19+ *Modern* Second Birthday Themes for Girls We’re Loving

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Searching for the perfect theme to make your little girl’s second birthday party absolutely unforgettable? We’ve got you covered with a range of adorable, fun, and whimsical ideas that are sure to delight your 2-year-old girl and all your guests! From colorful and vibrant themes to something sweet and serene, there are ideas here to suit every tiny personality.

Whether your little girl is into fairies, Minnie Mouse, dinosaurs, or even a groovy retro vibe, we’ve put together detailed suggestions to help you create a magical celebration.
Let’s dive into these delightful party themes and get ready to celebrate your precious girl’s big day in style!

Two-tti Fruitty

Looking for an adorable theme full of color and fun? How about this Two-tti Fruitty second birthday party!

cookies | invitations | cake

Tutti-fruitti, oh Rudy! Go with bright bold fruit colors, or tone things down with shades of pastel to make this sweet theme even cuter. Custom sugar cookies shaped like fruit are just too adorable for your dessert table! 

Fruit salad, chocolate covered strawberries or fun fruit carved-sculptures are all great ideas for this birthday theme. We all know that toddlers are basically fruit-a-tarians at this age, so you can be sure that they’ll be excited about a birthday theme that uses their favorite food as a focal point. 

Second Rodeo

This ain’t my first rodeo… It’s my second! If you’re looking for a cute western theme for your baby girl’s birthday, look no further.

Transform your space into a Wild West adventure with cowboy hats, bandanas, and hay bale seating. Serve hearty snacks like mini hot dogs, baked beans, and cornbread muffins, along with a western-themed cake.

You can take this theme in a bunch of different directions depending on your style. Do you want to have a petting zoo for the kids and take this in a barn and farm direction? Or how about a more Southwest style with tribal prints and Mexican blankets? For a more natural take on this theme, try a cacti oasis with desert plants like succulents to tie into the decor.

Fairy Second Birthday

Is your little one a real girlie girl? She’ll love this dazzling Fairy Second Birthday theme!

cake | cookies | invitations

Grab your tutus and glitter, a fairy themed birthday party is full of whimsical beauty. Neutral colors with shades of pastel pink and purple give this party a feminine and serene vibe. 

For entertainment for a fairy party, consider having a glitter tattoo artist, face painting or a fairy dress up station for your little guests. You could even make an enchanted garden play area with plants, figurines and colored stones. 

Want to decorate your fairy party with florals? Think about using wild flowers, baby’s breath and greenery for a natural and earthy look.

Two Groovy

Get ready to groove baby! A Groovy One birthday party embraces the psychedelic vibes of the 60’s and 70’s.

Decorate with peace signs, flowers and funky patterns like paisley. Complete your party with retro elements like lava lamps and vinyl records and put some classic Woodstock tunes on your party playlist.

For activities, set up a tie-dye station where kids can create their own groovy shirts or bags. You can also have a mini dance floor with a playlist of fun, danceable tunes, and encourage guests to dress in their best hippie attire.

Oh Twoodles!

If you’ve been watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse, you’ll know that “Oh Toodles” is a phrase from the show. Turn it into a pun for a cute Minnie Mouse inspired second birthday party theme!

Minnie Mouse is such an iconic character, you can’t go wrong with this theme. For your child’s second birthday party, there will probably be a lot of adults around like the grandparents or mom and dad’s close friends. The best part about a Minnie-themed party is that it appeals to every generation, she’s been around since grandma was a kid too! 

Big pink bows, polka dots and mouse-ears are a MUST for this cute birthday theme. With the amount of Disney, Minnie and pink birthday decorations you can find in store and online these days, putting together this classic birthday party couldn’t be easier.

Second Trip Around the Sun

Blast off into a stellar celebration with a Second Trip Around the Sun birthday party!
Use space-themed decorations like stars, planets, and rockets to make your venue out-of-this-world. You could decorate with metallic colors and twinkling fairy lights to create a cosmic atmosphere or serve astronaut-themed snacks like “rocket” sandwiches, star-shaped cookies, and galaxy cupcakes.

