23+*Gorgeous* Gender Neutral Nurseries (2024’s Top Designs)

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If you’re looking for inspiration for a gender neutral nursery in 2024, discover stylish ideas on our list of gender neutral nurseries that are cute, functional, and perfect for your boy or girl!

Putting together a beautiful, calming nursery is one of the best parts of preparing for a new addition to your family!

While nurseries have traditionally been decorated in gender-specific color palettes and themes (pretty pinks for girls and beautiful blues for boys), it’s becoming more and more common to embrace a gender neutral aesthetic in 2024.

Whether you want a minimalist, neutral nursery or a whimsical, unisex theme, we can help you create a stunning and serene space where your little one can grow, play, and thrive. Below are our favorite picks for gender neutral nurseries that will give you the inspiration you’re looking for!

01. Serene Green + Whimsical Wallpaper


When it comes to gender neutral spaces, many people think of beige, white, grey, and black. And while these colors work well in a unisex space, there’s another neutral tone that can add a colorful splash across a neutral nursery – green!

Both light and dark greens will add beautiful color to your little ones’ room without making it gender-specific. This slightly muted green is stunning, and we love that the wallpaper adds some contrasting brightness and a touch of whimsy!

02. Safari Theme


Not only is a safari-themed nursery so much fun, but it’s also perfect for either a boy or girl! Baby’s love animals and exploration and excitement – no matter what gender – and a safari nursery provides all of those, all wrapped up in one. 

The warm neutral palette is also ideal for this theme, although you can incorporate color by adding sky blue, sunset orange, and lush green!

03. Vintage Perfection


Vintage themes have been having a moment in interior spaces for a while now, and that won’t be slowing anytime soon! The resurgence of traditional nursery decor like vintage-style stuffed animals, warm wood tones, and timeless prints are as beautiful as ever.

You can’t go wrong by sticking to the classics for a playful and welcoming gender neutral nursery!

04. Neutral Tones + Natural Elements


A neutral palette for gender neutral nurseries is a no-brainer, but don’t think a neutral space will be basic!

Natural elements and materials (wood, raffia, rattan, etc.) fit perfectly with the color palette while infusing the space with a welcoming and calming vibe. Add a fun print into the mix – such as the checkerboard above – and you’ve got a perfect gender neutral nursery that your baby will love.

05. Blissful Beach Vibes


A beach or coastal theme is another fantastic choice in gender neutral nurseries! And while the traditional colors of brilliant ocean blue and deep-sea green will also work for a unisex nursery, opting for cream and ivory tones keeps the space simple and serene. 

06. Gender Neutral Twin Nursery


A gender neutral nursery can be especially important if you’re having a boy and a girl! Classic neutral tones like beige, brown, white, and black will add a nice variety of color while keeping the space gender neutral. However, we recommend adding warmth to the space via earthy greens, cozy throw blankets, and touches of nature. 

07. Modern with Moody Tones


A modern design is perfect for a modern, gender neutral nursery! The chic boucle chair, minimalist art prints, and moody tones add a contemporary vibe to this room. However, with the addition of curved lines, a natural plant, and stuffed animals – this nursery easily has the warm and welcoming vibe you want for your bundle of joy. 

08. Woodland Animals + Snow-White Walls


Woodland nursery themes are one of our favorites! I mean, who can resist the cute animals and subtle cottagecore vibes?

This theme easily works for both girls and boys, although you can make it even more gender neutral by opting for neutral colors. The abundance of white in this room pairs with the natural lighting to create a gorgeous, airy space, while the rich wooden beams, sweet bear basket, and tall tree in the corner give it the nature-infused aesthetic we love in a woodland-themed room. 

09. Beige But Not Boring


Beige is one of those colors that just works so well in any space – but especially a gender neutral one. And while some people associate beige with being boring, we know that this shade actually holds endless potential!

Even though beige is a light shade, the porcelain-colored walls still add enough contrast to let this warm hue stand out. The beautifully patterned wall is such a playful touch, transforming this nursery from simple to stunning.

10. Limewash Walls


If you don’t want white walls but still want something gender neutral, limewash may be the answer. 

This technique can be used with taupes, tans, and greys alike – or you can use this trendy texture with shades like baby blue, spring green, or sunshine yellow. 

