53+ Geographical Baby Names Inspired by Places Around the World

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These geographical baby names have been gathered from all over the globe. From popular names of cities, states, and countries to islands and so much more – this list is the *perfect* roadmap for the adventure you take as a new parent to find the perfect baby name. 

This list of baby names is full of beautiful places that have a rich history.

In your search for the perfect baby name, maybe you’ve considered a special place you and your partner have travelled to.

Or maybe you’re just looking for unique name options and it turns out some great baby names are also the names of fantastic travel destinations.

No matter the reason, we’ve searched far and wide to put together this list for you and we’re *sure* there’s something for everyone. 

For each of these baby names, we’ve included their ranking on the United States Social Security Administration’s 2021 charts, which is the most recent data available.

Geographical Baby Names for Boys


Melbourne is a city in Australia known for its art, culture and large population. As a baby name, it’s so rare your baby is unlikely to meet anyone else with the same name ( >1000 popularity).


The name Jasper is #128 in popularity; this once-uncommon name has been rising in recent years. It’s a strong name for a baby and also the name of a beautiful national park in Canada. 


The island of Rhodes in Greece is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, old medieval town, and amazing food. This uncommon name is sure to stand out in a crowd (>1000 popularity).


Milos is a volcanic Greek island and an uncommon baby name (>1000 popularity). Milos would make for an earthy, boho baby name since the Greek island is known for its stunning views and amazing beaches. For more boho baby names check out this article next.


The girl’s name Dakota is ranked #270 in popularity in the USA. It is the Dakota Sioux word for ‘friend’. The name obviously references the Native American tribe and place names like both North and South Dakota. 


The boy’s name Denver is ranked #505 in popularity in the USA and has been on the rise in recent years. It’s a name that means ‘green valley’ in French or Old English and is also a famous lively city in Colorado. 


Traditionally, the name Indiana means ‘place of the Indians’. Does this unique baby name (>1000 popularity) make you think of the State? Or Indiana Jones movies?


Ireland is a beautiful country in Europe with a breath-taking coastline and rolling hills of green. This unique baby name just barely made it on to the charts and was in position #989 in 2021.


Love the name Kai (which is Hawai’in for ocean), but want something a bit more uncommon?

While Kai is a gender neutral baby name, the name Kea is a totally rare girl’s name, as well as the name of a Greek Island.

While there’s a few ways you could go, I would choose to pronounce it “kay-ah.”


Zion refers to a specific hill in Jerusalem (mount Zion) and also Zion national park in Utah. It ranks #136 in popularity and might make you think of the show Ginny and Georgia on Netflix since one of the characters shares this name.

If you love this baby name, you may want to check out our list of  whimsical names for girls, too.


Holland is an area in the west of the Netherlands known for tulips, windmills, cheese and so much more. This name ranks #638 in popularity. 


This almost boho baby name is gender neutral, and the name of a city in the state of Arizona.


Have you heard of Bondi beach in Sydney Australia? It’s known for its waves and miles of sand. This beach is famous for surfing and it’s definitely a rare baby name (>1000 popularity).

If you love this name, you might want to check out this article on ocean names for girls next.


Known for the famous Giza Pyramids, Cairo is an ancient city in Egypt and ranks #323 for male baby names in the USA. 


This name is great for a little girl who’s sweet as a peach! The state of Georgia is in the southwest United States and has become a more popular baby name in recent years. It’s also a European country that shares a history and border with Russia. This name ranks #165 in popularity.


Another great state name that doubles as a baby name! This name ranks #933 in popularity, which makes it quite an uncommon name.


Not only is Chicago a great city name, but it’s also a girl’s name with Native American origins. This name is rare for a girl (>1000 popularity).


The boy’s name Rome is #785 in popularity. Rome is the capital of Italy and is a city well-known for food, architecture and rich history. There are many other great variations of this name like Roman, Romely, and Ronny. 


If you like the name India you might also like the nickname Indie. This name is ranked #943 in popularity. 


Paris is the city of love, light and art. What a special city and a beautiful name. This romantic girl’s name is ranked #445 in popularity.


The capital of England and also a fun baby girl’s name, London is ranked #219 in popularity.


Perth is a coastal city in Australia and a boy’s name with Scottish origins. In today’s day and age, it’s a rare and uncommon name (>1000 popularity).


The name York might make you think of New York state, New York city or perhaps the city of York in England. It’s an uncommon name that’s not in the top 1000 for popularity in the USA.


You may know the country Israel in the Middle East but did you know this boy’s name also ranks #234 in popularity?


The name Kenya means white mountain and ranks #962 in popularity. Kenya is also a country in eastern Africa that is known for being one of the best safari locations in the world. 


This popular city in Norway is also a great name for a baby boy. It’s a rare name (>1000 popularity) that means ‘the meadow beneath the ridge’. 


The city-state of Monaco is known for race cars, casinos and expensive taste. It’s also an uncommon baby name (>1000 popularity). 


St. Lucia is a beautiful country in the Caribbean and a popular baby girl’s name ranked #136 in the USA. 


The name Lucea is similar to Lucia but much less common (>1000 popularity). Lucea is a city in Jamaica known for its beautiful beaches.


