15+ Cutest First Birthday Themes for Girls (2024)

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On the hunt for the cutest modern first birthday themes for girls? That first year is such a precious milestone to celebrate, so the theme’s gotta be just right – here are my top picks for 2024.

Your baby’s first year is a wild ride right? From the adorable first smiles to the tiring middle-of-the-night wake up calls, it’s a year full of ups and downs you’ll never forget!

So now that you’ve survived the first year, how are you going to commemorate it? I’ve found the best first birthday party themes for girls for you to pick from, so you can put together a fun-filled event that’s as adorable and unique as your little girl is! 


Music, fashion, and a huge boho party… If you’re looking for an outdoor theme that’s super stylish and fun, consider a Coachella themed 1st birthday party!




Dust off that on your flower crown and get ready to par-tay

Replace ‘Coach’ with your little one’s name (Luna-chella) for a super cute, on trend and personalized theme. 

Must-haves: these insanely cute custom music festival wristbands for guests with your little one’s name printed on them, and obvi – these custom VIP passes, too.

Encourage your guests to get in on the fun by wearing an outfit they’d take to Coachella and hire a DJ or bust out your best playlist to mimic the atmosphere. 

First Shellebration 

Let’s shellebrate your baby girl turning one! With its pastel tones and mermaid vibes this party theme is so gorgeous you’ve got to see it!

backdrop | cookies | invitations

If you love a good pun, try a party catchphrase like: oneder the sea, or let’s shellebrate! Your party is sure to make a splash!

For this party theme, think about using teal, pink and purple colors and bust out your bubble machine, seriously, babies love bubbles. This theme is also an ideal choice for a pool party.

Use lots of shell and coral accent items and feel free to go full-mermaid with everything from your decorations to your sweets. I mean, just check out how adorable these handmade custom cookies are?!

(I just threw my little guy’s third birthday and while I was *scouring* literally everywhere for cute party favors, I saw these Meri Meri seashell party favor bags, these ridiculously cute mermaid nail stickers, roll of sweet watercolor mermaid stickers, and these super pretty little sparkly seashell hair clips!)

But honestly, Meri Meri’s entire line of mermaid party decor, is seriously gorgeous – check out all pretty pieces they have!

My First Rodeo

Does this look like my first rodeo? Because it is! If you’re looking for a cute western theme for your baby girl’s 1st birthday, look no further.

invitations | cake | cookies

A western theme is both classic and cute, it doesn’t get more fun than cow-print and a stetson right?

You can take this theme in a bunch of different directions depending on your style. Do you want to have a petting zoo for the kids and take this in a barn and farm direction? Or how about a more Southwest style with tribal prints and Mexican blankets? For a more natural take on this theme, try a cacti oasis with desert plants like succulents to tie into the decor. 

Paisley, flower crowns, hay bales, western boots and so much more. Your biggest problem if you pick this theme is going to be how to choose between all the adorable options you’ve got for decor!


If you pick a daisy theme for your daughter’s first birthday it’s going to be bloomin’ brilliant! This delicate floral style is making a comeback in a big way.

invitations | cookies | cakes

If you think daisies are just for hippies, think again! While this trend might hit you with nostalgia for the 1970’s, a daisy-themed first birthday is so much more than that. 

Decorate with simple white daisies or try one of these super cute ‘shag’ cakes that use a grass piping tip to achieve their shaggy look. 


This birthday theme is perfect for a real Wild-One! Full of natural beauty and rustic elegance, this is a sweet theme for a girl.

poster | cookies | backdrop 

You can order custom posters like the one you see above from Etsy and fill it with your baby’s own unique milestones. Guests love looking at these milestone moments to think back on the first year with your babe and see how far she’s come. 

Try renting an arch shaped backdrop from a party rental company or suggest this type of set up using real wildflowers to your balloon artist for a unique look.

Fairy First Birthday

Ready for your baby’s Fairy First Birthday? This is such a magical and whimsical take on your little girl’s big day.




Think toadstools and pastel colors to pull off this charming theme. If you like the look captured in these cookies, cake and table decor, try using muted tones. Incorporate butterflies and lots of flowers, you can even consider having a garden party with this theme!

You’ll notice these fairies all look like real little girls that have wings as opposed to a cartoonish fantasy style look. Take that into account when you’re giving notes and ideas to your decorator, and dessert creators so they know what sort of tone and style you’re aiming for.

Groovy One

Get ready to groove baby! A Groovy One birthday party embraces the psychedelic vibes of the 60’s and 70’s. 

invitations | cookies | cupcakes | balloons

Decorate with peace signs, flowers and funky patterns like paisley. Complete your party with retro elements like lava lamps and vinyl records and put some classic Woodstock tunes on your party playlist. 

First Bee-Day

Everyone will buzz with excitement for this My First Bee-Day party theme.

first bee day birthday party theme ideas

balloons | cookies | invitations

Honeycomb shapes, tones of gold and beige as well as floral accents make this theme sweet as can bee. You can see on this invitation example how cute it is to use phrases like: our little honey is turning one. She’s sweet as can bee, and first bee-day are all fun options for your catchphrase!

First Trip Around The Sun

Ready for a cosmic adventure? How about a party that’s out of this world with a First Trip Around The Sun theme.


Don’t leave the rockets just for the boys, girls can totally get in on the intergalactic fun. Colors like beige, gold and blush tones will give you the look you’re dreaming of. 

One Wild Year

If you’ve been through the first year of parenting, you already know it’s one wild year… Hold onto your safari hats and check out this great theme.


