3+ *Stunning* Baby Boy Neutral Nursery Ideas To Steal

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Searching for a cute baby boy neutral nursery to inspire you while you create your special space?

Explore this lovely little baby room that I’ve created, as well as some of my favorite tips for creating your own baby boy nursery like this.

Let’s dive in –

The Best Baby Boy Neutral Nursery Ideas

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for putting together a modern, stylish nursery:

01. Mix Old with New

There’s something so interesting about contrast.

In this space, I’ve created contrast by using both modern, trendy pieces like the rounded crib, name flag and bouclé fabric on the glider, and pairing them with the wall sconce and art that are both much more traditional.

02. Bring the Outdoors In

Want to create a space that feels warm, welcoming and fresh?

Experiment with different ways to bring some of the great outdoors, in.

In this baby boy neutral nursery, I’ve included an olive tree, and a piece of art of a pretty cliffside.

03. Get Personal

One of my favorite nursery trends right now is personalizing your little one’s space with a custom name sign.

From wooden wall signs to baby name pennants, to 1:1 birth posters – there are so many gorgeous, stylish ways to make your baby’s space their own.

Calming Baby Boy Neutral Nursery

Now, let’s take a peek at how I put this cute little space together:


The paint for this sweet space, Teton Blue by Behr, was inspired by this sweet little nursery by Lori Dail that has gone totally viral.

If you’re interested in adding a feature wall to your nursery, check it out here, along with a whole whack more of literally gorgeous nursery inpso.


In planning this adorable little baby boy neutral nursery space, I first started with the crib.

But not just any crib.

I started with my favorite crib.

I know, I know.

It’s a bit of a splurge, but –

it’s meant to be the pièce de resistance of the whole space.

I’ve really done my best to choose all of the other pieces to compliment and contrast it, and for that reason, I personally think it’s worth it.

If you’re working with a budget (and let’s be honest, most of us are), and you can really only afford to splurge on one item, I would recommend swapping this crib out for the Ikea Sniglar crib, and investing in the glider I’ve recommended, instead.


This glider is my absolute dream glider, and sooo comfy. I’ve styled it in the high performance bouclé fabric, but there are many other fabrics to choose from, too.

When putting together my son’s nursery, my husband and I initially made the huge mistake of trying to save a few bucks on the chair that we chose, and boy oh boy did we regret it.

My recommendation is to find ways to save on other pieces for your nursery, and to invest in a good quality, well-made, comfortable chair for your little one’s nursery.

Side Table

I love how the round lines of this great little side table (that is totally affordable!) play off of the curves of the crib.

A round, wood side table is great because if you’re rocking baby to sleep and happen to take a sip of coffee or put your phone down, you don’t have to worry about waking your little one (whereas metal side tables do tend to echo a bit, even when you’re gentle).


For nursery lighting, I’ve chosen this vintage-inspired brass wall sconce.

Not only does it compliment the vintage-inspired art, and contrast the more modern pieces like the olive tree and name banner, but the fabric lampshade softens the light so beautifully and casts a warm, cozy glow.

If you don’t have a wall sconce already hardwired in the room you’ll be using for your nursery, you *need* to check out this DIY puck light hack, that will save you big bucks!


I love this subtle, fluffy nursery rug because it adds so much character, but still allows some of the other pretty nursery elements to shine on their own, too.


I chose this super trendy, yet classic piece of art to bring a touch of nature inside, as well as to warm the whole space up, and I think it does both really wonderfully.

Though it is a bit unexpected, especially when you think of the traditional watercolor baby animal prints that were so popular in nurseries years ago, I love how it adds a vintage feel to the space.

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