For a special touch, have a space-themed cake featuring planets and a rocket ship. For activities, set up a mini planetarium show with a star projector. 

Two Rex

For all the dino-girlies out there, a Two Rex birthday theme is fun, wild and a roaring good time!


Ready to get prehistoric? They say parenthood is a walk in the park…. but it’s more like Jurassic park! Your sweet baby girl just turned two, which means she’s about to go from cuddly baby to wild child. Celebrate with a dino-themed birthday and pair together pink and purple with some teal-tones to compliment the green and brown shades of your dinosaur pals.

Consider adding wildflowers, eucalyptus and lots of green bushy ferns to your decor to keep things fresh and cute. Decorate with dinosaur footprints, mylar dino balloons and go wild with your dessert table options.

Tutu Cute

Get ready for a Tutu Cute celebration that’s perfect for your little dancer!

Not only can you dress your baby girl in a tutu, but you can incorporate tulle in your party decor with table skirts, garlands and bows mixed in with your floral arrangements.

Mix in some ballet shoes and ribbons to add a touch of elegance and charm, creating a whimsical ballet wonderland that will make your little one feel like a prima ballerina.


Boho chic meets the ultimate party vibes with a Coachella themed 2nd birthday party!


With a party tagline like ‘two is a vibe’ or ‘born two party’ a Coachella themed birthday is where it’s at! Coachella is all about music, fashion and fun, if that seems like your sort of party, you’ll love this theme.

Replace ‘Coach’ with your little one’s name (Luna-chella) for a super cute, on trend and personalized theme.
Must-haves: these insanely cute custom music festival wristbands for guests with your little one’s name printed on them, and obvi – these custom VIP passes, too.

Encourage your guests to get in on the fun by wearing an outfit they’d take to Coachella and hire a DJ or bust out your best playlist to mimic the atmosphere.



Celebrate your little flower child with a Wildflower themed second birthday party!
Think fresh, colorful, and natural. Use wildflowers in vases as centerpieces or create a whimsical flower arch for your event. How stinking cute would it be to dress your little one in a flower crown and encourage guests to wear floral prints to match the theme… 

Flower-shaped cookies or a cake decorated with edible flowers are two great ways to bring the theme into the dessert table. You can use phrases like Two Wild or Wild Child in your invitations or decorations or even incorporate quotes about the freedom and beauty of wildflowers. 


Brighten up your celebration with a charming Daisy themed second birthday party!
Daisies are the perfect symbol of innocence and joy, making them ideal for a toddler’s party. Use daisy chains and garlands for decorations, and opt for a yellow and white color scheme.

A dessert table full of daisy-shaped cookies, a daisy cake, and lemon-flavored treats will be a hit. Consider having a dress up station where children can take home their own floral headpieces. You can also have a photo booth with daisy-themed props and backdrops for adorable photo opportunities.


Bring the magic of Disneyland to your home with a Disneyland themed second birthday party!

cake | balloons | backdrop

Grab your mouse ears and make your party the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. Use decorations featuring classic Disney characters or even landmarks like their castle or Small World ride.

Create a castle backdrop or use castle shaped props to mimic the enchanting atmosphere of the park. Serve Mickey and Minnie-shaped sandwiches, churros, and character-themed cupcakes.

Looking for ideas to entertain your toddler crowd with? Set up some Disney movies or music to keep the magic alive.

Baa Oink Quack Moo

Head down to the farm with a Baa Oink Quack Moo themed second birthday party!
This farmyard theme is perfect for little animal lovers. Decorate with hay bales, farm animal cutouts, and red barn elements or find decorative elements with a distinct southwestern flair.

Serve farm-fresh snacks like apple slices, carrot sticks, and cheese cubes, along with themed cupcakes topped with little farm animals. If you have a petting zoo or a pony ride, your guests are never going to forget your epic farm-themed party! For a more simple activity, you can also play games like “pin the tail on the donkey” or have a duck pond where kids can “fish” for prizes.

