39+ *Stunning* Celestial Girl Names (That Aren’t On Other Lists)

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Feeling connected to the universe is part of human nature. Are you looking for the best celestial girl names to remind you that we’re all made of stardust?

Celestial names for girls are some of the most beautiful you’ll find.

Looking for a name that captures the peace of a calm night sky, or the beauty of a twinkling star? Then pop that baby names note open, because you’re about to find some serious gems. 

For each of these baby names, we’ve included their ranking on the United States Social Security Administration‘s 2021 charts, which is the most recent data available.



The Prettiest Celestial Baby Girl Names

🌙 Sunna

The name Sunna is Icelandic and means ‘sun’. This bright, sunny name is not only celestial but is also beautiful  and uncommon as it sits outside of the top 1000 most popular little girl names. 

🌙 Celine

The name Celine means ‘heavenly’ or ‘moon’ in Latin and French and is number 390 in popularity. This name embodies the celestial vibe that divine names are known for.

🌙 Stella

The name Stella is of Latin and Italian origin, meaning ‘star’ and is number 41 in popularity. Although there are a few names on this list that mean ‘star’, the name Stella is one of the most beautiful. Italian is known as a romantic language and this name is sweet and feminine.

🌙 Nova

Nova is an up-and-coming modern girl name and ranked #32 in popularity. A nova is a bright star that appears suddenly in the night sky where astronomers previously didn’t see it. This name is really out of this world in the best kind of way.

Check out our list of more modern girl name examples if you like the name Nova.

🌙 Constella 

Constella is an elegant and powerful name for a girl that is extremely rare. We came across this name on the Baby Name Sunday Youtube Channel and immediately knew it needed a place on this list of celestial baby names. (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Lyra

Lyra is the name of a constellation that can be seen in the northern sky. This name is currently sitting at number 489 but it could rise in popularity now that famous singer Ed Sheeran has named his daughter Lyra. 

🌙 Astrid

The name Astrid means ‘divine beauty’ in Old Norse and is number 438 in popularity. Share your love of natural beauty with your daughter with a traditional and heavenly name like Astrid.

🌙 Avaluna 

This modern baby girl’s name combines two super popular girl names, Ava and Luna, to create one incredibly unique name. We first heard of this name on Baby Name Sunday’s Youtube Channel and think it’s prime to take off in popularity once it takes hold! (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Este

The rare name Este means star. It has so many possible origins as it is a short form of both the name Estelle and Esther. This could be the perfect baby name if you’re looking for heavenly names that are uncommon in recent years; it sits outside of the top 1000 most popular girl’s names.

🌙 Skye

This nature-inspired name is of Scottish origins and sits at number 429 in popularity. Skye can be a great choice for either a baby boy or a baby girl. This nature-inspired name will bring your child closer to feeling at one with the world.

🌙 Sunlee

Sunlee is a name associated with the sun. If you want your child to be a ray of light in the world, this is a unique choice. Just as the sun is the center of our solar system, your child is about to become the center of your universe…(>1000 popularity).

🌙 Mina

This German girl’s name means ‘love’, the name Mīna is also a month in the Indian solar calendar. Mina is number 589 in popularity. 

🌙 Aster

Aster is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘star’. Stars are a beacon of hope, positivity and happiness. They light up the dark night sky and inspire us to dream of what is beyond our world. Aster is a ethereal and unique choice if you’re looking for a celestial girl’s name. (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Tala

Tala is a Filipino name meaning ‘star’ and in Tagalog mythology is the goddess of the morning star and evening star. Originally, the term morning star and evening star referred to the brightest star you can see in the sky (which is actually the planet Venus, not a star at all!). (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Seren

In Welsh, Seren means ‘star’.

Do you believe in wishing upon stars? Isn’t it magical to see a shooting star falling across the sky? The name Seren is a dazzling symbol of the heavens and a guiding light in the night sky.

🌙 Ayla

In Turkish, the name Ayla is a halo or circle of light seen around the moon. This name is number 108 in popularity. Seeing a lunar halo can be a symbol of balance and harmony or good luck. 

🌙 Estelle

The name Estelle is of Latin origin meaning ‘star’ and is number 744 in popularity. A brilliant glittering star shining in the night sky is the perfect celestial object to inspire your space themed baby name.

🌙 Luna

The name Luna is Latin for ‘moon’ and number 11 in popularity.

This name has been increasing in popularity every year since at least 2003 when the name appeared in the Harry Potter book The Order Of The Phoenix for the first time.

These days, even people who are unfamiliar with the Harry Potter books can see the beauty of the name Luna. It’s a soft and sweet name and the moon is a symbol of feminine energy, which makes it a wonderful choice for a girl’s name.

🌙 Vela

The name Vela is Latin for ‘sails of a ship’ and is also a constellation seen in the southern sky. (>1000 popularity). A constellation is a group of stars that has been given a particular name and meaning. 

🌙 Mira

The name Mira means peace and it’s also a star in the constellation of Cetus and number 484 in popularity.

