185+ *Precious* Pregnancy Announcement Captions To Steal

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Expecting, and searching for cute pregnancy announcement captions and quotes to share your special news on social media?

Well then, kick up your feet, mama, because I’ve rounded up all of the very cutest captions for pregnancy announcement ideas that you can totally steal!

Let’s get to it – 


Funny Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Love making others laugh? Here are the best funny pregnancy announcement quotes that are sure to get a chuckle or two: 

  • New roommate expected (month) (year)
  • Baby has entered the chat
  • Looking forward to a new tax deduction in (year)!
  • I like big bumps and I can not lie
  • I declare pregnancy!
  • Future beach bum 🐚  – Sea you in (month) 🌊
Aspyn Ovard
  • Little hero in the making – Baby (last name) arriving (month) (year)
  • Every super hero needs a sidekick
  • The one where we have a B A B Y 
  • (with photo of wine, wine glass and ultrasound) Do not refill until (month) (year)
  • We’re going to need a bigger boat!
  • Future bookworm on the way
  • I’ve got the scoop – Mommy’s due with baby #2
  • Time to spill the beans… baby #2 is brewing (month) (year)

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Cute Pregnancy Announcement Captions

Next up, feel-good cute pregnancy announcement caption ideas that are both simple and sweet – 

  • Little bundle loading…
  • Littlest (last name) coming soon
  • (Last name) party of (number of family members)
  • Baby (last name) is on the way!
  • We made a wish and you came true 
  • Baby on board
  • And baby makes (number of family members)
  • We’ve been keeping a little secret. Baby (last name) arriving (month) (year).
  • Oh baby, we’re having a baby!
  • Our greatest dream has finally come true. (month) baby. 
  • the! best! secret! we’ve! ever! kept!
  • Soon to be – family of 3
  • We can’t wait to meet you 🤍 (month) (year)
  • The best is yet to come
  • Have you heard the buzz? Our little honey will be arriving (month) (year)

Christian Pregnancy Announcement Captions

For mamas looking for a faith-based way to share their special news while thanking God for one of their greatest blessing, these Christian pregnancy announcement caption ideas are just precious – 

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  • Every good and perfect gift is from above
  • Just when we thought our love couldn’t grow any deeper, God decides to bless us with the most precious gift
  • For this child, we have prayed
  • He answered ❤️
  • Our greatest blessing
  • Fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14
  • God knew our hearts needed you
  • Our answered prayer
  • I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord – Isaiah 66:9
  • We’ve hoped and we’ve prayed, and now we’re excited to say – our little miracle is on the way

Travel Themed Pregnancy Announcement Captions


  • Boarding now for our newest adventure 🛫
    Destination: Sleepless nights 😴
    Meal Service: (your pregnancy craving) 🥑
    Baggage: One mini traveller en route, estimated arrival (month) (year) 🐣
  • We’re going to need another passport!
  • Finally someone to occupy the middle seat ✈️
  • Our greatest adventure begins (month) (year)
  • Our newest carry-on – Baby (last name) arriving (month) (year)
  • And so the adventure continues…

Gamer Themed Pregnancy Announcement Captions

For video-game loving couples, here are some fun gamer themed pregnancy announcement caption ideas:

  • Dad level unlocked
  • Player 3 has entered the game
  • New character loading… Unlocking (month) (year)
  • Daddy’s future gaming buddy
  • Player 1 – Player 2 – I’m the expansion pack
  • Achievement unlocked – new character created (month) (year)

Pregnancy Announcement Captions for a Second, Third Baby and Beyond

  • My role as an only child’s coming to an end, cuz mommy’s due with my new best friend
  • One more to adore
  • N0, really, this is the last one
  • Oops! We did it again.
  • Here we grow again
  • Remember when we said we were done having kids? (month) (year)
  • Soon to be family of (number)
  • The premiere – The sequel – The encore – The finale
  • ‘Big Brother’ – they say it’s a pr motion, but all I see is no pay raise & more resposibility 
  • Less sleep, more love, baby #2 
  • Only child expires (month) (year)
  • We swear we’re done now. Probably.
  • (Last name), party of (number)
  • The grande finale
  • Last one… probably… (month) (year)
  • We figured that since the kids are sleeping through the night, all heading off to school in the fall, and we got rid of absolutely every baby thing we own for the 2nd time… we might as well start all over again! Baby #4 coming in (month).
  • Levelled up to big bro
  • I’m so cute, my parents are having another!
  • Promoted to big brother
  • Pink or blue, either will do – we’re expecting – baby #2
  • Only child expiring (month) (year) – pic of baby crying
  • Boys – 1, Girls – 1, Tie breaker coming (month) (year)
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re expecting, baby #2
  • We planned for three, but we couldn’t see, God’s plan was four, so we’re having one more!

