165+ *Best* Two Syllable Boy Names

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Searching for the best two syllable boy names for your little one in 2023? You are going to *gush* over this list because it’s chock full of the most stylish, yet unique 2 syllable boy names around!


Modern Two Syllable Boy Names

These modern two syllable boy names are names that are new additions to the baby name charts – they’re totally cool in 2023, and as per the Social Security Administration’s baby name charts, they’re on the rise:

  • Koa – Up 194 spots in 2022, could Koa be the new Noah? This on-trend baby name means warrior.
  • Wylder/Wilder – While still pretty uncommon, the name Wylder, or Wilder, is popping up everywhere, with the spelling Wylder having jumped up the charts 112 spots.
  • Ocean – Though this name is actually more popular for girls, this nature-inspired baby name is actually a gender neutral name in 2023. Fan of VPR? Of course you already know that Lala named her baby girl Ocean in 2021.
  • Shiloh – Jumping almost 100 spots from 2021 to 2022, Shiloh means gift from God.
  • Milo – Just about ready to crack the ranks of the top 100 baby names, the name Milo means dear or beloved. (I love this name so much, I made a whole list of middle names for Milo!)
  • Shepard – Because shepherds are mentioned many times in the Bible, this name could make a great, modern Christian baby boy name, but also could be seen as a classic, soft baby boy’s name, too.

  • Koda – Short for the Native American name Dakota, Koda means friend or little bear.
  • River – This peaceful two syllable boy name was up 5 spots this year to position 105, and is poised to break into the top 100 for 2023. 
  • Arlo – Meaning between two highlands, or fortified hill, the name Arlo is of German origin.
  • Onyx – A black gemstone, this name is short and edgy, and rose 49 spots in 2022.
  • Bodie – The name Bodie was actually commonly used as a last name (which follows the last name as first name trend). 
  • Otis – My favorite way to think of this trendy two syllable boy name is an ode to soulful crooner, Otis Redding, who sings Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.
  • Grady – Primarily of Irish origin, the name Grady means descendant of the noble one. 
  • Beckham – Kinda sporty, kinda posh, this cool two syllable boy’s name ranks in position 202 in 2022.
  • Roman – A super popular choice, the name Roman is ranked #68.
  • Caden – Another Irish two syllable boy name, the name Caden can be said to come from the name Cade, meaning strength.
  • Hudson – And now, for the best name on the list: Hudson. Besides being my own son’s name, the name Hudson has got total classic vibes, while still feeling modern and fresh. It’s flying up the charts, settling in at position 27 in 2022. 
  • Lennox – Baby names with an x in them are definitely one of the more rare styles, but Lennox, a gender neutral baby name, is one of them.
  • Oakley – This baby name means meadow of oak trees and it’s in position 394, having risen 8 spots.

Popular Two Syllable Boy Names

These popular two syllable boy names are all top 100 baby names for boys in 2023

  • Austin – This name has a friendly and approachable sound with an upbeat vibe. It is an English name meaning great.
  • Cooper – This English name means barrel maker. It’s becoming a more and more popular name, currently sitting at spot 53 in popularity.
  • Archer – Another English word for the term bowman, and a name rising in popularity. Archer is just outside the top 100 most popular names, sitting at #126. 
  • Eli – This is a popular choice for parents who like simplicity and elegance. It is a Hebrew name meaning uplifted or ascended.
  • Jackson – Gaining popularity in recent years, this name is associated with determination and strength. An English name that means son of Jack.
  • Noah – In Hebrew, this name means rest or comfort. Considering the Old Testament story of Noah’s ark, this might be the perfect name for a rainbow baby.
  • Grayson – Of English origin, meaning son of the steward
  • Silas – This name exudes wisdom and tranquility. It is of Latin origin, meaning wood.

  • Lucas – This Greek name means light. Lucas is still in the top 10 most popular baby names in the USA. You might also like the shorter variation: Luca, which recently climbed to spot 22. 
  • Theo – Another strong name of Greek origin, meaning divine. Theo has risen in popularity and cracked the top 100 baby names, sitting at number 99. 
  • Aiden – An Irish name meaning fiery one. This name is still in the top 100 most popular baby names. Creative parents are starting to add more letters to the front for names like: Raiden and Zaiden.
  • Mason – An English name that means stone worker. For more strong boy names, check out this article next. 
  • Jasper – A Persian name meaning bringer of treasure. Jasper is also the name of one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks, giving it an earthy vibe. 
  • Owen – A name that carries a sense of tradition and classic appeal. It is of Welsh origin, meaning young warrior.
  • Colton – This name embodies a strong and adventurous spirit. It’s an English name meaning coal town.
  • Luca – An Italian name with an almost divine quality, meaning bringer of light.
  • Leo – The name Leo is Latin for  lion. If your baby is little but mighty, they’ll grow into this name.
  • Asher – This name has an uplifting and positive connotation. It’s a name of Hebrew origin, meaning fortunate or blessed.
  • Micah – In Hebrew, the name Micah means who is like God?
  • Lincoln – Looking for a name worthy of respect an admiration? Lincoln is both timeless and modern. It’s an English name meaning lake colony.
  • Connor – This name carries a sense of confidence and charm that is perfect for outgoing, confident boys. This Irish name means one who loves wolves.
  • Levi – This is a Hebrew name meaning joined. 
  • Hunter – An English name meaning one who hunts. For more strong country boy names like this, check out this next article. 
  • Ezra – A strong and timeless name that has a positive meaning. This Hebrew word means helper.
  • Caleb – This is a Hebrew name meaning faithful.