Jordan is also a country in the Middle East and a common baby name ranking #88 for boys and #425 for girls. This old Hebrew name means ‘flow down’. 


When you hear the name Bentley maybe you think of expensive cars but did you know there is also a town in Alberta, Canada called Bentley? This name ranks 151 for popularity. 


The boy’s name Dallas ranks #270 in popularity. This Texan city is known for cowboys, BBQ and a whole lot of fun!


The girl’s name Aspen is ranked #201 for popularity. Aspen is a city in Colorado but also a type of tree known for the noise its leaves make when they flutter in the wind. It’s an earthy, pretty name. If you like the name Aspen, you might like more of the articles in this huge list of whimsical girls’ names.


Did you know Sydney is Australia’s largest city? It’s also a sweet name for a baby girl that ranks #249 in popularity. 


Charlotte is North Carolina’s biggest city and also a very popular baby girl’s name that ranks #3 in recent years. This classic name is a popular choice among baby girl names.


The city of Florence in Italy is romantic, beautiful and known for art and gold jewelry. This name ranks #713 for popularity. 


The name Carolina is of Italian origin meaning ‘strong’. It’s the feminine form of the name Charles and ranks #509 in popularity. This name may also make you think of the states of North Carolina or South Carolina.


Berlin is Germany’s capital city and is known for its nightlife, art and major historical landmarks. This unique name is ranked >1000 in popularity.


The name Brooklyn means ‘water’ or ‘small stream’ and ranks #63 in popularity. Brooklyn is also a borough in New York City.


Phoenix means ‘dark red’ and has a Greek origin. This baby boy’s name ranks #248 in popularity and may make you think of Phoenix, Arizona or the mythical phoenix bird. If you’re interested in the mythical name Phoenix, you might like more names on this list of whimsical boy names.


In Spanish, the name Rio means ‘river’. The state Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is known for Carnival, samba and beaches. This name ranks # 672 in popularity. 


In Latin, the name Austin means ‘great’. This name ranks #96 in popularity and may make you think of the city of Austin, Texas. 


Virginia was a popular name for British royalty and means ‘pure virgin’. This name ranks #554 in popularity and is also the name of Virginia (and West Virginia) state. 


The famous city of Milan in Italy is famous for art and fashion. This girl’s name ranks #388 in popularity. 


In old English, the name Chad means ‘protector’. Although it used to be a common baby name, it has declined in popularity in recent years and is now ranked #894. Chad is also a country in Africa. Looking for more short, handsome name options? Check out this list of strong one-syllable boy names next.


In Dutch, the name Vienna means ‘forest stream’. Vienna is also a beautiful city in Austria known for music and culture. This name ranks #845 in popularity. 


This geographical baby name for girls is one of the less touristy Greek islands with a rocky shore line and authentic, rich Greek culture. I love the idea of pairing the name Hydra with the middle name Rae. The name Hydra Rae not only uses the repeating “ra” sound to create a pretty flow in the name, but channels some serious beachy vibes, which is one of the highlights of visiting Hydra.


Mount Everest is in the Himalayan Mountain Range. This unique, rugged name for a baby boy ranks #903 in popularity. It sounds similar to the popular boy’s name Everett but is much less common. 


The Old English meaning of the name Bristol is ‘meeting place by the bridge’. The city of Bristol in England is known for its laid-back vibe as well as its tech industry. This name ranks #451 in popularity. 


The name Raleigh is of British origin and means ‘deer’s meadow’. It’s also a city in North Carolina and a rare baby name (>1000 popularity).


Can you tell my favorite destination is Greece? If you’ve never been, you *have to* add it to your bucket list! Kos is another Greek island, and is a great little boy’s name for parents who want to pass on their love for travel to their little one.


Did you know Kingston is the capital of Jamaica? This popular baby name also ranks #112.


This uncommon baby name is ranked >1000 in popularity. Thessaly is a region in Greece known for its stunning ocean views and natural landscapes. For more uncommon girls’ names you definitely haven’t heard yet, check out this article on unique girls’ names next!


The Italian island of Capri is small, scenic, and known for dramatic cliffs and beautiful views. This girl’s name ranks  #624 in popularity. 


Barra is an island in Scotland and also an uncommon baby name for boys ranked >1000 in popularity. For more rare boys’ names that are seriously underrated, check out this article on unique boys’ names next!


With ancient Egyptian origins, the name Memphis means ‘enduring and beautiful’. This name ranks #404 in popularity. The city of Memphis in Tennessee is known for rock and roll as well as blues music. This is a bold name for a baby boy.


Another city in Tennessee, Knoxville could be shortened to a cute name for a baby boy. 

This baby name has got some country vibes going on 

The Name Knox is ranked #221 in popularity. 


This Canadian city is the capital of the province of British Columbia. Victoria might be your favorite city, but it’s also a popular girl’s name that ranks #43 in popularity. Before it was the name of a place, Victoria was a popular name for British royalty which makes it a great choice for your little princess.

Which of these baby place names did you like best?

Small towns, American states, or even Italian cities. The best baby name inspiration is right here on this list. I hope you found the perfect choice for your baby in this huge list of place names.

Naming your baby after a place that has a special meaning to you is such a great idea. Who knows, maybe a unique place name for your baby will give them the inspiration to become a little world traveller.

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