11. Heavenly Haven


Your baby deserves the moon and the stars and the heavens, so give them exactly that with a cloudy sky backdrop and celestial mobile!

We all know that blue is the traditional nursery color for boys. Still, pastels work perfectly in gender neutral spaces, and the addition of white clouds helps to balance this typically masculine color. 

12. Bright, White + Beautiful


You really can’t doubt the classic beauty of a crisp, clean, white room. And when it comes to a nursery, what better color is there for creating a soothing space where your baby can wind down for a nap?

We’re obsessed with the modern decor and simple lines here – although you can add various textures and shapes to a monochromatic nursery to add some more character and visual interest. 

13. Moody + Serene


The low lighting and deep shades in this gender neutral nursery are perfect for helping your bundle of joy drift off to sleep! We love the dark painted ceiling, which really brings in the moody vibes, although you can opt for dark walls instead.

Add light-toned wood and cozy white furniture to brighten the space and make it more aesthetically pleasing!

14. Pastel Perfection


A soothing pastel green is one of our favorite things in any nursery, and of course, this unisex color will help you create the gender neutral nursery of your dreams! The darker, warm tones of red and orange add nice little pops of contrast without overwhelming the light aesthetic and beautiful green paint. 

15. Camel, Cream + Ivory


A stunning neutral color combo is camel, cream, and ivory. This nursery above shows how effortlessly this palette goes together – plus, it’s definitely gender neutral!

Using these shades, you can blend different textures, shapes, and decor pieces together while maintaining a chic and unified look. 

16. Exotic Elegance

M + G Studio

The safari aesthetic here adds so much personality and playfulness to this nursery, but it still has an overall minimalist and elevated look. 

Patterned wallpaper is an easy addition that will capture your baby’s attention and spice up the room. At the same time, the wicker, houseplant, and adorable rocking lion are simple additions that bring it all together. 

17. Bohemian Beauty


Boho vibes for babies are always a hit, and this clean and simple bohemian-inspired space is a fantastic example of how to create a laid-back vibe in a gender neutral nursery. The rainbow details, natural wood and jute, and the stylish sunburst mirror come together to create a boho baby room that works for girls or boys!

18. Ocean Oasis


Here’s another ocean-inspired gender neutral nursery that’s totally obsession-worthy! 

Chocolate brown, cream, and light wood tones add an earthy vibe, perfect for a unisex space. And the stuffed animals, surfboard, and sea-life wallpaper make it clear this is an ocean-themed space. 

19. Timeless Comfort


You can stick with timeless and traditional nursery decor while opting for a modern, neutral palette. Intricately carved antique wooden furniture, vintage patterns, and picture frame molding are prominent pieces that stand out and really add that sophisticated, timeless feel!

20. Sage Green Wall Paint


Something we love about sage wall paint in a nursery is that you can use it for almost any theme, and it will still have a gender neutral look!

Whether you’re going for a cute, nature-inspired space like the one above, an ocean theme, or an animal theme – sage green is an excellent color choice for a vibrant unisex nursery. 

21. Storybook Sanctuary


What’s a nursery without classic children’s stories and nursery rhymes?

A storybook theme is perfect for a baby’s room, and children’s stories are definitely gender neutral, making this an easy choice for a whimsical room that either a boy or girl would love. 

22. Clean + Classic


We think this nursery above really couldn’t be cuter. With pastel colors, an eye-catching rug, and sweet animal decor – it’s a simple room overflowing with charm and whimsy!

23. Cozy Chic


Pair elevated details with cozy rockers, stuffed animals, and blankets for a gender neutral space that’s both stylish and soothing!

Soft stone-grey walls, warm wooden furnishings, and pops of crisp white are ideal for a unisex nursery, and you can add personal details like the charming, unique mobile and the wooden name sign to make it welcoming for your babe!

24. Warm + Earthy


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – warm, earthy shades are so perfect for a gender neutral nursery!

This simple, neutral palette is a must for an inviting space that works for both genders. And once you’ve chosen the neutral shades you want (whether they’re the same as above or something different), you can fill the room with enchanting furniture and decor to make it your own. Well, yours and Baby’s! 

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of gender neutral nurseries inspired you and will help you put together a one-of-a-kind nursery for your little one!

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