Cute Two Syllable Boy Names

How many names from this list have you already said “awww, that’s cute” to? So many, right? 😆 

Well, then buckle up mama, because *these* are the very cutest of them all (though they totally still wear well into their adult years, too):

  • Beckett – A unisex name that has become more popular for both boys and girls in recent years. It’s an English name that means little brook or beehive.
  • Bowie – A Scottish name that means blond.
  • Judah – This Hebrew name means thankful. 
  • Lennon – Lennon is an Irish name for dear one. This name is associated with the musical John Lennon, which gives it a sense of creativity and artistic expression.
  • Porter – An English name meaning gatekeeper.

  • Cashton – An American name that is a combination of the names Cash and Ashton.
  • Becker – A name of German origin meaning baker.
  • Charlie – The perfect baby name for your little prince. The name Charlie means free man  and is of English origin.
  • Palmer – This name is relatively uncommon, which gives it distinctiveness and charm. This English name means holy land Pilgram.
  • Baker – An English name that means baker. A straightforward name for parents who appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of tradition.

Unique Two Syllable Names for Boys

Love the idea of something totally different and uncommon?

These unique two syllable boy names might be just the baby name for you: 

  • Auden – This name means old friend and has an English origin.
  • Campbell – A name of Scottish origin meaning crooked mouth.
  • Bishop – This English name means guardian.
  • Kendrix – This name means leader of champions  and is of English origin.
  • Crosby – An English name meaning settlement by the cross.
  • Redding – An English name that means red meadow.
  • Wescott – This name carries a sense of tranquility and connection to nature in its meaning. This English name means Western cottage.
  • Hartley – Another strong, understated English name. This unique name means stag meadow.
  • Ledger – Meaning bookkeeper, this name is of English origin.
  • Alcott – Alcott is an English name that means old cottage.
  • Zealand – Do you think of New Zealand when you read this name? This English name means from the sea land. It’s a rare name that is sure to stand out.
  • Phoenix – A Greek name meaning deep red. The Phoenix bird is also a mythological fire bird that is a red color.
  • Brighton – An English name meaning bright town. Brighton is also a city in England known for its boho-like atmosphere, beachside vibes and lively cultural scene.

Love the vibe of these two syllable boy names? Check out our full list of unique baby boy names.

Old Fashioned Two Syllable Boy Names

Another huge trend in baby names is opting for baby names with old school vibes. These names are vintage, from years gone by, and totally back in style: 

  • Emmett – An English name meaning universal or whole. 
  • Teddy – Short for Theodore, this English name means wealthy guardian. 
  • Henry – With the number of kings previously named ‘Henry’ it’s no wonder this Germanic name means ruler of the household.
  • Stanley – An English name meaning stony clearing.
  • Harding – This English name means brave and strong.

  • Ellis – An English name that means compassionate.
  • Graham – A strong and dependable name, currently sitting at number 155 in popularity. An English name that means gravelly homestead.
  • Emery – This name means industrious and is of Germanic origin.
  • Lewis – An English name meaning renowned warrior. Lewis is still a popular British name.
  • Otto – A strong and distinctive name that is bold and rugged. Of German origin meaning prosperity.
  • August – This name will obviously remind you of the summer month, but did you know the latin word August means great?
  • Remy – Of French origin, Remy means oarsman.

  • Bernard – I’m not sure if there’s a cuter name meaning on this list… Bernard is of Germanic origin and means brave bear. Adorable.
  • Harry – An enduring name that has a sense of classic charm and nobility. Of German origin, meaning estate ruler.
  • Cyrus – This name has a rich and dignified sound and is associated with leadership and bravery. This Persian name means throne.
  • Hugo – A Latin name meaning bright mind.
  • Foster – A timeless name that’s classic and strong. Of English origin, Foster means forester.
  • Roscoe – An old English surname name meaning deer wood. Roscoe is a wild and unique name.
  • Rudy – This German name is short for Rudolph and means famous wolf.

If you are into this style of baby names, pop over to our entire list of vintage, dapper names for boys that are in style in 2023. 

Cool Two Syllable Names for Boys

Into something edgy for your little one? This next set of two syllable names for boys just scream cool kid: 

  • Kendrix – Kendrix is a Welsh name that means greatest champion. For parents that love the ‘x’ factor in baby names, this is a great, modern choice!
  • Zealand – This unique baby boy’s name that means from the sea land.
  • Hendrix – A German name that means son of Henry. Musician Jimi Hendrix is probably the most famous Hendrix there is. 
  • Bronson – An English name meaning son of the dark-skinned one.
  • Rowan – A Gaelic name meaning little red one.

