25+ *Adorable* Disney Pregnancy Announcement Ideas & Quotes

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Searching for cute Disney pregnancy announcement ideas to recreate for your very own baby announcement? Then get cozy because we’ve rounded up the very best Disney baby announcement ideas that every Disney-lovin’ mama-to-be simply *has* to see! 

Planning a special way to announce that you’re pregnant is one of the most special parts of pregnancy, IMO. 

It’s like – you finally get to share some incredibly special news with friends, family and others across your socials, and you want something that just feels *you*, right?

Well, mama, if you can sing every lyric to Be Our Guest without skipping a beat, and *totally* agree that Dole Whip is a food category of its own, then this round-up is for you!

We’ll kick things off with some quick ideas for how to plan a Disney-themed pregnancy announcement, then go through some photos of cute Disney pregnancy announcement ideas to inspire you, share our giant list of Disney pregnancy announcement quotes that you can use on social media, and finally, we’ll show you our fav Disney pregnancy announcement shirts and Disney baby announcement onesie ideas, too!  

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let’s take a ride – 

First things first: 

How do you announce your pregnancy at Disney?

Here are some of the cutest ways to announce your pregnancy at Disneyland, Disney World or another one of the parks: 

  • Take a photo of your favorite Disney snack and add an extra serving for baby
  • Choose your favorite Disney movie
  • Choose your favorite Disney ride
  • Hold Disney balloons 
  • Hold your sonogram up in front of your favorite spot
  • Write a cute Disney quote on a letterboard
  • Wear Minnie ears
  • Hold a Mouseketeers hat 
  • Wear a Disney-themed pregnancy announcement t-shirt
  • Hold up a pregnancy announcement onesie
  • Pose in front of the castle
  • Customize an “I’m Celebrating” sticker

Disney Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hey, we agree. 

Here are some of our very favorite Disney baby announcement photos to get your creative juices flowing while planning that little Disney baby reveal:

01. Family Photo in Front of the Disneyland Castle


Looking for more cute sibling pregnancy announcement photo ideas? Check out the full collection here: 35+ *Ridiculously Precious* Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Photos

02. Mouseketeer Ears in Front of the Castle


03. The Cutest Disney Pregnancy Announcement Shirts and Onesie


04. The *Cutest* Disney Babyccino


05. The DIY Disney Pregnancy Announcement Photo


Can’t quite make a trip to Disneyland work for your special baby reveal? 

Simply find a spot in your home with a neutral background, and get geared up in your fav Disney fits and snap your own pregnancy reveal pic!

06. The Sibling Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement


07. The Flat Lay Disney Baby Announcement


08. Show Off Your Baby Bump in Your Fav Disney Spot


I love how the background of this image is mostly blue and pink, with mama-to-be in a nice neutral white dress – the tones are so suiting for a little bébé!


09. Hold Blue & Pink Disney Balloons (and Your Bump!)


10. Write It In The Sand


11.Hold Your Sonogram Up in Disney World


12. Pose with Hubby, Your Sonogram & Mickey Mouse Ears


13. Big Brother or Sister Holding Mouseketeer Ears


14.  Looking Down at Mouseketeer Ears


15. Take a Photo with *Both* of Your Babies 🥹


16. Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Pregnancy Announcement


17. Pose on Main Street, U. S. A.


18. Toy Story Themed Disney Pregnancy Announcement

source unknown

19. Up Themed Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

red headed baby mama

20. Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


21. Letterboard Disney Pregnancy Announcement


Disney Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Looking for some cute Disney pregnancy announcement quotes to add as a caption on your social media post? 

We’ve rounded up just about *every* adorable catchphrase and Disney movie quote that you could think of, and listed them by theme. 

Here they are – 

General Disney World or Disneyland Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • A dream is a wish your heart makes
  • Dreams really do come true
  • Happiest mama on earth (A play on “Happiest place on earth”)
  • It’s a small world, but ours is growing
  • Future disney addict arriving (year)
  • A new princess joins our castle this year
  • Snacking for two (with images of Disney treats)
  • Baby’s first Disney trip
  • We’re adding a princess to the pack

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Honorary Mouseketeer (month, year)
  • We’re adding a new pair of ears to our family
  • See ya real soon!
  • A new Mouseketeer will be joining the club
  • Adding a mouse to the house
  • Newest Mouseketeer Expected (month)
  • Baby Mouse Coming (year)

Winnie the Pooh Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
  • A little hunny is on the way!
  • Any day spent with you is my favourite day
  • There’s a rumbly in my tumbly!
  • Our greatest adventure
  • Mommy to bee

Toy Story Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Boy Story 1 (or 2 or 3) – coming this (month)
  • You’ve got a friend in me

Up Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Our last great adventure begins
  • The greatest adventure is what lies ahead

Beauty & The Beast Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Beauty and the bump
  • There may be something there that wasn’t there before
  • Even miracles take a little time

Cinderella Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Bibbity boppity bump
  • So this is what makes life divine

Lilo & Stitch Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Ohana means family and ours is growing
  • Ohana means family and ours is beginning

Frozen Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Every Anna needs an Elsa
  • Let is grow, let it grow, let it grow! (Over baby bump – play on Let it snow)

The Little Mermaid Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Soon to be… part of this world

Lion King Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Wild one coming soon
  • Future king on board
  • Our little lion is on the way

The Incredibles Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Something incredible is coming!

Alice in Wonderland Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • She’s late! She’s late! For a very important date

Tangled Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • All at once, everything is different, now that I see you (from the song ‘I See The Light’ in Tangled, sung by Rapunzel)
  • Now she’s here, suddenly I know, I’m where I’m meant to go

The Avengers Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Future Avenger coming soon

Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • Dadalorian in training
  • Future Jedi – Arriving (month, year)
  • The force is with us
  • Pregnant, I am

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – the ultimate list of Disney pregnancy announcement ideas that are just too good to miss!  Which one is your favorite?

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