tiny as a poppyseed! At this stage, the embryo is implanting itself into the uterine wall. It’s like setting up camp in its cozy new home.

Week 5: Peppercorn

Now your baby is the size of a peppercorn! Major organs, such as the heart and brain, are starting to form.

Week 6: Pomegranate Seed

Imagine your baby as a pomegranate seed! This week, limb buds are forming, and facial features are beginning to take shape. It’s like watching a tiny masterpiece unfold.

Week 7: Blueberry

Your baby is now as small as a blueberry! Its arms and legs are sprouting, and facial features are becoming more defined. Your little blueberry is getting ready for a growth spurt!

Week 8: Raspberry

Your tiny one is now the size of a raspberry! It’s developing fingers and toes but its feet still look like little paddles, and its tiny heart is beating rapidly.

Week 9: Cherry

Picture your baby as a cherry! It’s starting to look more like a miniature human, with arms and legs lengthening. On a detailed ultrasound scan, you might even be able to see your baby’s tiny toes at this point.

Week 10: Lime

Your baby has grown to the size of a lime! Major organs are now fully formed, and your little one is starting to move around, even though you can’t feel it yet. Your baby’s heartbeat might be detectable with a doppler this week!

Week 11: Fig

Your baby is now the size of a fig! It’s growing rapidly, and its facial features are becoming more distinct. Baby is starting to open and close its fists and mouth, moving around and testing out its tiny muscles. Your baby’s external ears are also forming; it’s an exciting time.

Week 12: Plum

Your baby has grown to the size of a plum! It’s developing reflexes, and its tiny fingers can even grasp onto things. It’s like your little plum is getting ready to give you its first high-five! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might start feeling some relief from morning sickness at this stage.

Week 13: Lemon

Your lemon-sized baby is gearing up for some serious kicking! Baby’s muscles are getting stronger but the limbs are still long and lanky and your baby’s head makes up about half of its overall size.

Week 14: Peach

Your baby is now as big as a peach! Its facial expressions are becoming more animated, and it might even start sucking its thumb. Welcome to your second trimester! Many mammas start to tell more of their friends or family that they are expecting around this time.

Week 15: Apple

Your baby has grown to the size of an apple! It’s now able to sense light and even make little movements in response to stimuli. It’s like your apple-sized baby is starting to explore its cozy home in your womb!

Week 16: Avocado

Imagine your baby as an avocado! It’s developing more defined features, and its senses, like taste and smell, are starting to develop. Baby begins to move and stretch and make sucking motions.

Week 17: Pear

Your baby is now the size of a pear! It’s gaining fat and getting plumper, and its skeleton is hardening. Baby’s ears are developed enough that it can hear you talk.

Week 18: Sweet Potato

Your baby has grown to the size of a sweet potato! Its senses are becoming more refined, and it might even start hiccupping. Its skin is covered with a whitish coating called vernix.

Week 19: Mango

Picture your baby as a juicy mango! Its movements are becoming more coordinated, and it might even start responding to sounds outside the womb. It’s like your mango-sized baby is starting to groove to the beat of the world! At this stage your baby also has its own unique set of fingerprints.

Week 20: Banana

Your baby is now as big as a banana! Its skin is becoming less translucent, and it’s now swallowing and producing urine. The area of the brain responsible for your baby’s five senses has begun to develop.

Week 21: Carrot

Your baby is now the size of a carrot! Its facial features are becoming more defined, and it’s starting to develop tiny taste buds on its tongue.

Week 22: Papaya

Picture your baby as a papaya! Its eyebrows and eyelids are fully formed, and it’s beginning to develop its own individual sleeping patterns. Baby’s grasp is getting stronger and it can touch its ears and the umbilical cord.

Week 23: Eggplant

Your baby has grown to the size of an eggplant! Its skin is still translucent but will soon start to take on a more opaque appearance as fat continues to accumulate underneath.

