11+ *Actually Adorable* Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs You Need To see

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Expecting, and looking for a cute way to involve your dog in your big reveal?

Then you’re in the right spot.

Today, I’ve rounded up my very favorite ideas for planning a pregnancy announcement with dogs that are ridiculously adorable, and that I just know are going to inspire you as you plan your own.

Let’s dive in –

First up, all you’ll need to recreate this super cute pup-starring doggie pregnancy announcement is a simple letter board and some baby booties – 

01.Letter Board Pregnancy Announcement with Dog


Grab a simple letter board, a little pair of baby booties, and head out to a local outdoor spot with a pretty backdrop.

Amazon Felt Letter Board

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To really take your photo to the next level, try to consider the colors of the space you plan to use for your photo, and choose outfits for you and the daddy-to-be that share the same tones.

02.Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement

Okie Paws

Want to make your dog the star of your baby reveal?

Simply grab one of these cute custom dog bandanas and snap a quick pic.

Etsy Custom Dog Bandana

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03. Dog Reading a BookPregnancy Announcement


Think you can get a pair of glasses to stay on your pup for long enough to snap a pic?

Then this sweet little pregnancy announcement idea might be just the one for you.

While there are a few ways you could set this one up, it may be easiest to create a cover for your book yourself with some card stock or pretty paper.

Bump Journal

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To include the sonogram, grab a mini clothespin and attach the photo to the book before you place it in front of your dog (of course, having lots of yummy treats on hand may help this feat go a bit more smoothly!)

04.Dog with Balloons Pregnancy Announcement


How cute is this little photoshoot set up with Ichi and Nomi, announcing their mom and dad’s special news? 

05.Dog Bandana Pregnancy Announcement Idea


This cute pregnancy reveal idea is simple and sweet and all you’ll need is a cute custom dog bandana for your pup.

To make your image pop, try dressing in colors that contrast with your dog’s coat, which will help draw your friends and family’s eye to the big announcement!

06.Big Brother Bandana Pregnancy Announcement


Looking for a classic pregnancy announcement idea with your dog?

Choose timeless colors and prints for your outfits, like this feminine floral patterned dress, and blue plaid shirt with matching blue jeans, and your special images will be sure to stand the test of time. 

07.Funny Pregnancy Announcement with Dogs


To recreate this cute pregnancy announcement with dogs, you’ll need a letter board with a cute and funny phrase, a custom baby onesie, a soother with a clip and your sonogram photo.

For the best photo, try to find a spot in your home that gets indirect sunlight, and take the photo on a slightly overcast day if you can.

For a nice and bright backdrop, try laying down a neutral blanket.

08.Big Sis Bandana Pregnancy Announcement with Dog


Not super excited about the idea of popping in front of the camera yourself? 

Choose a cute dog bandana, and hold your ultrasound images in front of your pup to reveal your big surprise.

09.Flat Lay Pregnancy Announcement with Dog


Next up, a cute pregnancy announcement flat lat, ft. Mr. Woof.  

For this pregnancy announcement, you’ll need: 

  • a baby onesie
  • a baby hat
  • sonogram image
  • a letterboard

Here are my favorite custom baby onesies that you *need* to see:

10.Pregnancy Test Pregnancy Reveal Idea


Would you rather just keep things easy? 

Simply hold up your pregnancy test and stand in front of your dog, then have someone take a photo over your shoulder (it may work best if they hop up on to a chair to get a good angle). 

11.Outdoor Pregnancy Announcement with Dogs


🎡 These are a few of my favorite things… 🎡 

Besides including your precious pup in the photo, consider shooting your photos somewhere meaningful to you.  

This sweet couple from Florida that loves waterskiing chose to shoot their pregnancy announcement with their dogs on a dock over the water.

12.Gangs All Here Pregnancy Announcement with Dogs


Tie one of these cute “I’m getting a human” doggie bandanas around your fluffy friend, prop the ultrasound photo up in front of them, and snap your photo!

And there you have it – all of my favorite ways to announce you’re pregnant with your dog.

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