35+ *Cutest Ever* Matching Family Halloween Costumes

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Are you looking for the best matching family costumes for Halloween in 2024? Get inspired with this list of 26+ matching family Halloween costumes with ideas for families of any size!

There’s nothing cuter than creating matching costumes for your family on Halloween! Whether you have one kid or five, dressing up together makes the holiday so much fun and creates lasting memories for you and your littles. 

If you need ideas for group Halloween costumes in 2024, I’ve got you covered! Below are some of the cutest and coolest matching family Halloween costumes that will make your holiday a blast. So scroll down to discover your favorite (even though it’s so hard to choose just one!)

01. Cotton Candy


Get dressed up as cotton candy and the seller via this adorable DIY costume idea!

For Mama, a pink gingham dress, a short white apron, and a cute vintage-style hat are perfect for creating the seller costume. When it comes to making faux cotton candy (and a lot of it!), I suggest using cotton pillow filling material. Spray paint the cotton with a soft pink shade and glue it to plain white clothing for kids. 

This sweet costume idea works for anything from a family of two to a family of five or more. 

02. Flowers + Mushrooms


Let the trendy cottagecore aesthetic inspire your Halloween costumes this year! 

Use crepe paper and a green midi dress to turn yourself into a beautiful blooming flower while your bundle of joy wears a mushroom cap hat and a simple white onesie. 

If you have a larger family and want to use this idea, have your kids dress as a variety of flowers and mushrooms to mix things up!

03. Bees & Bee Keeper


This matching family costume idea is as sweet as honey! Dress your little ones as cute little bumble bees and one parent can be a beekeeper while the other is a buzzing beehive. 

As an alternative, both parents can be beekeepers if you can’t find a beehive costume and don’t want to make one. 

04. Hunter & Deer


Ready for a goofy matching family costume idea that the kids will love?

Whether you’re dressing up just the children or the parents are getting dressed up, you’ll want to split the group in half. One half can be dressed as deer hunters – think camo, boots, beanies, jeans, etc. The other half can be dressed in store-bought or homemade deer costumes.

05. Alice In Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland characters are always fantastic inspiration for Halloween costumes! And since there are so many crazy characters to choose from, it’s perfect for a group costume idea. 

Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Mad Hare are classic choices for Alice in Wonderland Halloween costumes. I also love adding Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum into the group, especially for twins or children who are close in age. Some other characters to consider for this one are the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, and the White Rabbit. 

06. Kangaroo & Joey


You and your littles will look so cute dressed up as kangaroos for Halloween. While you can certainly find kangaroo onesies and costumes online, I love the homemade costumes above. 

Brown onesies, rompers, and overalls are perfect for the whole family to create these kangaroo costumes, and the cute ear headbands on Mama and the toddler are a simple but nice finishing touch for the look. 

07. Artists & Canvas


Let your creativity shine with this matching family Halloween costume idea!

Something I love about this idea is how much fun you can have making the costumes. I’m sure your little ones would love to help make the painted-on pants, shirts, and onesies they’ll wear! And a beret, aprons, paint brushes, and cardboard artist palettes are all you need for the artist costumes here. 

08. Sun, Rain & Rainbows


These bright and colorful matching family Halloween costumes will surely be a hit for any family!

Dress your littles in simple white outfits and use colorful streamers taped onto clear umbrellas to finish their costumes. For the sunshine, dress in yellow clothing and add a handmade sun on your head, while the rain can dress in shades of blue and wear a homemade raincloud hat.  

03. Smore’s


The world needs s’more cute family Halloween costume ideas like this!

I love how the parents are dressed as the graham crackers here while the kids get to be the yummy ingredients and the fire that makes them so delicious!

10. Sports Trophies


This is a winning idea when it comes to matching family Halloween costumes. 

To get this costume idea started, find gold clothing in all the sizes you need. Then get sports gear (tennis rackets, helmets, baseball bats, basketball, soccer balls, gold clubs, etc.) and spray paint them gold to match your outfits.

Each family member can represent a different sport, making this a great option for families of any size!

11. Aliens + Astronauts


Whether you’re going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or stopping by a fun Halloween party, your family is sure to be the star of the evening with this costume idea!

Choose someone to be the alien and someone to be the astronaut, and you can’t forget to dress someone as the scientists at NASA. If you have more than one kid, you can double up on aliens and astronauts, or have someone dress as a rocket and UFO!

12. Scarecrows


Scarecrows are such a cute and timeless Halloween costume idea! 

You can buy scarecrow costumes in a costume shop or online, and don’t forget the face makeup for the freckles and stitching details! If you plan to make your scarecrow costumes opt for jeans or khakis, plain tees, flannel shirts, and straw hats. 

13. Alien Abduction


I love this playful matching family costume idea – and it may just be my favorite on this list!