From cheetah print to safari-style greenery, this Wild One theme is an untameable amount of fun. If you can’t find giant safari animal props, you can often special order XL safari stuffed animal plushies from your local kids toy store. 

Sweet One 

Do you have a sweet tooth? The Sweet One birthday theme works well with ice cream, candy and all sorts of different sweets.


Many parents wait until their baby’s 1st birthday before giving them any sugar, you can really go nuts and celebrate how sweet it is with this fun theme. 

There are so many cute ideas for party favors for this theme like customized cookies, candy bags or mini jam and honey jars.

Berry First Birthday

This is the perfect theme if you love bright colors and a pink, red and white color palette.

balloon mosaic | cake | cookies | backdrop

Decorate your birthday cake with white and yellow strawberry flowers and bright red berries, and grab some strawberry themed birthday party supplies for your big bash.

You can often rent a large number from an event rental business and fill it with balloons. Or look on Facebook marketplace if you like this memorable way to build a backdrop for your birthday girl.

One Sweet Peach

If you’re into coral and peach tones and planning on a summertime party, this is the perfect first birthday theme for your little girl.

cake | cookies

You’ve got to serve peach cobbler on your dessert table right?! The One Sweet Peach birthday theme is full of Southern charm, and peach-flavored treats. 

Decorate with rustic elements and a touch of greenery and don’t forget to pick out some peachy attire for your little one.

Our Little Cutie Is One

This theme is refreshing and adorable. Get citrusy with a Cutie themed birthday party.


Decorate with vibrant orange and beige tones to accompany and don’t forget elements like cutie oranges and tangerines. 

You can opt for a beverage station with citrus-infused drinks and even consider adding dehydrated orange slices to a garland or flower arrangement at your event.

One in a Melon

For a watermelon-inspired theme, choose a One In A Melon birthday party. 

cookies | backdrop

This watermelon themed party is insanely cute. believe it or not, you can actually get party backdrop arches from places like Walmart, Amazon and home hardware stores for a super reasonable price. If you have a Cricut, you can make your own custom phrase like ‘one in a melon’ to apply to your arch, or buy a custom vinyl decal off Etsy.

Bear-y First Birthday

Embrace the cuddly and cute teddy bear themed Bear-y First Birthday theme for your little girl’s big day.


This party is bear-y cute, and you can use this fun bear pun throughout your invitations, signs and details.

Thinking of party favors? Why not try an ‘adopt a bear’ station and let guests pick out a cuddly friend to go home with them.

Happiest Birthday On Earth

Ok, so you’ve heard of the happiest place on Earth, now how about the happiest birthday on Earth?

tickets | tablescape | cookies

A Disney themed party is so much fun. Put on your mouse ears, and grab a churro… With iconic Disney characters, music and decor, this theme is a great way to celebrate your little princess.

Sesame Street 

With iconic characters like Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster, this Sesame Street themed party is perfect for a 1st birthday party.

cake | cookies | table

Celebrate your baby’s first year with a sesame street themed birthday party! People have been enjoying Sesame Street shows for generations, which means older folks will get a blast of nostalgia and young kids still love the characters and stories. 

Peppa The Pig 

Is Peppa your favorite character? Jump into the world of Peppa Pig for a whimsical 1st birthday celebration.


A cake topper with Peppa and her family or cookies that feature this adorable character are a great way to tie in the theme. Peppa is such a simple looking character and wildly popular, it’s easy to find pink and gold decorations to match your piggy themed event.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is such an iconic story book, it makes a great theme for a baby’s first birthday party.


There’s a real timeless appeal to Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters from the Tales of Peter Rabbit. 

Garden motifs, illustrations from the original books, a cake adorned with edible flowers or little bunny figurines… This is such an enchanting theme!

Pat The Bunny

Pat the Bunny is a book for babies that is so much fun, it’s the original touch and feel book for infants, the first of its kind.


If you want to continue with the book theme throughout your event, you could consider asking guests to bring board books for your one year old instead of cards with them to the party. 

Pat the bunny is a pretty simple book, so this theme is really centred around small adorable white rabbits and the illustrations from the book!

Alice in Onederland

The Alice in Onederland theme is full of whimsy and magic. If you’re looking for a theme that fits well with a tea party or High Tea event but still captures the enchantment of a children’s party, this is a great option.


Pocket watches, blue dresses, playing cards with red hearts… There are a lot of great way to tie this theme into the decor of your baby’s first birthday. 

Alice in Onederland is full of enchanting elegance and creativity that guests love.

Our Little Pumpkin Turns One

Is your baby turning one this fall? A pumpkin themed event takes advantage of the autumn colors for natural beauty that can’t be missed.


Do you have a nickname for your little one like ‘pumpkin’? That makes this theme even better! How great would it be to add pumpkin pie to your dessert table alongside the birthday cake?

This theme is cozy, festive and super easy to decorate. Send your guests home with a pumpkin as a party favor and they’ll think of you all season long.

Winter Onederland

A good pun, a crisp white snowfall and a rosy cheeked baby turning one… Embrace the magic of a Winter Onederland birthday.


Winter One-derland themed party is a great way to incorporate the magic of the season into a party for your little baby girl. How about creating a hot cocoa bar for this event, can you say marshmallows?!

A white and light blue color scheme with silver hues creates a sophisticated feeling.  You can really take advantage of the charm of winter with this atmosphere. 

Wrapping Up

Your baby’s first birthday is such a significant milestone, why not throw a huge party to celebrate! 

Whether you pick a theme with seasonal charm, a favorite character or something boho-chique, each birthday party theme for a baby girl has its own unique sense of charm.

For more first birthday party ideas, check out these ideas for first birthday high chair decorations next!

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