Peppa Pig

Oink oink! Celebrate with a Peppa Pig themed second birthday party!

party set-up | cake | cookies


Decorate with Peppa Pig balloons, banners, and tableware in bright pinks and blues. Serve piggy-themed snacks like pink cookies, muddy puddle chocolate pudding cups, and a Peppa Pig cake. Set up a “Muddy Puddle” jumping area with brown mats or pillows for safe, fun jumping. Have a Peppa Pig story time corner, or play episodes of Peppa Pig to entertain the little ones. You can also organize a craft station where kids can make their own Peppa masks or color Peppa Pig coloring pages.

Two Sweet

Donuts, candy, sprinkles and more… Are you drooling yet? Get ready to indulge with this delicious Two Sweet themed second birthday party!


Think candy, ice cream, and all things sugary for this theme. Decorate with candy-colored balloons, lollipop centerpieces, and a pastel color palette. Your dessert table should be the star of the show with a variety of sweet treats like cupcakes, candy jars, or an ice cream sundae bar.

For activities, have a cookie decorating station where kids can get creative with icing and sprinkles. Cookie decorating with toddlers doesn’t have to be messy, I’ve used individual pre-filled icing bags for little kids so all they have to do is squeeze! You can also set up a candy necklace-making station or have a piñata filled with sweet surprises to add to the fun.

Two The Moon

Aim for the stars with a Two The Moon themed second birthday party!

backdrop | invitations | cookies

Decorate with moon and star cutouts, silver balloons, glitter and glowing lights to create a dreamy space atmosphere. By using lots of feminine colors, you can take a traditionally masculine theme and put your own girlie twist on it. We all know girls can be outta this world!

Serve moon pies, star-shaped sandwiches, or these custom space themed sugar cookies. Set up a space exploration station where kids can decorate their own rocket ships or have a moon rock hunt with painted rocks in a starry night sensory bin for little hands to explore. 

Elmo & Friends

Join Elmo and his Sesame Street pals for a fun-filled Elmo & Friends second birthday party!


Change the name of Sesame Street for your event and use the name of your child instead! Bright primary colors and character cutouts will set the stage for this beloved theme. Serve themed snacks like Elmo cupcakes, Big Bird popcorn, and Cookie Monster cookies. I love the retro vibe of these big geometric shaped sugar cookies decorated with Sesame Street characters mixed with wooden letter blocks and crayons. 

Using gigantic alphabet blocks as a cake stand is such a unique way to tie your theme into the decor. Set up a Sesame Street play area with plush toys and books, or have a puppet show featuring Elmo and friends. You can also create a craft station where kids can make their own Sesame Street character masks or decorate cookies inspired by their favorite characters.

Two Wild

Go on a jungle adventure with a Two Wild themed second birthday party!


Decorate with animal prints, jungle foliage, and wild animal balloons. Serve safari snacks like animal-shaped sandwiches, fruit skewers, and a jungle-themed cake.

Your guests will have a roaring good time! For activities, you can have face painting with animal designs or a safari scavenger hunt with toy animals hidden around the party area. Encourage guests to dress up in their best safari gear or animal costumes for a really wild party.

Winnie The Pooh

Welcome your guests to the 100 acre wood for your Winnie the Pooh inspired birthday party! 

Grab a rustic wooden sign post for directions and load up on honey! What could be sweeter than Winnie, Tigger and the whole gang? You could use plush toys or cut outs of your favorite characters to decorate the venue. If you have a honey-themed invitation, consider a cute tagline like ‘join us for a sweet celebration’. Don’t forget a fun game for your toddler guests like pin the tail on Eeyore! 

Final Thoughts

No matter which theme you choose, these ideas will make your little girl’s second birthday party a memorable one! So, gather your supplies, get creative, and most importantly, have fun planning your two-year-old’s big day. Here’s to making her second trip around the sun as magical and wonderful as she is!

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