Week 24: Corn

Your baby is now as big as a corn cob! Its tiny lungs are beginning to produce surfactant, a substance that helps the lungs expand and contract properly. It’s like your corn-sized baby is preparing its lungs for that first big breath of air! At this point, baby starts rapidly adding fat to its body.

Week 25: Acorn Squash

Imagine your baby as an acorn squash! Its ears are developing rapidly, and it’s starting to distinguish between different sounds, including your voice and heartbeat. Some mommies like to put headphones over their bellies and let baby listen to their favorite tunes.

Week 26: Zucchini

Your baby is now the size of a zucchini! Its eyes are beginning to open, and it can now perceive light filtering in through your abdominal wall. It’s like your zucchini-sized baby is getting ready to take its first glimpses of the world around it!

Week 27: Cauliflower

Your baby has grown to the size of a cauliflower head! Its brain is developing at a rapid pace, forming intricate networks of neurons that will continue to grow and mature after birth. Your baby can now open its eyes and blink!

Week 28: Kabocha

Picture your baby as a kabocha squash! Its kicks and movements are becoming stronger as it has more room to stretch out in your womb. At this point, most babies are 14 to 15 inches long and weigh 2-3 pounds.

Week 29: Butternut

Welcome to your third trimester!! Your baby is now as big as a butternut squash! Its skin is becoming smoother as it fills out with more fat, and its senses of taste and smell are becoming more refined. Your baby might start feeling cramped in there as he or she gets bigger!

Week 30 Cabbage

Your baby is now the size of a cabbage! Its body is becoming more proportionate, and it’s developing a layer of fat that will help regulate its body temperature after birth. Brain development for your little one is happening rapidly at this stage of your pregnancy.

Week 31: Leeks

Imagine your baby as tender leeks! Its movements might be feeling a bit more cramped now as it continues to grow, but it’s still finding ways to stretch out and stay active. The movements your baby makes might start to make you feel uncomfortable, but they play a crucial role in strengthening baby’s muscles as he or she prepares for life outside the womb.

Week 32: Napa Cabbage

Your baby has grown to the size of a Napa cabbage! Its bones are continuing to harden, but they’re still flexible enough to allow for the big squeeze through the birth canal. Most of the baby’s organs are well-formed at this point except for the lungs and brain.

Week 33: Pineapple

Your baby is now as big as a pineapple! Its immune system is becoming more robust as it receives antibodies from you, helping to protect it against infections both before and after birth. Your baby’s bones are all hardening, except for the skull (which stays flexible for birth).

Week 34: Cantaloupe

Picture your baby as a juicy cantaloupe! Its movements might be slowing down a bit now as it runs out of room to wiggle around in your womb, but it’s still finding ways to communicate with you through kicks and punches. Baby is sending you little love taps to let you know it’s there!

Week 35: Honeydew

Your baby has grown to the size of a honeydew melon! Its digestive system is fully developed, and it’s swallowing amniotic fluid and passing it through its intestines, preparing for that first meal after birth.

Week 36: Romaine

Your baby is now as big as a head of romaine lettuce! Its head might be starting to engage in your pelvis as it gets ready for the big journey through the birth canal. Your baby starts to lose the fuzzy lanugo hair that has been covering it throughout your pregnancy and will have smooth skin.

Week 37: Swiss Chard

Imagine your baby as a bunch of Swiss chard! Its lungs are fully developed now, and it’s practicing breathing movements by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. Your baby’s skin is becoming less wrinkled as fat keeps building up under his or her skin. Your baby’s toenails will finally reach the end of its toes.

Week 38: Rhubarb

Your baby has grown to the size of a rhubarb stalk! Its toenails and fingernails are fully formed now, and its hair might be getting longer and thicker. At this stage your baby is packing on 0.5 pounds per week, getting chubbier and stronger for his or her big debut.

Wrapping Up

Whether your baby is currently seed-sized or a fully ripe fruit, every stage of pregnancy is full of magic (and also some discomfort). I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the world inside the womb. Learning all about what your baby’s up to in there can help you feel more connected to them and understand more about the incredible journey they’re on with you.
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