9+ *Cutest* Fall Baby Shower Themes (Creative & Unique)

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Looking for some sweet, modern fall baby shower themes to get your creative juices flowing? From woodland animals to everything pumpkin, *this* is the ultimate list of fall baby shower themes to celebrate baby.

The crisp air, vibrant leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything make fall the perfect season for a heartwarming and cozy celebration. We’ve got you covered with some amazing ideas that are sure to wow your guests and make the mom-to-be feel extra special.

Let’s dive in –

01. A Cutie Pie Is On The Way

A Cutie Pie baby shower theme is adorable and simple and baked full of love!

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Of course you’ll want to serve pie at a pie-themed baby shower, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Add pie-shaped cookies to your dessert table for an extra fun surprise.

Gingham or checkered prints using earthy tones like brown, orange and terracotta are perfect choices for this pie-themed party. If you’re a fan of puns, you can use phrases like cutie pie, baked with love, and hap-pie, throughout your invitations and signage at your event. 

02. A Little Pumpkin Is On The Way

We’re totally fall-ing for this pumpkin themed baby shower, and so will your guests!

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Rustic floral arrangements using complimentary orange and cream color tones, grasses and eucalyptus are a great match for a little pumpkin themed baby shower. A second great floral choice are peach colored hydrangeas, baby’s breath and fluffed-roses. Your florist can get a similar look by folding out some of the individual rose petals to make them look even bigger and dreamier. 

Use some rustic looking ribbon to tie your guests names to mini-pumpkins as a place card at each table! You can even encourage your guests to take their place card home as a memento from your party to add to their fall home decor for the rest of the season. 

backdrop | favors wall

Remember, gourds don’t just come in the color orange! You can use white, pink or even green pumpkins to compliment this theme. You can even use the pumpkin shape in place of the letter ‘O’ for a phrase like ‘Oh, Baby!’ as you can see in the decor photos above.


This vintage wooden pram full of blankets and pumpkins is such a cute decorative idea. You could use it as part of your baby shower decor and it will double as a toy for your toddler’s baby dolls later when your little pumpkin is ready to play!

03. A Little Boo Is Almost Due

Ready to embrace the spooky-cute themes that fall has to offer? How about this ghost themed baby shower!

strawberries | invitations | paper plates

If you love Halloween, this A Little Boo is Almost Due shower theme is a fa-boo-lous choice! White chocolate dipped strawberries that look like little ghosts are perfect if you want to trick-or-TREAT-yourself. Black utensils, and these incredible pink and white ghost paper plates are to die for! 

cookies | cookies | cookies

Consider using silly and punny phrases like boo-tiful, creepin-it-real or Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun for a girls-only baby shower party! If you’re having a party in the month of October and want to combine Halloween themes with your shower, try adding a whimsical and cute twist to the usually eerie elements to keep things playful. 

04. The Apple of my Eye

The Apple Of Our Eye baby shower theme is the perfect for a baby who is cherished and adored. Simple, sweet and classic, it doesn’t get much better than this sophisticated theme.

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Red alstroemeria flowers in a bouquet of greenery would make for a simple, inexpensive and striking table center peice for your event. Surround them with a tall hurricane vase and white candles and sprinkle some bright red apples throughout your tablescape to tie in the theme. 

Red, white, green and brown are a striking mix of earthy colors that pair perfectly for this bright and fresh feeling party.

Apple themed sugar cookies could be served alongside both hot and cold apple flavored drinks. And don’t forget, after all it’s still fall, ya’ll… You can serve apple pie too!

05. Baby in Bloom

Incorporating a touch of autumn with warm color tones into the fresh and fun baby shower theme of Baby in Bloom is a wonderful way to create a cozy and enchanting event.

Use a blend of seasonal blooms like sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and goldenrods to embrace the floral elements of this theme. A touch of copper or gold for metallic details would pair nicely with rich colors like red, orange, mustard yellow and earthy browns for this theme.

06. Terracotta Tones with Sage

Who said you have to pick a punny, over the top baby shower theme? For an understated, classic look, try building your baby shower theme around colors and elements that pair perfectly for fall like terracotta and sage grass. 

cookies | backdrop

Sage grass is so common in fall decor because of its soft muted tones that compliment the warm, rich hues of autumn. It has a delicate and airy texture that contrasts with heavier elements like gourds and pumpkins. Not to mention that sage grass is often associated with harvest time, making it a perfect addition to any autumnal arrangement.


Pair sage elements with the color terracotta for an even greater feeling of warmth and coziness throughout your event. From balloons, to backdrops and themed custom sugar cookies, you can use this color to add a touch of rustic elegance and make your celebration both memorable and visually stunning.

07. Falling In Love

Your guests will be totally fall-ing for this theme when they see your Falling In Love baby shower event!


Wine colored drapes of color on these backdrops and balloons mix so well with cream and beige to create a regal-looking set for your baby shower photos. Pair the romance of love with the season of fall for a swoon-worthy event theme. 

What a great baby shower theme, after all… first came love, then came baby right? And now you’re adding a sweet little addition to your family, what could be more lovely than that?

Consider using fall foliage to your advantage by hosting your event somewhere with a natural backdrop and greenery. Often people think of hosting baby showers in a botanical garden during the summer months, but if you live somewhere with a climate that will allow it, gardens can be a great fall venue too. 

08. Adding S’mores To Our Family

There’s always room for one s’more right?! Life’s s’more fun with a little one. The pun-factor for a s’mores themed baby shower is huge. 

invitations | cookies 

From take-home s’mores kits you can use as party favors to an in person s’mores station you could host at your event, there are lots of ways to incorporate this cute and sweet dessert into your baby shower theme.

If fall makes you think of cozy outdoor fires and the warmth of gathering with loved ones, incorporating s’mores into your baby shower is a delightful way to capture that nostalgic, heartwarming feeling. 

09. A Baby is Brewing

What could be more cozy than brewing a fresh cup of coffee? A Baby is Brewing is the perfect fall baby shower theme for celebrating your upcoming arrival with comfort and style.


The theme A Baby Is Brewing works great for both tea and coffee connoisseurs. Think about creating a coffee shop-inspired atmosphere, complete with aromatic coffee, delicious pastries, and autumnal decor. You could even set up a DIY coffee station with a variety of brews, flavored syrups, creamers, and toppings so guests can craft their perfect cup.
Use rustic, coffee-themed decorations like burlap table runners, coffee bean centerpieces, and chalkboard signs with fun coffee-related phrases.

10. Woodland Animal Baby Shower Theme

Incorporate elements like faux tree stumps, animal figurines, moss, and forest-inspired banners to transform your venue into a woodland wonderland.

Image credits cookies | invitations | decor

Depending on the weather, you could host your baby shower outdoors in a park or garden to create a natural woodland setting, or indoors with forest-inspired decorations. Stick with earth tones like browns and greens or add a pop of red from a toadstool mushroom. 

Some decorations and gifts from a woodland animals-themed baby shower can even seamlessly transition into the baby’s nursery decor.

Wrapping Up 

The vibrant colors, cozy textures, and seasonal elements of autumn provide the perfect backdrop for creating memorable and heartwarming events. Whether you choose to embrace the warmth of Falling in Love, the rustic charm of A Baby is Brewing, or any of the other chic fall baby shower themes inspired by the season, incorporating fall’s natural beauty will leave you with a celebration is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

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