Pregnancy Announcement Captions for Twins

  • Sometimes, miracles come in pairs. The – twins coming (month) (year)
  • Coming soon. Me too!
  • We’ve got the scoop – Mommy’s due with two!
  • Guess what? (month year) Guess what else? It’s twins
  • Double Trouble
  • Our little crew is growing by two
  • And just like that… our hearts are twice as full
  • Pink or blue, either will do, all we know, is that there are two!
  • Sometimes when you pray for a miracle – you get two
  • Double the trouble, double the fun, our family is growing by 2, not 1
  • Double the giggles, double the grins, double the trouble, when you’re blessed with twins
  • Prayed for one, blessed with two

Pregnancy Announcement Captions with Dogs & Cats

  • My humans are getting me a sibling (and not the furry kind)! 👶🏼
  • My pawrents are getting me a mini hooman!
  • Whatever a “brother” is, I hope it likes walks and naps!
  • (Partner) and I are so thrilled to announce that we’re adding one more to our pack
  • Mom and dad said I’m still a good girl, even with a brudder 👶🏼
  • It’s official – I’m getting a brother
  • Does this mean I’ll have to start sharing my toys?
  • Shhh we haven’t told him yet. Baby arriving (month) (year)
  • Official toy tester
  • Fur mama to baby mama (month) (year)
  • But I thought I was your baby
  • A purr-fect sibling is on their way
  • Our pack is growing – baby (last name) arriving (month)
  • The cat is out of the bag – Baby (last name) due (month) (year)
  • My big brother has paws
  • Guard dog duty starts (month) (year)
  • New best friend, set to arrive (month) (year) Baby (name)
  • So you’re telling me I’m losing my spot on the bed?

Pregnancy Announcement Captions for a Rainbow Baby

  • After every storm comes a rainbow
  • The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow
  • Hand picked on earth by my siblings in heaven

Spring Pregnancy Announcement Captions

  • Spring is in the air and we have some news to share
  • Hatching soon… In (month) (year), Our little one’s due
  • We’re eggs-pecting
  • Springtime is fun, summer is rad, fall is the first time, we’ll be a mom & dad
  • Hip hop hooray! Baby (last name) is on the way!
  • This Easter is extra sweet, our little family is growing by one heart and two little feet
  • Baby in bloom 🌻
  • Somebunny special is on the way
  • A new peep is joining our family
  • Our little nest, has been so blessed – Baby (last name) (month) (year)

Summer Pregnancy Announcement Captions

  • A little cutie is on the way 🍊
  • Little Firecracker Coming (year) 🧨
  • Stars & Stripes and Sleepless Nights 😴
  • Red, White & Due! 🇺🇸
  • Adding s’more love to our family – (month) (year)
  • We’re in for the ride of our lives – Baby (last name) (month) (year) 🎡
  • Summer breeze… and a baby please! 

Fall Pregnancy Announcement Captions

  • One more reason to be thankful this year – baby (last name) (month) (year)
  • We’re adding another pumpkin to the patch
  • Tailgating for two 🏈
  • We’re adding a new player to our lineup – (month) (year)
  • Bump’s first football season
  • Our first round draft pick will take the field (month) (year)
  • The turkey isn’t the only thing in the oven this Thanksgiving…
  • Eating pumpkin pie for two this year 🥧
  • Hello pumpkin 🎃
  • Sweater weather and baby kicks – Coming soon 
  • Bump’s first pumpkin spice season 
  • Leaves are a fallin’ and the couch is a callin’ – we’re expecting!

Winter Pregnancy Announcement Captions (Christmas & Thanksgiving)

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  • No more silent nights – Baby (last name) due (month) (year)
  • Mistle toes coming soon…
  • Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way – Oh what fun, it is to say, a baby is on the way!
  • A little snowflake is on the way
  • It’s the most wonderful news of the year – Baby (last name) (month) (year)
  • Merry Christmas from our growing family to yours
  • Ho Ho Holy Shit – (last name) Twins due (season) (year)
  • Santa isn’t the only one coming to town
  • This Christmas is extra sweet, our family is growing by one heart & two feet
  • A tiny gift for Christmas
  • Jingle bells, jingle bells, baby on the way
  • The best gifts are homemade 
  • Trading silent nights for more joy to our world – Baby due (month) (year)
  • Baking more than cookies for Santa this year
  • Making spirits bright – Baby (last name) #2 – (month) (year)
  • I’ll be home for Christmas – Baby (last name) – (month) (year)
  • We asked Santa for a baby! Baby (last name) – due (month) (year)
  • So very merry – Baby (last name) (month) (year)
  • The best presents aren’t under the tree 
  • Santa’s bringing me a gift like no other – Next year, I’m going to be a big brother!
  • Eating Christmas cookies for two – Baby due (month) (year) 
  • Oh baby – the more, the merrier!
  • Our little Christmas miracle
  • One more reason to be merry 
  • We’re expecting (year) to be the best year yet
  • In (year) we’ll be poppin’ bottles of a different kind
  • New year, big news… Baby (last name) – due (month) (year)
  • Let the countdown begin!
  • Enough about the ball dropping, how about some jaw dropping – Baby (last name) – due (month) (year)
  • Hold on to your party hats… we’re pregnant!
  • It’s a new year, and it’s sure to be sure. Our little family is growing by one heart and two tiny feet!
  • Cocoa, milk, and a little marshmallow…

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