  • Paxton – This English name means peace town.
  • Tanner – An English name meaning leatherworker.
  • Lennox – This name is a great choice for parents looking for a name rooted in tradition that is still unique. A Scottish surname meaning elm grove.
  • Axel This Scandinavian name means peaceful although it might make you think of the axle of your vehicle.
  • Kayden This name proves that a name can be strong and cute at the same time. Kayden is of Arabic origin meaning fighter.
  • Jagger – Looking for a name that exudes energy with rock and roll vibes? Of English origin meaning carter or one who cuts.
  • Zephyr – Meaning gentle breeze in Greek, this name might make you think of the ultra-popular band the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Zephyr Song. 
  • Wilder – A fantastic name for a boy who is wild and free. Wilder is of English origin, meaning untamed.
  • Jethro – With a strong and noble sound, Jethro is traditional and distinctive. Of Hebrew origin, this name means abundance.

Love the edgy vibes of these baby boy names? Check out the whole list of badass boy names right here.

Rustic Two Syllable Boy Names

And now – one of favorite styles of baby boy names: rustic two syllable boy names. These names are country cool, sweet and Southern, and actually one of the styles of baby names that is trending like wild right now.

  • Wyatt – This name has a masculine sound that evokes images of the Wild West and cowboy culture. This English name means brave in battle.
  • Dutton – This name has a strong presence and is associated with resilience and determination. An English name meaning town in the valley.
  • Jensen – With a sleek and modern sound, this name means son of John and is of Scandinavian origin.
  • Sawyer – A strong but sweet name for a boy, of English origin. Sawyer means woodcutter.
  • Weston – The ‘-ton’ ending gives this name a distinguished feel. An English name meaning western town.

  • Sterling – Sophisticated and refined, this name is associated with strength and integrity. This English name means genuine.
  • Jenner – This name has gained popularity in recent years, possibly due to the Kardashian-Jenner family. An English name that means craftsman.
  • Easton – Looking for a modern and trendy name? This name means eastern town and is of English origin.
  • Wacey – This English name used to be a surname of a family in Cornwall. 
  • Decker – An English name meaning thatcher or roofer. It could also be of German origin.
  • Bentley – In England this name means meadow with coarse grass.  It may also make you think of the expensive car brand.
  • Walker – Of English origin, meaning one who walks. 
  • Westley – An English name meaning western meadow. This might be the perfect baby name if you like cute nicknames like ‘Wes’ or ‘Lee’. 
  • Kipton – This name means from the pointed hill and is of English origin.
  • Wylie – Kids these days aren’t going to remember Wylie Coyote cartoons, but you might! This two-syllable English name means crafty.
  • Carter – This strong and masculine name is associated with hard working men. An English name that means transporter of goods.
  • Lawson – This is a charming name full of confidence that is both timeless and modern. This English name means son of Lawrence.
  • Bowen – This name is associated with courage and strength, which gives it a masculine feel. This Welsh name means son of Owen.
  • Linden – One of those timeless names, Linden is of English origin, meaning linden tree hill.
  • Waylon – Does this name make you think of country star Waylon Jennings? It has a cool and charismatic vibe. An English name meaning roadside land.
  • Stetson – An English name that means fighter. It’s also known as a popular brand of Western hats. This is a unique baby boy name. 

Obsessed? Me too. Country boy names are my absolute fav style of name of baby boys – check out the whole list of over 250+ Southern boy names right here.

Nature-Inspired Two Syllable Boys Names

Lastly, these super sweet, two syllable baby boy names inspired by wind, water, fire and earth: 

  • River – This stylish and peaceful name means a flowing body of water.
  • Covey – An English name that means a group of birds and has an alternative meaning of victorious.
  • Linder – This English name meaning lives near lime trees. It’s a similar name to the more popular Linden but more unique.
  • Oakley – Climbing to spot 394, Oakley is becoming a more popular name for a little boy in recent years. Of English origin, the name means oak meadow.
  • Briar – Of English origin meaning bramble.
  • Garnet – Is a name of English origin and also a dark red gemstone. It’s a perfect name for a precious son.

  • Samson – A stong, and powerful biblical name. This Hebrew name means bright sun.
  • Perry – An English name meaning pear tree, Perry is also a fairly common surname in the United Kingdom. If you like the ‘last name as first name’ trend, you’ll love this article next. 
  • Canyon – This Spanish name will conjure the image of a deep natural ravine. 
  • Ridger – Is a name of English origin. This earthy name will have you thinking of a high mountain.
  • Arden – This name is associated with nature’s beauty. Arden is a Celtic name meaning highland or eagle’s den.
  • Forrest – An English name perfect for those who find peace in nature.
  • Atley – This name has a unique and modern sound and a contemporary feel. Atley is an English name that means meadow.

Into the outdoorsy vibes? Here’s our full list of nature-inspired earthy names for boys.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – our great big list of two syllable boy names for your babe. Whether you’ve added something edgy, sweet, or totally modern to your list, I hope that whichever names you’ve starred, you’ve left feeling more inspired and excited to give that little one a name!

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