65+ *Prettiest* Middle Names for Ezra (Girl Edition)

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On the hunt for the perfect list of middle names for Ezra (girl edition), then get your baby names list out because we’ve got all the prettiest picks right here! 

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The Name Ezra For a Baby Girl

I was about to ask if you already knew that using the name Ezra for a baby girl, instead of a boy, is totally trending right now. 

But, of course, if you’re here, you’ve already fallen in love with the idea of naming a baby girl Ezra. 

Not only is the name Ezra a totally classic baby name that has been used for decades and decades, but it’s also super fresh, modern and stylish right now. 

It really is the best of both worlds! 

In taking a peek at the USA’s Social Security Administration baby names database for 2022, the name Ezra only just made it’s way in to the ranks of the top 1000 baby names for girls in 2019. 

And oh boy, is it ever on the rise.

Since its first appearance on the girl’s name charts in position #960 in 2018, the name Ezra has since jumped 312 spots up the charts in just a few short years.

A Hebrew name meaning helper or protect, it is definitely on the list of strong names for girls

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Popular Middle Names for Ezra

Love the idea of something widely loved and popular as a name for your baby girl, but would rather use it as a middle name?

Here are the best popular names for girls that make cute middle names for Ezra: 

  • Ezra Amelia
  • Ezra Olivia
  • Ezra Everly
  • Ezra Emerson
  • Ezra Evelyn
  • Ezra Violet
  • Ezra Isabella
  • Ezra Avery
  • Ezra Lily
  • Ezra Grace
  • Ezra Zoe
  • Ezra Audrey
  • Ezra Ayla
  • Ezra Lillian
  • Ezra Addison
  • Ezra Scarlett
  • Ezra Autumn
  • Ezra Elizabeth

Modern Middle Names for Ezra

Next up, middle name ideas for Ezra that are on the rise – these names are modern, growing in popularity, and expected to continue climbing the Social Security Administration’s charts in the US.

They’re my picks for names for girls that will become even more popular in the coming years: 

  • Ezra Adley
  • Ezra Everly
  • Ezra Raya
  • Ezra Olive
  • Ezra Emery
  • Ezra Rosalie
  • Ezra Cove
  • Ezra Evie
  • Ezra Isla
  • Ezra Scout
  • Ezra Astrid
  • Ezra Quinn
  • Ezra Wrenley
  • Ezra Love
  • Ezra Elodie
  • Ezra Lennon
  • Ezra Riley
  • Ezra Elowyn
  • Ezra Indie
  • Ezra Amaia

Vintage Middle Names for Ezra

There is something so classic about using an old fashioned name as a middle name.

If you have opted out of an honour name, and would rather just choose something with the same feel, here are some super pretty vintage middle names for Ezra: 

  • Ezra Anne
  • Ezra Eloise
  • Ezra Elizabeth
  • Ezra Claire
  • Ezra Adaline
  • Ezra Louise
  • Ezra Celeste
  • Ezra Ruby
  • Ezra Adelaide
  • Ezra Jettie
  • Ezra Eleanor
  • Ezra Evangeline
  • Ezra Ivy
  • Ezra Ophelia
  • Ezra Pearl
  • Ezra Opal
  • Ezra Maeve
  • Ezra Drew

Southern Middle Names for Ezra

Next up, these country-cute middle names for Ezra play off the Biblical roots of the name Ezra, which is a style of name popular in the South: 

  • Ezra Rae
  • Ezra Jane
  • Ezra Remi
  • Ezra Lainey
  • Ezra Avery
  • Ezra Elle
  • Ezra Eve
  • Ezra Addison
  • Ezra Rory
  • Ezra Jean
  • Ezra Emmeline
  • Ezra Aubrey
  • Ezra Faith
  • Ezra Harper
  • Ezra Jo
  • Ezra Grace
  • Ezra Junew
  • Ezra Blaire
  • Ezra Mae

Biblical Middle Names for Ezra

One of the ways I love to match first names with middle names is by choosing two names with the same feel to them. Matching the name Ezra with other Biblical, or Hebrew, names works really well. Here are some of my favorite middle name ideas for a baby girl named Ezra: 

  • Ezra Elizabeth
  • Ezra Ruth
  • Ezra Grace
  • Ezra Naomi
  • Ezra Abigail
  • Ezra Esther

Nature-Inspired Middle Names for Ezra

Baby names inspired by nature are well-loved, so it’s only natural to consider pairing the name Ezra with a nature-inspired name. 

  • Ezra Aurora
  • Ezra Ocean
  • Ezra Wren
  • Ezra Iris
  • Ezra Sage
  • Ezra Coraline
  • Ezra Soleil
  • Ezra Willow
  • Ezra Emerald
  • Ezra Aspen
  • Ezra Celine

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Wrapping Up

And just like – yet another list of middle name ideas in the books!  

Did you love our list of middle names for Ezra (girl edition), or are you still on the hunt?

Pop over to my collection of my picks for the most versatile, best middle names for girls in 2023!

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