The constellation Cetus is in the shape of a mythological whale and Mira is the brightest star that can be seen as part of this constellation.

🌙 Phoenix

Phoenix is not only a mythical being, but also a constellation seen in the southern sky.

In 2023, Paris Hilton named her baby boy Phoenix which may cause it to trend upward for both boys and girls. This name is number 308 in popularity for girls.

🌙 Soleil

With a popularity of 999, it’s just touching the edge of the top 1000 most popular baby names in the USA. The name Soleil means sun in French and Spanish. The sun is not only a symbol of power, energy and positivity, but it also sustains life itself within our solar system. Talk about an impressive name!

🌙 Vega

Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. The name Vega is also of Arabic origin and means ‘swooping eagle’. (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Ariel

On top of being known as a name from the movie The  Little Mermaid, Ariel is also the name of a moon that orbits the planet Uranus. This name is number 222 in popularity.

🌙 Kamaria

This name means moon in Arabic. It is graceful and refined. This name has a feminine sounding nature and a beautiful lunar connotation. (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Aurora

The name Aurora means ‘dawn’ in Latin and may also make you think of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights that you can see closer to the North Pole. Aurora is also a popular name among Disney princess lovers since it’s the name of the princess in Sleeping Beauty! This name is the 36th most popular girl name in America.

🌙 Athena

The Greek goddess Athena is known for wisdom and power. This baby girl’s name is at number 98 in popularity. A mystical name like Athena is a great choice for a girl whose life will be full of adventure. For more strong names for baby girls, check out this list next. 

🌙 Twila

This Hebrew name meaning ‘light in dark places’ may also make you think of twilight, the special moment after sunset when the sky is still light. For more earthy girl names, check out this list next (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Astra

The name Astra is Latin and means ‘star’.  Astra sounds powerful and unique. You won’t find this name in the top 1000 most popular names for girls in America.

🌙 Sterling

Old English for ‘little star’ and also associated with the metal silver, either way, it’s a shining name for a girl. This uncommon name is not in the top 1000 most popular names for girls.

🌙 Danica

The name Danica is Slavic for ‘morning star’; it was sitting at around number 999 for popularity in 2018 and has since fallen off the chart. Although it may not be the first name people think of when pondering the heavens, the meaning behind it certainly is cosmic.

🌙 Estella

This Latin name means ‘star’. The name may also be derived from the more common name Esther as seen in the Bible. This name sits around number 657 in popularity. 

🌙 Ara

Ara is a small constellation seen in the southern hemisphere and in Arabic means ‘king’ but it’s both a boy’s name and a girl’s name. This lovely name is a short and sweet choice for a new baby and is extremely unique (>1000 popularity).

🌙 Esther

In Persian the name Esther means ‘star’. This name currently sits at number 156 in popularity. You’ll also find the name Esther in the Bible, the name of a Hebrew queen who saved her people. This is a powerful and admirable name.

🌙 Starla

If you like the name Luna but are looking for something much less common, the name Starla might be what you’re looking for. This modern name means ‘star’ and sounds sweet and modern compared to many of its other counterparts on this list that share the same meaning.

Starla is so unique that you won’t find it in the top 1000 most popular baby names. It also fits with the current trends you see with many popular women’s names ending in an ‘a’ sound like Ava, Emma, Sophia and Olivia.

🌙 Leonora

The name Leonora is Greek for ‘light’.

Leo is a constellation of stars in the northern hemisphere, with Leonora being a feminized version of the name.

It’s not only a strong name for a girl, but has some great nicknames associated with it like Lio, and Nora.

Leonora is one of the most uncommon celestial baby girl names that’s outside of the most popular 1000 girl names in America.

🌙 Hydra

Hydra is a constellation in the southern sky and is the largest constellation in modern times. This name is from Greek mythology and is a strong, bold choice for a girl’s name. (>1000 popularity).

Hydra is also the name of an Island in Greece.

For more baby place names, check out this article next!

🌙 Delphine

If you’re looking for a unique name rooted in Greek mythology, this could be the one for you. Delphine is a stunning flower and the name also means dolphin.

Check out this article next for more ocean-themed names

🌙 Celeste

The name Celeste might be the ultimate celestial name. This stunning name is of Latin origin meaning ‘heavenly’ and is number 322 in popularity. Angelic, divine and holy are all words one thinks of when they hear the name Celeste and think of its connection to the universe beyond.

🌙 Roxana

The name Roxana is of Persian origin, meaning ‘little star’ and is at number 973 in popularity. Stars are known for being gleaming spots of light even on the darkest nights. 

Did one of these celestial girl names make the list?

Celestial girl names can be mystical, beautiful, and powerful choices for a baby girl.

If you’re looking for a name that will connect your daughter to the natural world and inspire her to think about the universe she is a piece of, one of these names is the perfect choice.

Your little one is a gift from the heavens, so why not give them a name inspired by the starry skies above us?

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