The inflatable alien abduction suit for Dad or Mom is essential for this idea, but luckily, you can always find these in stock. From there, everyone can choose whether they want to be a UFO, an alien, or a fellow astronaut trying to save the one being abducted!

14. Frozen


Dressing your family as a group from a Disney film is definitely going to be a favorite for any of your little ones!

Elsa and Anna have to be included in this family costume idea, and Kristoff can’t be forgotten either. I love the little one dressed up as Sven, but if you want an alternative option or need one more idea for a bigger family – Olaf would be the perfect addition here!

15. Farm Family


These sweet and simple matching family costumes are just too cute.

Farm-inspired costumes are so adorable and fun – exactly what you want in Halloween costumes! One person can dress as the farmer and, like the father here, focus on choosing denim overalls or jeans, a flannel shirt, and a straw hat to create this costume. 

Of course, the rest of the family can be cute farm animals. Cows, chickens, and pigs are all great ideas, but I love the baby dressed as an egg here for an unexpected and unique touch!

03. Avocado Toast


This group costume idea is perfect for a modern and unique matching family costume.

I love the baby dressed up as a little avocado, and a fried egg and toast costume for adults can easily be found online. Everything but the bagel seasoning is such a hilarious detail, and you can also use that as another costume idea if you have a family of four.

17. Mario


Super Mario is a fantastic Halloween costume idea, but especially for a group costume idea for families!

One great thing about this family costume idea is that there are so many Mario characters, so it works for any family size. The family above can dress as different Mario characters without any overlap despite being a large family, but you can also use this for smaller families of three or four. 

18. The Heeler Family


Bluey has stolen the hearts of kids and parents alike, making it a perfect idea for matching family costumes this Halloween. 

I love the way these costumes have been done. Matching sets and character beanies are simple but still work as amazing costumes. And better yet, the matching sets and hats can be worn with different pieces and become a regular part of your fall or winter wardrobe. 

19. Who Run The World? Girls!


I am obsessed with how cute this family costume idea is! This is definitely a perfect costume idea for a family with all daughters. The father can dress like planet Earth, and Mama and all the girls can be boss babes in matching pink outfits! 

20. Scooby Doo + The Gang


Scooby-Doo is such a classic and beloved cartoon, and dressing up as the characters is a great idea for a family of five. You can find costumes for each character online, although, for some characters (like Shaggy or Velma), you can definitely DIY the costume by pairing individual pieces together. 

Does your family or group have more than five people? Consider adding Scrappy-Doo or the Mystery Machine to the mix. 

21. The Little Mermaid


How could you not love this The Little Mermaid-inspired family costume idea?

I definitely recommend buying these costumes since DIYing all of them may be difficult. But still, you’ll have no trouble finding these ensembles for the family online. 

22. The Addams Family


Is your family a bit creepy and kooky? Mysterious and spooky? All together ooky? If so, the matching family Halloween costumes above are definitely for you!

Halloween is the perfect time of the year for this peculiar family, especially if you have one boy and one girl, like the family above. However, you can always bring Uncle Fester or Cousin It into the mix if you need to. 

23. Eat Mor Chikin


This adorable costume set-up is so silly, and it’s also an easy idea for a family of three with a baby. 

Cow costumes for babies can be found year-round online or in costume shops as Halloween gets closer. Then you just need a couple of red shirts for Mom and Dad and some finishing touches like the hat, name tag, and maybe even a Chick-fil-A cup!

24. Ghostbusters


This is a Halloween costume idea that can stand the test of time! 

These classic Ghostbuster jumpsuits are perfect for a quick and simple costume, and I love how this family added the matching backpacks as the proton pack. Plus, having one family member dress as a ghost is a fantastic touch that rounds out the whole family costume idea perfectly!

25. Sweet Treats


Halloween is all about candy, so this candy-inspired group costume idea couldn’t be more perfect for this holiday!

These DIY costumes can be put together in no time, but you can opt to create a costume featuring any candy, such as a chocolate bar, a lollipop, M&Ms, or candy corn. 

26. Neverland Crew


Spend Halloween night in Neverland by dressing your family as Peter Pan characters!

Mom and Dad can be Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, while the children will have fun playing sassy Tinkerbell and crazy Captain Hook! If you have more than two kids, consider dressing your other littles up as Mr. Smee or as John or Michael Darling.  

27. Wizard of Oz


And one more of my favorite matching family costumes to finish up this list of ideas – Wizard of Oz!

Dressing one family member as Dorothy is a must here, and of course, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion are essential too. I love the baby as Toto, and Glenda the Good Witch is perfect here. Although, it would be just as fun to have the Wicked Witch make a surprise appearance on Halloween night, too!

Final Thoughts

Dressing up together as a family on Halloween makes it extra special, and there are so many matching family costumes that you can choose from. I hope this list has helped you narrow it down to find the perfect group Halloween costume for you and your family in 2024!

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